Your Concealed License Is Not A Draft Card, Don’t Burn It: New Hampshire Becomes A Constitutional Carry State

Obviously as an anarchist, I believe that you can do whatever you want as long as it does not infringe on anyone else’s right to non-aggression, but it is a bad idea to burn or otherwise dispose of your concealed carry license

issued to you by the gang of New Hampshire as I have seen people doing the past few days.

On February 22, 2017 New Hampshire became a constitutional carry state. It also became a Shall Issue state. This means that any person who is not otherwise legally prohibited will not be harassed, kidnapped, or robbed by members of the New Hampshire gang or its subsidiaries for carrying (properly, not brandishing) a firearm concealed or openly, and that no extortion fee will be required- provided the gang follows their own rules. However, concealed licenses will be issued by request to residents for $10 and non-residents for $100, providing they are not otherwise legally prohibited. Subsidiary gangs of New Hampshire will no longer be allowed to deny permits to people based on them not being a “suitable person” for arbitrary or discriminatory reasons.

As unpleasant as it is for an anarchist to advise obtaining government documents, I believe that that is what I have to do here. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to maintain a current concealed carry license.

Reciprocity- To be fair, the gang members did not decide to keep licensing as an option (only)  in an attempt to get $10 out of people every five years. Just because New Hampshire is a constitutional carry state, does not mean that every other gang is as well. If you travel to land occupied by a gang that allows concealed carry (or carry at all) on the condition that you possess a concealed carry license from that state or a state with reciprocity, you will need your license. If you have to travel without notice, you may not have the 14 days to wait for the license.

Harassment- The gang members can not legally harass you for not having one of their permission slips. It might not be likely that you will get illegally harassed and temporally kidnapped for not having a non-required license by New Hampshire gang members, and maybe I’m being paranoid here, but to me, its worth the $10 to be able to pull out a magic piece of paper when being temporally kidnapped by a gang member. I will absolutely admit to being biased here, as I have been asked for non-existent licenses by Louisiana gang members, and asked if my guns were listed in a non-existent registry. And maybe *I* am being paranoid, but your risk here really depends on your demographics.

Repeal Risk– RSA 159:6 did not exactly overthrow the New Hampshire government. It is not even a constitutional amendment; it’s a statute. It can be repealed or amended at any time. The general pattern in New Hampshire is that there is less oppression over time, but there is no guarantee that this law will stay in effect as is. If it was ever amended you would not get a new license immediately, and people have died waiting for gun licenses.

While I advocate being realistic, and sometimes overly cautious, there is still reason to celebrate. People will no longer be prevented from preparing to defend themselves or required to wait two weeks to do so.

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