Citizen Cain – 22 – Wither and Dry

School talk: warrants, budget, & labor contracts • “Do you even have any kids in this school?” • Why do progressives hate the voucher system so much • Right to work coming to NH •

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  1. the rtw is probably going to  make schools cost less because it makes Unions go away….

  2. Now now Jacks, you know that I’m withered and dry…

  3. Right to Work apologist – you losers bootlicking the Koch paymasters. Good job. Now crawl back to the southern american swamps.

  4. DRACdouble Goodness gracious DD darling, you’re not a very talented mimic, now are you? How on earth could you have completely forgotten to add that Bitcoin is both “volatile” and “easily manipulated?” It looks like your eagerness to get even with me is still negatively impacting the quality of your work. It’s a terrible shame that our little lesson in patience never stuck, now isn’t it?

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