NH Pink Pistols Grow in Firepower

The NH Pink Pistols, an LGBT-themed firearms group, practiced shooting targets at Granite State Indoor Range in Hudson yesterday. 8 people came to shoot. Last month there were 5 of us, and the previous month only 4. The range was clean, the staff was friendly, and the range was easy to use. Apparently the facility is less than 2 years old. We each shot individual targets for practice, but we also played a game of Battleship using a creatively designed target. Afterwards, some attended a Liberty Meetup in Nashua, but I had to run — I had a date at Street — a Portsmouth restaurant that now accepts bitcoin!

New, unexpected people came to this event — they must have heard about it from Facebook. The NH chapter of Pink Pistols is “officially closed” because we don’t have board members and bureaucracy to the satisfaction of the national group. I will wait for a few more successful meetups before I re-establish the group as “official”. I had a fun time, we tried out each other’s firearms, we got some practice with our own, and some even learned techniques to improve their shooting. If you’re LGBTQ and live in the Shire, please join the NH Pink Pistols Facebook Page for updates on our group and the location of our next shoot.

Here is video from yesterday’s event

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  1. Big deal. People go and shoot all the time. If “you” declare the group “official” what does that mean? Nothing. It’s pretty sad when all you have is this ridiculous story.

  2. You know jacks, blah, blah, non-important technical words, blah, blah, you said this but I “think” that…..
    Drac Vermell.

  3. B sizzle Are you intimating that typing in a string of z’s is a significant contribution, duckling? I’m sure that the more percipient visitors of this site would disagree with you. By the way, Michael, I’ve noticed that your recent replies to me have been becoming increasingly non compos mentis. Does this mean I’ll be receiving another one of your amusing little threats shortly? If so, please hurry. I really could use a good chuckle right around now.

  4. B sizzle Oh dear! You haven’t decided to stop proving to me what a formidable rhetorician you are, now have you duckling?

  5. Desperate for attention much? Pathetic!

  6. BB SIZZLE It’s really nice to see that you’re still so willing to make yourself available to my every beck and call, Michael. But come now, you can be more forceful than this can’t you?

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