Video of Jim Babb’s Epic Rant on Porcfest’s Schism

A few months ago, after more than a decade of promoting the Free State Project on my radio program Free Talk Live, I was unceremoniously kicked to the curb by a unanimous decision of the board of directors. They also decided to prohibit my show from broadcasting live from the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest), their yearly camping gathering.

I never asked anyone to boycott the event, but they did anyway. Many Porcfest regulars were not in attendance this year, which apparently was exactly what some of the NBC crowd were hoping for. “NBC” are the group of squares that formed years ago – they gathered at Porcfest and all bought identical t-shirts that said “Normal By Comparison”. The following year they had new shirts that said “Not Batshit Crazy”. The shirts were their way of attacking those wacky civil disobedience and outside-the-system activists in Keene as well as the libertines and hedonists who had been attending Porcfest.

Every year the “NBC” people would complain about something they didn’t like about Porcfest, like women being topless, open cannabis use, and parties at night. Ultimately, they got what they wanted, according to those who attended this year. (Here’s a video and an article by two longtime attendees.) Many longtime attendees said Porcfest 2016 was smaller, targeted to square families, and did not have the same vibe as previous years.

It’s not the first schism that has affected the NH liberty community – there have been a bunch over the last decade. The Porcfest schism however was one of the most publicized as it involved the FSP and their biggest recruiter, my radio show. For newer movers and people taking an interest in the FSP, it’s their first schism, so the first one can be the most shocking. Given that the beloved Porcfest was involved, it felt like a big deal to a lot of people, many of whom attended the event anyway.

One of those folks was longtime Porcfest attendee and Philadelphia superactivist Jim Babb who took to the stage during “Soapbox Idol” and went on a fantastic rant that indicted the FSP board and defended me. Thank you for the kind words, Jim and thanks also to the supporters in the audience and to the person who recorded it:

The fun has just begun here in New Hampshire, and regardless what decisions the FSP’s board makes, they have zero impact on the activism that liberty-minded people are doing here. You don’t need to join the FSP to move here and be with the largest community of libertarians and voluntarists on earth. If you want join something, sign the Shire Society declaration. The Shire Society is a liberty migration to NH that has no board of directors, no centralized power, and no membership rolls. You just sign the declaration and start planning your move to the Shire.

Also, if you’re looking for a good camping party this Summer, try NH Hempfest! It’s happening at Rogers Campground August 25th-28th. Free Talk Live will be broadcasting live! Rumors abound about another liberty camping festival being formed to cater to those who feel excluded by the FSP. If it actually materializes, you’ll see the news here on Free Keene, so stay tuned!

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  1. You always take the high road, Ian.

  2. FSP sounded great but I knew it would end up as a dictatorship.

  3. i agree  lrn and ian  are the biggest proponent of liberty principles… He says them loud and clear ,nightly on Free Talk Live…  That is worth alot …  living his life privately by them is another matter..   :You either have principles or you dont.   Privately between people day to day, his words on the FTL microphone are out of harmony.    So he is not a good experiment,in his life,for Libertarianism. If his life was the experiment for libertarianism;libertarianism would and does, fail.

  4. There’s nothing like a little batshit to make your garden grow. It’s an excellent organic fertilizer.

  5. Those tee shirts are spot on of what Ian Bernard and company are. Good for you “NBC” people!

  6. Ian, I would suggest you look back at your facebook time line. You did advocate for people not to attend porcfest.  As you may remember, you were kicked out for a number of reasons. One being the FBI showing up at your house and serving you a warrant for child pornography.  Who would want to be associated with someone like that? It makes the FSP look bad when someone is being looked at for child pornography.  Tasker, Ruepke, etc….. are all being looked at for crimes against children. They are activists that line themselves with you.  Ruepke and his girlfriend took their lives because they were cowards and obviously guilty. We will have to see what the FBI finds on your computers. All in all, you did this to yourself. Own up to your behaviors.

  7. WEEDA CLAUS whats the batshit part

  8. When are you chumps going to realize FSP is a corporation controlled by right wing big business. You do realize the founders were groomed and Borg’d by the Koch machine. And for that matter, so was those clowns at Cop Block whose method acting pretending to be unhinged anarchists is academy award winning. Jokes on all you useful idiots. The rest of critical thinking New Hamphshire new this all along.

