Introduction to Voluntaryism – Panel Discussion Video

This week I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in a panel discussion about voluntaryism on YouTube channel, “No More 2 Party System“. Host Jeff Justice had several voluntarists on his show to talk about what voluntaryism is, including Tatiana Moroz and Jeffrey Phillips. I was able to join the discussion about an hour in due to my studio being occupied by Free Talk Live when they started at 9pm Eastern.

Of course I strongly encouraged voluntarists, libertarians, and liberty-loving anarchists to move to New Hampshire. I highlighted how awesome it is to live in a place where not only are you already more free than anywhere else, but where libertarians are actually getting elected.

My optimistic message of migrating to NH with the highest concentration of liberty activists in the world stood in stark contrast to the other guests’ opinions. The others were all spread out in other places with no real hope for liberty in their lifetimes. Their positions were understandably critical of getting involved in the system (they don’t know that the system can actually be changed here in NH). Some panelists supported just trying to run away from the state or improve one’s own individual wealth and happiness where they are.

While they may be good voluntarists, they could have a greater effect on the world by getting together with others of like mind. The host admitted that I was very persuasive and while I don’t expect the people on the panel to move to NH, hopefully the people watching the video will see the wisdom in concentrating activists in one place. It’s happening here in the Shire and it’s working!

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  1. You talk about how great New Hampshire is and how it is so free and activists should move here, why are you then trying to tear New Hampshire down. You whine and cry about your rights being taken away and meter maids, etc.   Why can’t you just live in New Hampshire and be happy?

    There is no way 20,000 people (activists) are going to move to NH. The delusion you carry everyday  shows you lack of reality.  You are still facing the FBI for child porn, you and the rest of your gang have been arrested too many times to count. The rest of your senior minions have moved away. There was way too much hypocrisy in your statements.

  2. Now now Jacks, if you actually watched the whole video you would of noticed that Ian said his time is almost up with the FBI raid, and that he has not payed his income tax since 2004. You and I both know that he is guilty to the fullest extent, I mean Ian is my hero and back him 1000% even if he is doomed to the shadows of a dirty federal prison.

  3. Jumping Jacks We’re attracting new movers all the time. There are at least a dozen planning to move to Keene. We had a new mover arrive today in fact. He’s employed, got a temporary apartment, and ready to get active. The only one who is delusional is you. People are moving to other parts of New Hampshire to spread liberty. It’s what we do. Few people will ever stay in Keene because of economic issues. However some like myself have brought new businesses to Keene and in time I suspect more people will be able to stay than ever before. However businesses take time to grow and few are going to be in a position to do what I did. However I just began helping someone else start a business today that has a lot of potential. 
    If Ian ends up on trial for child porn it’ll just evidence how corrupt the system is. I know Ian well enough to know he isn’t into prepubescent children. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if he was arrested and charged with something- but chances are this was just another scare tactic. If they do finally come for Ian I would imagine it would be more for something along the lines of not paying taxes or something similar. I do just want to point out though that child porn possession is not itself a violent act. The violence is what is documented by those images [presumably- obviously what people call child porn might also constitute consensual acts between post-pubescent ‘children’ which is hardly violence, but none-the-less the government routinely utilizes violence against minors for sexual acts between themselves- now that is what is morally f’d up more than anything else].

  4. libretea Jumping Jacks No, you are not attracting new movers all the time. If Ian ends up in court, it proves the system works because the FBI has had his electronics for almost a year. They are doing a thorough job. People who move to NH don’t want to sign on with freekeene. Since Ian’s problems have been noted to many. Porc fest threw him out and FSP threw him out because of his beliefs regarding sex with minors and being investigated by the FBI.  You see, sex with someone under 18 y/o is statutory rape. Look at Kyle Tasker, he is in very big trouble. Another one who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. He and his wife or girlfriend killed themselves.

    You said Ian Bernard hasn’t paid taxes since 2004 will catch up to him. You’re rants and raves are the same garbage you have been spouting for quite awhile. You have mentioned Ian’s transgressions over and over with uncertainty about his future. You can try to speak for the masses but the evidence is shows quite differently. 

    You’re rants and raves about minors and adults having consensual sexual relationships is as warped as you can get. If it was your 14 year old sister would you consent to her having a sexual relationship with a 31 year old man? I seriously doubt it. In other words, freekeeners live by a double standard. They hate the government but live off it with SSDI checks. freekeeners are not a healthy bunch

  5. Ian is a liar…    🙂

  6. Jumping Jacks Sex with someone under 18 is not automatically statutory rape. It doesn’t work like that. The legal age of consent in New Hampshire is 16. 
    Suggesting Kyle Tasker committed suicide with his wife is nothing other than more nonsense from you. If he actually committed suicide somebody would have reported on this.

    I have no idea how long Ian hasn’t paid taxes for if that is true. I probably said it wouldn’t surprise me if Ian hadn’t paid taxes and that this is the sort of thing they’d probably be able to get him on. I did say I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in jail for violating some bogus and victimless crime.

