Cop Blockers Scare Trooper Away From Pullover in Keene, NH’s “Free Streets Project”

Last night around midnight, an NH state trooper pulled over some young men just outside the LRN.FM studio in Keene, NH. The officer must be new to the force, as there are about a dozen liberty-oriented folks who live on this street corner, which means that at any time of the day or night, it’s likely someone is awake and will notice. Renee and I spotted the pullover and after getting on some warm clothing, given it was about zero degrees Fahrenheit, we immediately responded. Here’s the video:

As we approached the scene, we heard the officer badgering a guy in the back of the car about ID. As I understand it, it’s not a requirement for anyone in a car except the driver to show ID, so I told the officer he doesn’t need to be asking for that information. Pretty much right as we arrived, he went back to his cruiser. I then approached the driver and asked if he was okay with us recording the scene. He was.

Sometimes people are embarrassed by police pullovers and don’t want people to see them in a video, so they decline. In this case, the officer appeared to be attempting to intimidate his victims, and they seemed welcoming to our presence. The driver then accepted a Cop Block WARNING know-your-rights flyer from me.

Moments later, the officer cut the guys loose with what appeared to be a warning, and they both left. Back inside, I called State Police Troop C and inquired about who was driving car 915. Troopers Tucker and Thomas Burn refused to give me the ostensibly public information, with trooper Burn claiming he didn’t feel comfortable giving it out, and passing the buck to shift supervisor Philip Gaiser. (You may remember Gaiser as one of the officers who lied about James Cleaveland during his trial for “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”.) I left a message on Gaiser’s voicemail and it has yet to be returned. Audio from those calls is included in the above video.

There’s no doubt that having libertarian activists living close by each other is effective and helps protect our community. That’s why the Free Streets Project was founded, to encourage liberty migrants to the Shire to concentrate in specific neighborhoods in various cities. Concentrating activism is a proven strategy for success on the state level, now we’re trying it on the neighborhood level. There are real benefits to having people of a shared belief right next door or just down the street. Come here and join us and find out for yourself! In Manchester, look for homes for rent or sale in the Amory St. neighborhood and in Keene look near Leverett and River streets.

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  1. Good job!

  2. ian is a scumbag  🙂

  3. So why do you think you scared away a trooper? No where in that video does it show an officer being scared away. You are lying.

    The PD doesn’t have to tell you who is in what vehicle. That is a safety issue for the officers. I doubt you will ever get that info. This video didn’t show anything except an officer doing his job. You have no idea why the guy was pulled over. Why don’t you start there next time.

  4. DavidCrawford4 Yet here you are,  desperate for his attention. Or maybe some of his teenaged cast-offs.

  5. This is some weird paranoia. If I were stopped, I wouldn’t want to be approached or filmed by nutjobs with a camera. That’s far scarier and more invasive than being stopped. If you are a law-abiding citizen who is stopped by the police, you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you’re polite and respectful. Things escalate only when you’re a belligerent ass refusing to answer questions and going on about “knowing my rights.” I’m sick of this “all cops are pure evil” mentality that’s infecting the nation.

  6. powertool DavidCrawford4 …ah…no…  lol you’re goofy

  7. DavidCrawford4  Funny how none of your Free Keene buddies ever defend you.

  8. 8th Article of the NH State Constitution requires Cops to respond and be open at all times .
    There’s no safety issue with any officer.
    Jumping Quacks is wrong as usual as an instigator and argumentative with out supported fact to back up his PEZ dispensing Grandure.

  9. Actually they will tespond. It’s called RSA 91a , look it up .
    Clinic yourself on your paid thugs .

  10. “Actually they will tespond.” This is the reason why Ian, and JP freeman should be locked up and away from normal society. They both have major mental issues. The stupid runs deep in them both. I wonder why Ian keeps him as a tenant? Maybe Ian likes to use that simple brained JP as his pawn to do his dirty work?

  11. powertool DavidCrawford4 well obviously you are defending Ian because of what i said so,it’s so nice  thaat you have turned over  a new leaf

  12. Milwaukee Goodness gracious! Poor typing is a sign of mental illness, Milwaukee dear? So do you think that there might be some underlying psychological pathologies contributing to your own poor grammar and spelling as well, darling?

