Victimless Crime Spree Celebrates Four Years on YouTube!

Did you know it was four years ago today that Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree world-premiered on YouTube?

The epic feature-length documentary was shot and edited during the end of the heaviest period for civil disobedience activism in Keene and does an excellent job capturing the spirit of the times. DJVCS has inspired countless liberty activists of all stripes to move to New Hampshire.

It now has over 174,000 views on YouTube, a director’s cut DVD (which you can also watch free on YouTube), and a shorter, hour-long cut of the movie – the Film Fest edition. It even inspired this song by Warehouse One!

Please celebrate the four year anniversary of DJVCS by throwing a screening for your friends and certainly share the youtube link on social media!

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  1. You are still pushing this ridiculous DVD? Obviously Derrick must need money. This “movie” is tired and old. Very pathetic

  2. Jumping Jacks derrick isnt going to get a$ for this….you’re wrong on that point

  3. And what did Derrick J get for his four years of victimless crime spree? Enough trouble to not be granted a license to conceal.
    Good job Derrick, keep up the “good work”!

  4. Jumping Jacks I guarantee if we met in person my assessment of your teeth is correct….

  5. Integrals Jumping Jacks I’m sure my assessment of you being an inbred, cousin marrying, half man would be right on.

  6. Jumping Jacks Integrals Good one!  Your “intelligence” is really shining through

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