Why Liberty Lovers Should Move to New Hampshire ASAP – Anarchapulco 2017

I had the pleasure of being invited to the third-annual Anarchapulco! It’s a convention that takes place in Acapulco, Mexico and features hundreds of liberty-loving anarchists, voluntarists, and libertarians gathered at the beautiful Mundo Imperial Resort and Expo to discuss all kinds of interesting subjects.

The event was excellent. Besides broadcasting my talk radio show, Free Talk Live from the event for four nights from 2/25-2/28, they also gave me the chance to speak at the event on whatever topic I wanted.

My speech was called, “Why You Should Move to New Hampshire ASAP” and I went over several major reasons why New Hampshire has more liberty-loving people and activists per capita than any other place on earth. I spoke for about a half hour and then took questions from the audience. Here’s a full video of it, which sadly only has room audio. It’s echoy but you can still make out what’s being said. If you think you can handle it, here it is:

If you liked this speech, be sure to watch the 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire documentary – it also really shows off the amazing factors that make NH the key destination for liberty activists.

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  1. Too bad about the audio. Lapel mic and recorder/phone in your pocket cheaply saves the day. Next time.

  2. It is amusing to watch you try and convince activists to move to NH using you’re propaganda.  Face it Ian, freekeene is slowly dying. Most of the originals have moved on. Didn’t the FBI tell you not to leave the country because of your’e pending child porn investigation?  

    How do you figure NH has the most activists in the world? Where is you’re evidence to back that up?

  3. Jumping Jacks Your final question is a very compelling one, Jacks. Do you think that keyboard activists like yourself should count towards the running total? After all, I’ve noticed that you’ve left quite a wide signature over the years trolling various liberty activists and the like, haven’t you “runningwolfkenpo?” It makes me wonder if there’s a lot fewer of you leftist types out in the world than you’d like to think there are.

  4. Jumping Jacks Free Keene is far from dead. Have you been to any of our meetings lately? Attendance has been in the double digits. True story.

  5. Isn’t that conference run by one of the jokers who billed morons out of millions on that fake landscheme in Chile? LOL.

  6. People should just Google Jeff Berwick scams.

    Here is one.Is Jeff Berwick A Scam Artist Or Businessman? https://medium.com/@stellabelle?source=post_header_lockup

    When asked…
    https://www.facebook.com/ian.freeman?fref=ufi I'm sure there are a few sides to every story. I have heard allegations, but people talk a lot of shit in this movement. I wanted to be sure we were paid in advance due to the allegations, but otherwise, I see no reason to spend time researching everyone that has haters. I am busy enough.

    Every man for himself is Ian’s position. Which is fine, but don’t put any faith in his judgement.

  7. LosersonParade I do agree that some of the people in this movement have some integrity issues. That’s why I tread with extreme caution when dealing with some of them. On the other hand, I would consider Ian to be one of the more principled and trustworthy activists. There are others too.

  8. Superficial charm.

    As to judgement…

    “Chris Cantrell isn’t a monster”, said Ian. You know the guy that advocates throwing people out of helicopters. ‘JP is a super activist.’ You know the pathological liar.

    Find out more from former friends and associates.

  9. LosersonParade There are people or parasites that should be thrown out of helicopters. Many of them work for government.

  10. OK thanks for letting us know your position. You guys can hold vigilante court and serve up your retribution.

    Another person to steer clear of. Even if for purely pragmatic reasons. Violence grows the state, and threats of violence discredit the movement. We must let the opposition be seen as the violent ones.

  11. LosersonParade Who is advocating or threatening violence? Do people not have a right to defend themselves from a criminal and lawless government that uses violence against them? The current tyrannical governments (city, county, state and federal) occupying the United States are the violent ones.

  12. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks No, I don’t believe you. I believe freekeene is slowly disappearing.

  13. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Runningwolfkenpo? What does that mean? It would appear you are yet again not to stay on topic about the article. Oh well, focus appears to be a disability for you.  Maybe you should try an ADHD medication.

  14. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist Well then come out to Social Sunday or one of our other meetings and see for yourself. We would love to meet you. I’ll buy you a beer.

  15. Others can judge if you are a straight talking trustable fellow. I already know how I view you on the matter.

  16. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Now, now, Jacks, do you really think there’s any point in maintaining this lie of yours? It’s not like anyone here believes you any more.
    Oh and my goodness! What on earth is this? A clinical diagnosis of all things? And over the internet? How out of place! I’m sorry dearie, but if you must know I’m not generally in the habit of relying on medical advice from a pilates instructor. But if I ever need help with any new stretching exercises coming out you’ll be the first guy I’ll ask.

  17. You notice that David here doesn’t deny the fact the Chris Cantwell is a violent person with a violent past, and JP is also a violent person towards women and children? That is because David associates with such fellows, and seems as if there is nothing wrong. You see they all have something in common, they have been busted for illegal activity by the men with guns and want to take it upon themselves to try to make themselves out to be the innocent victims, of victimless crimes. These sorts of people have major mental issues which explains the gravitation they have towards each other. It’s a sad, lonely, and pathetic disease that they all share in common.

  18. Jumping Jacks

    My inner grammar Nazi cries just a little when you use you’re instead of your.  Why do you want to be so mean?  Why?

  19. Now now Jacks, grammar Nazi’s and pilates instructors. Free Keene is dwindling into libertarian oblivion. Time to get some popcorn and enjoy the show dearie.

  20. DRACdouble My goodness, DD darling. Most mentally stable individuals usually have little trouble getting over the bitterness of defeat. But not you, right lamb? I hope you don’t intend to carry this grudge of yours all the way to your grave. That would be so tragic.

  21. Koncerned Citizen Do you have any evidence that Chris or JP have violently attacked anyone? Have they ever been convicted of violence in a corrupt court of law?

  22. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks Again, you are notorious for exaggerating the truth. freekeene is fading away into obscurity.

  23. Yes David, as a matter of fact Christopher Cantwell has been abusive to his ex’s as well as JP’s ex’s and their children in the past. Have they been convicted of these crimes? Sadly the answer is no. But you should be so happy that they haven’t been convicted because of your hatred of the court system. Be careful of who you choose as friends, who knows those heathens might one day turn their hatred and violent behaviors on you.

  24. Nope, there isn’t any violent thoughts or actions here. Isn’t the right David?

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