  13. rickjohnson75 You speak of paranoia and yet say nothing about the police department’s refusal to give the officer’s name?  Perhaps you’ve been psychologically conditioned to accept martial law there, sir.

  14. Drac Vermell Milwaukee lol

  15. CopBlock was started by a bunch of employees of Koch’s. We all know their mission was to push this message of ineffectual public policing so their paymasters can roll in with for profit privitized mercenaries who let the white boys get away with whatever they wanted which crushing the poor and vulnerable.
    Can you losers please slither back to the southern swamp lands and leave us alone?

  16. DoubleDont …
    What?  It seems you’r’e confused.  Perhaps Jumping Jacks can help you.  He pretends he’s an addiction expert.

  17. I love this “Free Streets Project” concept.  I’m glad its still being promoted.

  18. rickjohnson75 you said :” If I were stopped, I wouldn’t want to be approached or filmed by nutjobs with a camera. That’s far scarier and more invasive than being stopped.”   unquote. Than i guess you would have said ‘no thanks’ when Ian asked if it could be filmed,(unlike the drivers here;who said it was ok ).
       Not every police stop is lawful
     And peoples’ right are important.
         You seem to think that the police never do wrong
         Well they do do wrong ;there are those that do the job well and those that don’t do the job well. Just like every other job.Only difference is that they can hit you when they don’t do the job well,or shoot you or just  take your freedom away for whatever amount of time.
       And that gets done wrongfully ALL THE TIME..  It’s not quite like when the baker screws up or the plumber or the mechanic.
       I’m “sick of ” people like YOU who think:”oh i have never had bad experience with cops  so;’YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU HATE ALL COPS'”  unquote.


    Understand now?  Now please stop  giving your freedoms away .. It’s annoying


  20. DavidCrawford4 Tell us about all of your bad experiences with cops, Crawford. Tell us about all the brave, Copblock things you’ve done. 

    Tell us all about what a big, badass you are.

  21. DavidCrawford4 It’s easy to see why your buddies never defend you. Amoebas are smarter than you are.

  22. Jumping Jacks look at all the likes  matt schmidt gave himself…lol

  23. Mountain AGORA WHen they are on scene doing a stop, they don’t have to answer your questions. This self entitled BS runs thick in your veins. You are not that special. If you want to know who and what the stop was for, look in your local paper.

  24. powertool DavidCrawford4 you  have a phoney name and say phoney words on the internet… i guess that makes you a badass

  25. powertool DavidCrawford4  good job!

  26. Mountain AGORA “jumping jacks” should put more pictures to his other accounts that way his likes would seem more believable

  27. Jumping Jacks Mountain AGORA Good old Jacks. You still think that repeating your lie makes your previous lie true, don’t you? Yet the reality of the situation is that no one ever need wait for their local newspaper to report such things, They need only to ask the cop to find out what they want to know – just like Ian did. By law the cop is obliged to answer. As Mountain AGORA points out, Article 8 of New Hampshire’s constitution requires accountability and transparency from all government officials. Now really Jacks. Haven’t you always made it clear that you believed the law was to be obeyed no matter what? You’re not backsliding on this belief, now are you?
    Article 8. Accountability of Magistrates and Officers; Public’s Right to Know.
    All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people,
    all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and
    agents, and at all times accountable to them. Government, therefore,
    should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive. To that end, the
    public’s right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall
    not be unreasonably restricted.
    By the way Jacks, you really should consider setting some of your free time aside to read the rest of this fine document. It might be life-changing for you, you know.

  28. DavidCrawford4  Maybe you should run and tell your mommy. You sound like a five year old. I suppose you think “Mountain AGORA” is a real name? 

    I still think it’s funny that none of your “friends” defend you. Hell, they don’t even acknowledge you. 

    You don’t seem to be very popular. Maybe YOU should try a “phoney” name. (That’s “phoney” with your misspelling)

  29. powertool DavidCrawford4 You’re going about this all wrong, powertool. Perhaps you should consider adding some delightful little threats to your messages as well? You know, just like our dear friend Matthew used to do before he lost his courage?

