Return of the Activist Left?

Today Steven and I talked about secession with almost a hundred people at a rally in Portsmouth, NH. The event was inspired by the recent election of Donald Trump. These people united under the message “Not My President.” Since I don’t believe in forced associations, I can get down with that! Everyone should have the president they want — or no president at all. We walked downtown with music blasting from our jackets, a big rainbow flag, and some NHexit signs! We brought propaganda with us, but there was so much to do, talking to people and getting video, that we didn’t hand out any literature! It would have been awesome to have support from other Seacoast activists. If you’re hot and gay and love freedom, you should move here and join us in Portsmouth, NH — the beachhead of liberty! Full hour-plus video below!

One local man in attendance said that he hasn’t seen anything like this since the 70’s. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Is this the return of the activist left, silent and sleeping for 8 years, and now ready to return with ferocity? I hope so! I’ll criticize any politician in power, but it’s so much more fun to do it with the democrats.



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  1. Why isn’t violating the “Oath of Office” by a State or Federal Appointed or Elected Official not an act of Treason under the US Constitution

  2. Congress once held Anti-Communism hearings but apparently its willing to hold Anti-Racism hearings against US elected + appointed officials

  3. How is it we have a President Elect that is consorting with known Racists and White Supremacists who could care less about People of Color.  He’s not my President

  4. Imagine, 13 yrs of complaining + NH Govt Ldrs still will not admit or recognize their own conscious + subconscious racial bias + prejudices.

    A.J’s best interest I recommend that he attend the Burnham School in Haverhill (MA.
    . . Furthermore, the issue of
    diversity is real. A. J. would likely find it lonely being the only Black child in a school
    in NH.  He has a
    rich Black Heritage of which to be proud. He can share with and learn from
    other children of his color and it can enhance his growing up years in numerous
    ways. In Haverhill (MA), he has that opportunity far more that it exists in
    NH.” –Patricia Frim, Esq., Court Appointed Guardian ad
    Litem, 07/14/03 

    “As it relates to custody, the last question to be decided is what
    should A.J. attend first grade and who should
    be the parent with whom Andre resides for school placement purposes.  On
    page 10 and 11 of her report, the Guardian ad Litem outlines the differences in
    the two school systems: each has its positives and negative qualities.  Ultimately, the court finds that the most important factors are
    diversity and crime. Given
    the information presented on the issue of diversity…the Court
    concludes that the Burnham school in Haverhill (MA) would be the more
    appropriate placement for A.J.”- Marital
    Master Harriet J. Fishman- Case No. 02-M-0032 (Approved Judge
    Gerald Taube).  08/05/03 
    (Ruling was contrary to the facts, evidence and testimony and Diversity
    is more than just skin color). 

    “No appeal,
    however, is declined except by unanimous vote of the court with at least three
    justices  participating. No justice
    who considered this matter voted to accept this appeal. Accordingly,
    the appeal was declined. If any justice who considered this matter believed the
    appeal should have been accepted, this case would have been scheduled for
    briefing. Declined.  Brock, C.J., and Broderick, Nadeau, Dalianis and Duggan,
    concurred.  Case No.  03-0640, (Declining to hear appeal of
    Case 02-M-0032), 11/21/03)   (No opinion published (intentionally) to
    hide the denial of equal educational opportunity it from public and legislative
    scrutiny and prevent a high appeal)

    In Palmore v. Sidoti,466 U.S.
    429, 104 S.Ct. 1879, 80 L.Ed.2d 421 (1984)
    the U.S. Supreme Court rejected
    race as a permissible consideration in custody disputes between two natural

    “It is
    not within the province of the state to make significant decisions concerning
    the custody, care and education of a child merely because it could make a
    ‘better’ decision. As we first acknowledged in Meyer, the right of
    parents to “bring up children,” 262 U.S., at 399, and “ to control the education of
    their own” is protected by the Constitution, 401.
    See also Glucksberg, supra, at 761
    (Souter, J., concurring in judgment).

  5. No Parent of Color should have to endure all the unprovoked racism + retaliation by NH Judiciary and Attorney General that happened to me and my son

  6. For a Black man, Dad, Veteran and police officer who spent his adult life upholding the law, I almost gave into criminal temptation after my son + I endured Govt Sponsored Racism

  7. NH’s former AG Kelly Ayotte was driving the acts of OFFICIAL OPPRESSION against me for opposing the RACIST & SLAVISH way my son + I were treated.  Lynch, Hassan and the NH State Legislative Leaders went along with the Official Oppression because they were like minded or too weak to oppose it.

  8. We can’t expect the President of this country to comply with Morality and Ethics Codes if Congress is willing to exempt itself from compliance with the expectation of a higher standard of Conduct.

  9. My political beliefs about anti-racial discrimination conflicts with those of the 45th US President because Congress let the US citizens down

  10. I don’t want a former State AG, like Kelly Ayotte with her racist beliefs representing the State in any of the Houses of Congress nor as a member of Trump’s cabinet

  11. For the last 13 yrs the entire NH govt leadership has treated the NH Judicial Branch’s act of RACIAL SEGREGATION as though it never occurred.

  12. Ayotte abused her discretion to falsely charge me with a crime because I sought  to protect my son’s right to equal educational opportunity. She lost when I was acquitted at the end of the State’s case without having to put on a legal defense

  13. Ayotte even tried to go after my federal employment and security clearance because I would not be silenced about my opposition to NH imposing Racial Segregation on my son. She played dirty, racial and judicial politics with my son’s right to equal educational opportunity.

