Join us at NH Hempfest, happening this weekend!

Darryl and I are running an outreach booth this weekend at NH Hempfest in Lancaster at Roger’s Campground.  We’re sharing the Shire Society declaration with attendees, along with plenty of know-your-rights propaganda, and a Bitcoin Vending Machine. We’ll be at the booth all day until Sunday and at night we’re hosting Free Talk Live.

Hempfest is packed with dozens of live bands and is kicking off right now.  Hope to see you!

NH Hempfest 2016 Day One

NH Hempfest 2016 Day One

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  1. How bout nope! Say no to dope Ian Bernard!

  2. What?  Ian Bernard isn’t kicked out of this event? Maybe he should check and see if he can walk through the gates. HE banned from everything else I don’t see why this would be different.

  3. Do you stare into each other’s eyes when you jerk each other off?

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