New Mover Heather Mullins Makes Splash in NH Media

Heather Mullins on WMUR-TV's Cannabis Hearings Coverage

Heather Mullins on WMUR-TV’s Cannabis Hearings Coverage

New mover to New Hampshire, Heather Mullins has had a whirlwind tour of the state house and legislative offices. Two weeks ago, on her first visit to the state house, she testified on a hemp bill and immediately got a job offer as a paid lobbyist. Last week she attended the state house hearings to expand access to medical cannabis and testified in favor of the legislation, attracting attention of NH media including the Union Leader newspaper and WMUR-TV.

Heather knocks it out of the park with her comment appearing at the end of the Union Leader piece:

Marijuana saved my dad. He would not be here today if not for it,” she said. “He has PTSD and chronic pain that the VA tried unsuccessfully to treat or years. Who are we to deny my father who served this country for 30 years access to the medication he needs? The data is out there that this stuff works. To deny people access is criminal in my eyes.

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  1. Yeah it’s real easy to be a libertarian activist…if you have a pussy between your legs. I wonder how many dopey Free Stater boys she’s manipulated into getting herself free shit. With a ratio of 10/1 she must love the attention – er I mean activism. 
    Ah well. I give her a year or two before she crashes and burns into a dumpster fire.

  2. The State of NH never formed or published it’s own NH controlled drug schedule.  It illegally used the Federal controlled drug schedule as its legal rationale to arrest and jail people for years.  (In order for its laws to go into effect regarding “controlled drugs”, NH was supposed to form and publish its own controlled drug schedule…and it never did)

    After a jolly elf revealed to the State just how far up it’s own cavernous ass the state’s proverbial head was regarding neglect to fully enact its own draconian laws , they clandestinely tried a coverup to the laws on publication in July 2011 when they buried an amendment to RSA 21:32 in Governor John Lynch budget bill.

    So on one hand it’s okay for the State to use the Federal Controlled drug schedule to arrest and jail people for “controlled drugs”, but on the other hand  the Federal controlled drug schedule is  now the one the state ignores when it sells crappy over priced cannabis at its forcibly held monopolistic medical marijuana stores.

    Moral of the story –  The State of NH when checkmated legally will flip the chess board over and put you in jail anyway.  Then they will break the same law themselves, the law they used to jail countless people over many years.  

    Live free or die, suckers.

  3. Darryl was probably the lobbyist position she got offered

  4. imo its hard t support these bills because its mostly crap….  These  bills are a second  bullshit choice…it is  questionable whether or not  pot is a effective medicine….  It does get you high ,that is without question,that is not up for debate…   These bills are  a backdoor second choice for those who want pot to be legall…i would support these bills but im not going up and being a dancing money lying to the  legislators…   I’d say to them just what i said here.. these bills are backdoor second choice crap. But pass them because you wont pass honest bills….Oh ,im not talking about the Hemp bill:that iss a honest one where you can give honest testimony

  5. Ian is a Lying hypocritcal scumbag btw

  6. Lmao. You have issues. I’ve been an activist for over 4 years buddy. Starting out protesting cases of state medical kidnap, a fatal police shooting, and military intervention in Syria. Been with the Libertarian Party since 2014 but been an activist much longer and not stopping for no one.

  7. i want them topass the : “i want to get high” bill

  8. The governor already signed in allowing medical marijuana.   At least she has a job.

  9. Jumping Jacks

    It is important to discern between jobs where people willingly pay another for a product or a service and other kinds of “jobs” where a person is paid thru violent involuntary and confiscatory means.

    One is providing a service, the other is a thief.   

    Best not to associate with thieves wouldn’t you say Jacks?

  10. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Give it up, she has a job just like many others in NH. Except the freekeeners and copblockers.

  11. you look sorta like this girl…

  12. thats  just a heads up fyi

  13. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS Jacks, why are you always so resentful of the fact that there are others in this world with marketable skills that have better employment prospects than you?

  14. GO Heather GO!

  15. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS maybe he doesnt like being a pumber

  16. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    So you don’t differentiate between people who you voluntarily contract with and those who claim you must pay them even if you were never consulted about whatever it is they claim you owe them for?   

    Sounds great.  Where do I send my bill for “educating” you?  Can I steal your house if you don’t pay me according to the unilateral terms I’ve made for you too?  If somebody else makes your agreements for you and you have no recourse to object, would you say they are treating you like their property ?

  17. This amazes me the vitriol generated. Of course the pay check conflicted folk have motive to lie cheat and obfuscate. But to go outside that realm and support those that are not saddled with the coercion, conflict of interest. Is just idiotic! 

    Please let folk choose what is in their interest and stop the control freakyness, across the board! Harming folk is never cool other than in direct self defense.



  18. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS Peaches, I see you have committed yourself to the freekeene troll. Nothing but rants and raves

  19. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks You don’t pay taxes, you can lose your home. That will never change. Get used to it.

  20. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS Uh oh. Jacks is making predictions again. We all know what that means.

  21. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell WEEDA CLAUS No one even approaches your talent for fulmination, Jacks. After all, you’ve been seen posting daily protests over multiple blogs for the span of years now. You must not be very busy treating people for their addictions.

  22. Now now David we all know that Jacks is not a pumber, he’s owns multiple drug rehabilitation centers darling.

  23. DRACdouble That’s right, DD dear. The plumber David is referring couldn’t possibly be Jacks. After all, Jacks is wealthy, successful, and self-assured. Such fine qualities certainly can’t be used to describe our dear little friend Matthew, now can they?

  24. DRACdouble now now  later later peaches and herbs..everyone one knows…yada yada yada  whatevs whaevs..who cares etc etc

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