Libertarian Johnson: Drug war ‘root cause’ of police shootings

Politico is reporting that Gary Johnson has identified the War on Drugs as the major root cause of police/community tensions.

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By BURGESS EVERETT 07/08/16 11:55 AM EDT
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Gary Johnson believes the tensions between police and minorities that led to two high-profile police shootings and the deaths of five Dallas police officers has a root cause: The long-running war on drugs.

The libertarian nominee for president did not directly tie the drug war to the shooting deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana by police or the sniper killings of five officers in Texas this week. But poor relations between police and African-Americans stems from the criminalization of drug use, he said.

“The root is the war on drugs, I believe. Police knocking down doors, shooting first,” Johnson said in an interview Friday in Washington. “If you are (black and) arrested in a drug-related crime, there is four times more likelihood of going to prison than if you are white. And shooting is part of the same phenomenon.”

“That’s the common thread. Shootings are occurring with black people, black people are dying,” he added. “This is an escalation.”

The former Republican governor of New Mexico is pitching a complete rewrite of the nation’s drug policy as part of his underdog run for the presidency alongside his running mate, former Massachusetts GOP Gov. Bill Weld. Johnson wants to legalize marijuana and find other ways to deal with harder drugs than long periods of incarceration.

He said that will soon happen, predicting that California will vote this fall to legalize marijuana and President Barack Obama will remove cannabis from its listing as a Class 1 drug. “I think Obama’s going to do that going out the door,” Johnson said.

“The focus on drugs needs to be as a health issue, not a criminal justice issue. It can be illegal but does it need to be criminal? Do you need to go to jail for drugs?” Johnson said. “I do believe that the root of the militarization, knocking on doors, is a drug war phenomenon.”

The laid-back libertarian, dressed in jeans and an open-collared button-down in a hotel dining room, declined to join Republicans in criticizing Obama for pointing to “powerful weapons” this week as a cause of violence between police officers and minorities. But Johnson said the focus on assault rifles is misguided.

“That is a category of rifle that contains 30 million rifles. If you ban those rifles tomorrow and said hand ‘em in,” only half of the weapons would actually be turned over, Johnson said. “And we’re going to have a whole new criminal class of people.”

Johnson said that as president he’d be open to proposals designed to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and the mentally ill. But he said he’d seen no such workable proposals in Congress, despite unsuccessful attempts by both Democrats and Republicans.

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  1. the drug laws dont help. its the zero accountability i think that causes problems. the state can reign the cops in or the people will.

  2. Rich Paul does and sells drugs. This concludes our broadcast day. The more you know the more you grow.

  3. The “war on drugs” is a symptom of an involuntary government

    The root cause is the erroneous and contradictory belief that an entity which holds a monopoly on force is needed to protect people from force.

  4. No, self entitled people who think they know the law better then anyone else are the one’s getting shot. Those who were shot fought the police instead of just cooperating and settling it in a courtroom. The shooter in Dallas killed 4 police officers. Those officers were protecting a protest march. I didn’t see one protester try to get the shooter. They all ran and yes, the PD saved many lives at the cost of 4 of their own.

    Rich Paul, you are the typical criminal. A self entitled moron who chooses to break the law and then point the finger at everyone else for your actions. Gov Hassan made it clear she would not decriminalize illegal drugs and that includes marijuana. Move to Colorado or Washington state if you want to fry your mind. Ademo did. I believe he left because the PD were after him and he was afraid because he was on probation and would get sent to jail.  The next time you plagiarize an article, pick one that doesn’t make you look like the idiot.

  5. Jumping Jacks  Now Jacks, you really should start trying to avoid using words whose meanings you’re unfamiliar with. Plagiarism requires that someone pass off another’s work as their own. Burgess Everett (the author of the article) has his name very clearly position at the top of the linked article. Not only is it emphasized in capital letters, the text copied from the linked article itself is even highlighted to make this easer for you to see. You know, Jacks, I’m very surprised that you keep making these sorts of obvious mistakes. It’s really not helping your credibility as an expert in your field, now is it? Especially when one considers the fact that you’ve claimed to have conducted peer-reviewed scientific studies. If such claims are to be believed, Jacks, shouldn’t you be fully aware of exactly what it is that actually constitutes plagiarism?

  6. Jumping Jacks

    Would you say Maggie Hassan was an atypical federal criminal when she disregarded the federal drug schedule and “allowed” the serfs on the NH plantation she oversees to buy a little weed from the NH state run weed stores ?

    Come to think of it Maggie and her crew also broke NH state “kingpin” laws when they discussed the state weed stores.  

    XII. A person is a drug enterprise leader if he conspires with one or more persons as an organizer, supervisor, financier, or manager to engage for profit in a scheme or course of conduct to unlawfully manufacture, sell, prescribe, administer, dispense, bring with or transport in this state methamphetamine, lysergic acid diethylamide, phencyclidine (PCP) or any controlled drug classified in schedule I or II, or any controlled drug analog thereof. A conviction as a drug enterprise leader shall not merge with the conviction for any offense which is the object of the conspiracy. Nothing in this section shall be construed to preclude or limit a prosecution or conviction of any person for conspiracy or any other offense defined in this chapter.