  14. The NH Black Robed Bigots placed my son in a persistently failing, high poverty, RACIALLY IMBALANCED urban school located in a high crime, drug and gang plagued area because of his race and color.  Mass Dept of Ed Officials said it was one of the 29 lowest performing schools in the Commonwealth. Mass Law gave the parents the right to remove their child form a Racial Imbalanced school yet the Justice would not allow me to do so even though I retained joint legal and physical custody. I even testified that the area (Arlington St/Acre Area) was a gang problem area. The court put my son at risk when it allow the GAL to simply refute my claims.  I have 27 yrs of law enforcement including working in the gang areas in Boston. I got custody of my son just before the gang related shooting started in Haverhill, MA in the Arlington St/Acre area

  15. Black Robed Bigot Chief Justice Linda Dalianis sent “armed” plain clothed hometown Nashua PD thugs cops to my house where they criminally trespassed to deliver a warning because I profanely criticized her role in the racial segregation.  Nashua PD Chief Andrew LaVoie, Officers Charles MacGregor and Patrick Hannon has been formally warned the safety comes off the next time they show up at my house for no legitimate law enforcement purposes. They were acting 35 miles outside of their territorial authority and jurisdiction thus making them civilians. I will not be silenced nor intimidated.  Master of Arts,. Criminal Justice UMass Lowell.  I’m a former USAF Law Enforcement Supervisor and Federal Police Officer.  I have a State Constitutional right against discrimination and to demand judicial accountability on top of my US Constitutional Rights.  Those involved should have been impeached to include Judge Edwin Kelly, Assoc Justice Robert Lynn, Judge Tina Nadeau and Admin Gina Apicelli along with the other Justices on the poster.   The NH Judicial Branch Security Mgr Jason Jordanhazy does not like my DEFIANCE 


  16. How many more corrupt + racist elected or appointed politicians do we have in the US Congress or White House besides NH’s Kelly Ayotte

  17. Ask yourself why have you never heard of the act of Racial Segregation by the NH Judicial Branch and Ayotte’s racially motivated retaliation from the media? 

    The US and local NH media refuses to cover  acts of High Profile, State Sponsored or Institutional Racism which is why this country now has Trump for a President.

  18. Trump will be in violation of Anti-Discrimination provisions of Equal Protection Clause with Bannon’s appointment once he’s sworn in. My federal taxpayer $$$ should not be going to pay the salary of a White Nationalist.

  19. HolderRalph

    Not sure how many are racists, but the entire Federal system itself is corrupt and illegitimate, since it’s primary means has always been coercion based.   It should be self evident that only an  individual can provide his / her own consent.   

    Replacing Donald Trump, with candidate X will not change that fact.  

    A man is no less a slave because he allowed to chose a new master once in  a term of years – Lysander Spooner

  20. HolderRalph

    You and everyone else should have complete economic freedom.  Your money should support the things you agree to, not to the things you don’t agree with.   Of course, that applies to everyone else too.

  21. No, there weren’t almost 100 people there. You and the rest of your small minion are only copying the Trump express train protests. As usual it doesn’t mean anything except paranoia and anger. Pretty sad on your part.

  22. My son and granddaughter grew up together under the same roof for years.  I raised her and she attended the local NH public school the NH Black Robed Bigots ruled my son couldn’t because of his race/color.  How do White NH govt leaders reconcile the differential, disparate and racially discriminatory treatment?  They don’t and have refused to explain the legal reasons why.  This was the omen of Trump’s coming.

  23. HolderRalph You are such a deranged idiot. “Institutional racism” didn’t elect Trump, it was the same white voters who elected Obama for two terms.

  24. HolderRalph Hogwash HR. It was the Rust Belt that ushered Trump to his victory. This had nothing to do with racism. It was the job-killing results of US-sponsored globalization policies that turned them against Clinton. Blue-collar workers in these states have seen nothing but decline in their livelihoods with their decades-long support of Democrats. Had Clinton taken Trump’s position on the renegotiation of US trade policy, Clinton would be in the White House instead of Trump. But she erroneously took the Rust Belt for granted, relying on the fact that those states have been routinely voting for Democratic presidential candidates since the Reagan administration.

  25. LibertarianLibertyEagle HolderRalph Only a FOOL would overlook the obvious. Let me know when the meds finally kicks in

  26. Drac Vermell HolderRalph How long have you been playing the three monkeys who see no, hear no and speak no evil about a man who spouted racism from his own mouth

  27. HolderRalph Drac Vermell I don’t know, HR. How long have you been cheering on criminals like Barack Obama and the Clintons to lie, steal, and murder on your behalf because you lack the courage, ingenuity, and intelligence to do it yourself?
    And why mince words by calling people who you don’t know “racists” when it’s obvious that you really just want to call them “honkies” or some other racial epithet? Is it because you know that would give away the secret that you’re not the principled individual you want everyone else to think you are? Good luck with that, HR. Your ilk have been giving up all claims to such nonsense now that they’ve made it clear that the best way to protest “racism” is to loot local businesses and burn their own communities to the ground.

  28. Jumping Jacks Dude- this wasn’t a liberty protest. It was a protest led by the left who lost (Hillary supporters). There were maybe a handful of liberty-minded people who went out and recorded video.

  29. HolderRalph Drac Vermell Both sides are horrible. Under George W. Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s leadership the United States has killed a lot of innocent people overseas and committed a lot of other horrendous deeds. The United States imprisons more people and these leaders continued targeting and imprisoning peaceful people (mostly drug users, but also people for other non-violent even if despicable crimes). There simply is no hope for the U.S. and I’m doubtful there is hope for any other country anywhere. The only hope we have is in a migration of liberty-minded people taking over the state of New Hampshire and ideally a secession movement. Despite the federal government doing a lot more harm the state governments lock up far more people so a lot can be done even at just the state level.

  30. HolderRalph LibertarianLibertyEagle That’s not an argument. You’ve provided nothing substantial to back up your point and now you’re the one who’s looking like a fool.

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