  9. the Kochs don’t appreciate that kind of negative attention. They have a state to level to dust then rebuild as a robber barons S&M playroom

  10. Can someone please translate this into ‘sober’ for me

  11. They can’t dictate what you do. Just get up here and join the fun

  12. You can’t translate stupid. Crawford couldn’t pass an IQ test.

  13. DoubleDuh try reading it again…maye yolu need to be “sober”

  14. obviously Matt Schmidt didnt get a life yet

  15. Who are the other people onstage?

  16. Jumping Jacks you couldn’t of posted that any better. Spot on. I hope that the FBI will check out next door on Rich Paul’s side to see what kind of devious behavior is taking place. I’d venture to guess that there is a lot of drug use going on there seeing that Mark Cappuzzo was hanging out there and “screw the cat” is hanging out there with other dregs of humanity. On a lighter note they are trying to sell food without a license there also. I wouldn’t mind that, but the drug activity is ridiculous and shameful. Shame on you Ian Bernard!

  17. Where are the “hammer tapes” Crawford?
    Renee wants to see them and maybe the keeniacs will let you come back into the fold, yah fruity bastard!

  18. GGGMAN please stop saying you are from boston “matt schmid”… people will think boston is full of    cowards with fake names calling people names on the internet…  lol…     in boston you are a bitch

  19. Where are the “hammer tapes” Crawford? Mister West Roxbury crossing?

  20. I’m a coward Crawford? Every time I look at you, you crumble like a little school girl. Looks like your driving up on 4 tires Crawford?
    Watch it.

  21. just dont say you are from boston PLEASE….  Matt schmidt isnt from boston ..just.dont use fake names to call people names on the internet  and speed by people to yell stuff out the window.. maybe you say you are from boston . because ..if you said you said where you are really from and  used your real name…youd have to deal with how you act… you are a coward… and you are absolutly not from boston you liar

  22. DavidCrawford4 WEEDA CLAUS

    Geez David, I was trying to be deep and sage like.  

    Okay, the story referenced “NBC” (not bat shit crazy)

    I used “peaceful judo” and turned that negative bat shit reference into a positive by saying sometimes what appears to be “batshit” crazy is in reality the thing which pushes growth and creates change. I was supporting acts of civil disobedience that advance  peaceful freedom concepts.

    “Civil disobedience is better than uncivil obedience” – Weeda Claus

  23. GGGMAN please dont “like” things i say matt makes me feel dirty

  24. it was REALLY epic! thanks for posting this! I think this guy says truthful things! follow for getting to know how to write a speech that would provoke everyone for acting!

  25. The other people on stage are as batshit crazy as Ian Bernard and company. The last one to talk on stage, the woman with the glasses pretty much sums up Ian Bernard and company. (Drugs) and lots of them.

  26. You may have missed the point. Moving 20,000 Libertarians to one place is going to benefit all lovers of Liberty who are there, even if the individual involved don’t all like each other. It is naive to expect that there will be on, 20k person tribe at the end of it … there will probably be ore like 40 tribes of 500 people each (on average).

  27. One individual can ruin everything. I will no longer give a dollar or a minute to the Texas LP or tarrant LP because of a few individuals want to show their fascist side. I honestly have given up on the party. Might as well concert the Republican Party to libertarian principles. Liberty movement has had far more success with that than trying to promote some bs washed out GOP/democratic rejects with authoritarian complex.

  28. (y) but I still don’t think that was a rant – much too rational for that.

  29. Good on Jim for making clear the misstep of some involved with the FSP
    regarding the formal disassociation with Ian. As was eluded to, others
    chose not to attend PorcFest this year due to this unfortunate and
    unnecessary situation. To my knowledge, Ian has never harmed another
    person or their property, nor has he even been accused of such actions.
    He is a tireless, positive and productive communicator of liberty. And
    fortunately, despite being cast aside by people he assisted for years,
    Ian is strong enough to continue to trod his own course and embody the traits he espouses. Much love to all who do the same.

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