New Hampshire Ranks Most Free State in 2016 Rankings by Cato Institute

NH is #1 Most Free State

NH #1 Most Free State – 2016

According to the just-released 2016 edition of the “Freedom in the 50 States” study by the Cato Institute, New Hampshire is again at number one most free! Alaska is nipping at NH’s heels, but with thousands of libertarian activists slated to arrive here in the next several years, we’ll hopefully continue to solidify our lead.

At the bottom of the charts, number fifty is New York, which is a long distance below number forty-nine, California. Where did your state rank? You can check out the interactive map or dig into the well-researched nearly 300 page study on their site.

With all the freedoms we have in NH, no wonder so many people who love freedom are moving here. Not only is there the most successful libertarian migration in the world happening here, but before that started there were already over 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire. Originally a persuasive text list, in recent years it was made into an excellent hour-long documentary which you can watch for free.

If you are a libertarian or voluntarist and don’t yet have plans to move here to New Hampshire, why are you waiting? Thanks to migrations like the Shire Society and Free State Project, there are thousands of liberty-minded people who’ve already moved here in the last decade and thousands more pledged to come.

Concentration of libertarian activists into a small, low-population state like New Hampshire makes all the difference in the world for accomplishing our goal of liberty in our lifetime. If you’re tired of the continued failures of the libertarian movement, get to New Hampshire ASAP.

For more on the study, we dug in deep on last night’s Free Talk Live:

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  1. Just throw in the towel, Ian Bernard. Your a tee shirt of the month, at best!
    Go go, FBI, go go, FBI!

  2. ny is last? crap.

  3. The confirmation bias on right wing pro big business propaganda outfit named Cato makes sense to be promoted here. . The Free State Project is run by the very same right wing big business interests. Make NH free for private tyranny yahooooooo!

  4. If New Hampshire is the “most free state”, why are activists continuing to mess that up with unrealistic demands and civil disobedience? It sounds like the activists are trying to take the state in a different direction. To actually think 20,000 people are going to move to NH and change the state to a hippie circle is a joke. The state isn’t tops for everything. It could never support itself financially if it left the union. I have never read the state could break from the union according to it’s constitution.

  5. This shitshow is all stagecraft to cover up the KOCH backed corporate take over of our state.

  6. Jumping Jacks

    To answer your question,
    “Free” in this comparison is relative.  It’s like saying NH is the plantation that whips slaves the least and let’s them dance on Christmas.  

    A state which holds living people as “subjects” based on words of deceased people who lived hundreds of years ago,  will never be free, not that some of the words and ideas of freedom (which are ignored) don’t deserve merit.

    Now get back to work Fiddler, there’s cotton to pick for Maggie.

  7. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks I didn’t ask you to answer my questions. You were a mile off on all of them.  The more you try to show your intelligent, the more stupid you are.

  8. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    In days of yore, when grammar was poor and people said “your” but really meant “you’re”, a grammar Nazi might knock on your door. 

    Not me though, not anymore, I’m no fuckin’ bore, let me assure, just wanted to mention though that you’re doing fine conducting your own idiot tour.   (mic drop) 

    Did I do that mic drop thing right ?  Cuz I’m a little old school and could use some tips.

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