Major Restaurant in Portsmouth Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin users in the New Hampshire seacoast delight in the coolest new local business to accept bitcoin, the independence-oriented currency of choice for many socially-concious and forward-thinking individuals.


Street in the west end of Portsmouth now takes bitcoin for everything on their menu, from Empanadas to Lamb Shawarma to Bibimbap and Singapore salad.


What a treat it is to spend free market money right in my home town and support local service people and entrepreneurs in creating such a fine dining experience.


New Hampshire is on the forefront of free market principles in money and currency, with thousands of smart people moving here to celebrate the freedom and prosperity that comes from a cultural dedication to liberty.


Throwing down his gauntlet, the wonderful man who made bitcoin happen at Street claims that their Sunday brunch is the best in all of Portsmouth. How about taking him up on that challenge and spend bitcoin too!

Want to support Steven in spreading bitcoin far and wide with your most generous contributions? Send him bitcoin! 13hcGfctHsyApBpPdwjeFLo4xhwVsfsT6N

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  1. This restaurant is a glorified Denny’s.

  2. Jumping Jacks Astonishing, Jacks..Yet another empty remark where you aggrandize yourself with boasts about your superior tastes to the rest of us mere troglodytes. Ladies and gentleman, for your reading enjoyment – Jacks – the next stage in human evolution!

  3. Astonishing jacks, blah, blah, aggrandize, blah.

  4. B sizzle Gracious me, Michael, you’re not fishing for a compliment from me again, now are you? Did Ethan crush your fragile ego when he made you look like an idiot? Well, I’m sorry duckling, but I’m going to have to withhold my praise for the time being. These inarticulate abashments of yours are not really applause-worthy.

  5. Street is in my hood..
    Street is also about Hillary politics, big time.
    Consider this before you bite the coin. It’s not genuine.:

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