  30. Drac Vermell I don’t know your friend Matthew. It seems you assume that I am. Too bad for you. Oh, and by the way, your fauxhomo linguistic routine is really fucking boring.

  31. powertool Drac Vermell That’s a shame, powertool. Matthew’s a real swell guy. You should really consider getting to know him and his dear wife. I think you three would get along swimmingly!

  32. powertool DavidCrawford4 You dont know what the hell you are talking about!  lol i guess that shocks no one. Like i said phoney words with a phoney name….

  33. Drac Vermell  David Crawford seems like a swell guy. You ought to get to know him better…hang out with him….maybe date him. Poor guy is lonely.

  34. powertool Drac Vermell My goodness, powertool! You’re not disguising your frustration with me by dressing your retort with lurid homosexual undertones, now are you? Now that isn’t very inventive, is it? And why continue this badinage with me when you have two new dear friends to be making on Facebook?

  35. Drac Vermell So why don’t you like Crawford? He’s one of you – yet you never defend him. Does he smell bad? Is it the lack of discernible IQ? His attempts to come on to teenaged girls? Tell us all about it, Dreckie.

  36. powertool Drac Vermell Now what’s the matter, powertool? You’re not afraid that our dear friend Matthew will reject your friend request are you? You shouldn’t be worried about that silly! Why your choice of name alone should charm the socks off of our socket wrench-wielding chum!

  37. Mountain Agora is none other than the mentally psychotic JP (freeman) Philips. You see, people like JP, David Crawford, Rich Paul, and Ian (freeman) Bernard tend to gravitate towards each other because they are severely mentally unstable. Ian is the puppeteer, and has major issues, ask his ex-girlfriend. He and his group are a dangerous bunch. Psychotically dangerous, and armed to the teeth.

  38. Milwaukee Goodness gracious this is exciting, Milwaukee darling! You don’t suppose they’re all being secretly funded by Vladimir Putin as well, now do you? Please tell me more! I do so love these conspiracy theories of yours!

  39. Milwaukee Birds of a feather, and all that.

  40. Drac Vermell  I’m not interested in being part of your club, Dreck. Unsurprised that you can’t answer a question. Bored with the fauxhomo florid dialogue.

  41. They are a pathetic bunch.

  42. powertool Drac Vermell Why don’t you ask Ian your questions, powertool?  Afterall, if Drac is or isn’t doing something, it must be because Ian is the puppeteer and has directed things that way.  That is, at least according to our dear friend Milwaukee.

  43. Milwaukee Now Milwaukee, there must be something you like here for you to be spending so much time with us.  Birds of a feather indeed, Milwaukee dear.

  44. Intrigare If you’re going to try to pretend to be a different character other than Dreck, you should try a little harder – and not use the same fauxhomo florid phrasing.

  45. powertool Intrigare Aw powertool I’m not interested in pretending to be a different character.  I think Drac is hilarious and I can only hope to emulate him.
    Don’t you see that you are part of the club now too?  Allow me to be the first to bid you welcome.  Oh and powertool, I’m unsurprised that you can’t answer my question.  No worries we’re all friends here.

  46. powertool Drac Vermell And what question was that, powertool? All I could see was another monumental temper tantrum. Now powertool, has it never occurred to you that it might be easier to elicit cooperation from others if you could just learn to behave yourself?

  47. powertool Milwaukee I’m wagering that it will take more than a socket wrench to scatter this flock of birds, right Milwaukee?

  48. Intrigare I ignored your question because it was so silly. Because of something someone else said, I should ask Ian questions?

  49. powertool Intrigare Yes powertool, it is kind of silly, isn’t it?  My my you’re a bit brighter than our friends Milwaukee and Jacks aren’t you?  I’m impressed.Well done, I’m sure you’ll do well here.

  50. powertool Intrigare But if you refuse to take your questions to the source, then how do you ever expect to learn anything, powertool? Don’t make the same mistakes our dear little friend Matthew made. He wasted a lot of time barking up the wrong tree, you know.

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