    I never said anything about minors and adults having sex. You are good at putting words in peoples mouths. I don’t have a 14 year old sister and quite frankly such behavior is a moral issue and I don’t believe the government should be regulating morals. Now that doesn’t say anything about whether or not I think a 14 year old women should be having sex with a 31 year old man. There is a big difference between a 31 year old man having sex with a 14 year than a 31 year old man violently forcing themselves on a 10 year old or for that matter someone of any age.

    It’s not a double standard to take SSDI checks because a person who disagrees with welfare is having or has most likely had their money stolen from them by the government already. Any money taken thereafter is merely getting back what was stolen from them in the first place. It would be a double standard for any one of us to lobby for welfare though of any type and those who do are hypocrites. That is not a principled libertarian position. However I can see why someone whose generally a libertarian may find themselves doing that. For instance a solar business may not be able to compete when competing power sources are already subsidized. In a truly free market that one advocates for one would not advocate for more subsides. On that same token I’d rather open the market up to competition in the internet business rather than regulate businesses into provide internet access under a set of rules. However at the same time a provider that is interfering with the connection is in my opinion committing fraud if that are advertising internet access and then censoring or otherwise interfering with the traffic in any way.

  7. Jumping Jacks 

    In regards to sex I want to add using violence to obtain something is
    wrong and I would state that age is irrelevant as to the finding of
    rape. You do not need a law setting an age for consent. To set an age
    for anything is to take away a young persons freedom to choose for themselves
    when is the right time to take responsibility for themselves. If a young person or an older person is made to have sex against their will that is rape and you should charge them with rape- not some other BS law that can be abused. With life comes mistakes and we should all be free to make mistakes and learn from said mistakes without fear of reprisals by government thugs and moralists. Life is a learning process and not everybody considers sexual relations at a young age or premarital sex for that matter to be a mistake. You don’t have to agree with a law like this to think it’s a bad idea for children to be having lots of sex with each other or people older than them. There are real risks to sex and you don’t have to fabricate absurd moral arguments nor bring up fears from almost non-existent threats to argue against promiscuous sexual relations [at any age or between peoples of any age].

    I have a same sex male partner I love and have no interest in sex with children and yet I can recognize the harm setting an age will cause to those such laws are suppose to protect. These laws most negatively impact younger persons certainly much younger than me who don’t know that the person they are having sex with is below some arbitrary legal threshold. Often these laws end up hurting people of similar ages like 17 year old boys having sex with 13 year old girls. Any parent will recognize that 13 year olds are fully capable of lieing and manipulating people. Heck my 6 year old brother was very good at that (not involving sex mind you). However the point here is there are many fully developed 13-14 year old girls and the number of arrests for such situations is mind boggling. These kids (boys) who run afoul of these laws are not predators and they are not utilizing violence nor coercion. They aren’t taking advantage of anybody. Its absurd to say that a 13 year old is a victim when they initiated the sexual act or relationship and have lied about their age. Even if they didn’t lie about their age there is no real victim. Yet this is how most of the people who end up on the sex offender lists get on such lists. It’s absurd that the law would prohibit sex for someone at any age. Under the laws logic every 11-13 year old boy is a sex offender for little more than masturbation. You see masturbation is performing a sexual act and doing so under a certain age is a crime be it is done on oneself or others. Pathetically the police regularly arrest young people for such things involving no victims and even no other people. Most of the time it is due to stupid child porn laws, sexting, and an over-“protective” fear mongering society that we live in.

    And I
    don’t care if we are talking about driving a car or having sex. There should not be set ages to do things. Just
    because some people will make bad decisions does not justify punishing
    everybody for the abuse by a few. The majority of sex offenders never
    utilized violence and there are no actual victims. There are very few actual sex offenders who utilize violence, kidnapping, or murder, but that’s is what is used to manipulate people into passing this sort of legislation. That and moral outrage. Well, I find it morally disgusting that you sir would utilize violence on those who are in consenting relationships. The people you are
    putting away are college students pissing in garbage cans at 2AM that happen to be right
    out side a bar right next to a playground. They’re not even acts involving sex! You are putting
    away minors who have had sex where one parent disliked the fact that
    their “little girl” had sex and now are taking it out on the guy whose been manipulated into it (ie lied about her age, etc).

    Disgusting. And then you look at Ian- who clearly isn’t a child molested and can’t stand to be around children being accused of such things. I’m sorry- but such laws are just used to abuse and manipulate. Which is exactly what you are doing here.

  8. DRACdouble Now DD darling, I’ve noticed that you keep failing to mention the other ne’er-do-wells in Keene who continue to have scuffles with the law. Perhaps you know them, sweetums? They’ve been caught threatening their neighbors with socket wrenches and knives in the recent past, you know. I certainly hope that their short tempers and impulsive natures doesn’t lead to even more menacing behavior from them in the future.

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