  7. GGGMAN  I trust that you’ve contacted “Keene Hates Heroin” to let them know of your recent indiscretions, right Michael dear?

  8. tell it Johnson!

  9. Now, now Jacks. …Plagiarism requires. ….

  10. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Those are all your words. Gov. Hassan said in her campaign she will not decriminalize illegal drugs. Why this is such a shock to freekeeners is beyond me. She still has a very high approval rating and will more than likely be re-elected.   The majority has spoken. Learn to live with it. If you didn’t vote, you don’t have a say.

  11. Where are the “hammer tapes” you West Roxbury Crossing fruit loop?

  12. Drac Vermell GGGMAN i think maatt schmidt jumping jacks and  gggman are all the same person …. maybe you know drac..  i do know matt schmidt is a  coward who using fake names in here to say fake words… gggman iss one off his phoney names to say phoney words with…

  13. Drac Vermell GGGMAN  i guess he needs  someone to “like” his stuff so he just creates a new name for himself… thats matt schmidt everyone lol

  14. I can’t even imagine that these two organisations have something in common! thank you for posting! visit for brealing up with your writing problems!

  15. Where are the “hammer tapes” Crawford?
    Renee would like to see them and then maybe, just maybe you will be let back into their fold of deviant behavior? Why don’t you get into you little red perv van and swing by and show them. Don’t get in trouble for trying to pick up an under aged girl along the way, Ian might get jealous. BTW Drac Vermell already knows my real name, he coaxed it out of me one day in a moment of weakness, my name is Micheal Novak.

  16. Drac Vermell GGGMAN  matt schmidt is psycho-desperat for attention  he was prob neglected as a child (shocker)

  17. Crawford where are the “hammer tapes” yah lazy eyed psycho? Who’s the one neglected by his only friends the Free Keeniacs?
    Who’s the one living in a one bedroom shithole apartment? Who’s the one that types his posts like some psychotic raving lunatic? I’m not the greatest at typing, but dam you take the cake!
    Who’s the one downtown filming the sky and other stupid shit whist talking to yourself?
    Well its none other than Creepy Crawford!
    Desperate much?

  18. GGGMAN  Now Michael dear, don’t you think that you’re understating the depth of your inadequacies? I mean, weakness is without a doubt your defining characteristic, isn’t it? I knew that long before I duped you into revealing your name to me, sweetie.
    But that’s all water under the bridge, now isn’t it lamb? What really dismays me, Michael, is that you still haven’t figured out that you aren’t in any way the redoubtable individual you want others to see you as. I wonder why all this derision at your expense still hasn’t motivated you into correcting, or at least hiding, all of your glaring shortcomings? It isn’t because that would require some *E*FFORT on your part, now is it darling?

  19. Drac and Crawford sitting in a tree, cuckoo, cuckoo, ing. You two are crazier than a coconut! Not surprised, it tends to be the norm in libertard groups.

  20. GGGMAN 
    GGGMAN  Now what is this, Michael dear? Yet another one of your delightful little pictures? I must say I’m a tad bit disappointed, sweetie. To be honest, I was really hoping you would have posted a copy of one of your report cards instead. You know, with all the D’s and F’s painstakingly inked over into B’s so that your parents wouldn’t ground you?
    Oh, I’m just jesting with you of course, Michael. I know you would never commit such an obvious forgery. You’re smart enough to know that there isn’t anyone stupid enough to believe you could earn a B at anything!

  21. Humiliation successful. Thanks and have a nice day!

  22. Bush Family’s black budget is to blame for Sandy Hook, DAllas Hoax, Boston Hoax etc.  All scams by Georgies boy Barak, Gerogies fav couple Bill and .Hil, and Georgies favorite hired opposition Trump.  

    Johnson must be a fraudulent idiot too to believe any of these fraudulent hoax scams.

  23. GGGMAN  Now Michael dear, I’m beginning to think that you’ve never heard of the proverb “Three men make a tiger,” have you sweetie? Perhaps you should spend some time investigating the meaning of that before your next reply, hmm? You know, so that you’ll be better prepared?

  24. The FAKE War on drugs is not the rout cause of Police shootings .
    Cops are now COMBAT oriented ,combat trained,combat minded.
    The rout cause is OPPRESSION and OPPRESSION creates AGGRESSION every time. 
    WEEDA , no one cares about what Maggie did not say or say its all lies hidden by AGENDAS to play a crowd.

  25. Mountain AGORA

    Actually it was her predecessor John Lynch who oversaw the unpublished NH controlled drug schedule scam / coverup.   I rail on about it, cuz it makes me feel all smug, knowing they can’t even get their lies consistent.

    Unfortunately some people do care what Maggie spouts, there’s a virtual army of sychophants willing to rob and assault others because of those irrational beliefs.

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