Cop Block Founder Speaks From Jail on National Radio

Ademo Freeman in Warren County Jail

Ademo Freeman in Warren County Jail

After a recent letter from Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman was posted to the Cop Block site, Ademo also called into my nationally syndicated talk show, Free Talk Live in what is likely his first national media appearance since his arrest for possession and distribution of flowers one month ago.

Listen to the live interview here – this link takes you straight to it. Ademo says he’ll do his best to call in at least weekly, so stay tuned to Free Talk Live for the latest.

Ademo would love to hear from you. Here’s the address at which you can send him mail. Sorry, the backwards-ass jail in Warren County won’t let you send him books.

Warren County Jail
C/O Adam Mueller – 61437
P.O. Box 309
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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  1. Ademo chose to put himself at risk to be arrested by transporting marijuana. It wasn’t just a little bit, it was a lot. He rode the edge for a long time with illegal drugs. He was busted and convicted for this type of behavior in Wisconsin. The amount he had would get him arrested in states that have decriminalized marijuana. He has a lot of growing up to do and prison is more than likely the place to do that. HE needs to learn he is accountable for his actions which is something he has never done.

  2. The fact that booze was illegal and now it isn’t and that marijuana is safer than booze or cigarettes means it should be legal. It’s our government that has a lot of growing up to do instead of jailing political prisoners who aren’t hurting anybody. But I don’t expect somebody like you to understand this because you’re a statist and who likely believes everything the government does is just fine and dandy.

  3. No one deserves to be jailed over a plant. POW 420

  4. Now, now, Jacks. All lectures involving your uninteresting brand of consequentialism aside, who in particular was tangibly harmed by Ademo’s actions? I haven’t seen any victims coming forth demanding restitution from Ademo. Not anyone but the State of Ohio – or you – anyway.

  5. Why doesn’t he call his former employee the Koch bro’s to bail him out. LOL. The ancap sads.

  6. they wanted him for along time .therefore he new better.

  7. You Jumping Jacks are the one who has some growing up to do. You don’t know how to leave people alone and support the use of violence against peaceful people

  8. Hilarious, I love the picture of him on the jail phone, behind glass, just like on the show Lockup. Maybe he’ll be on their next show, spewing his anti-government, anti-police b.s.

  9. Personally I wouldn’t be doing drugs while running a police accountability movement, but I can support to the cause of freedom and am glad to have more publicity shed on this movement and freedom. So I say thank you Ademo Freeman for having the galls to risk arrest and stand up for our right to travel unmolested and unhindered by brutal government hired thugs.

  10. Let’s see I have all of this weed to give out to my friends in need. So I am going to drive around with it, while smoking it. Oh and no need to check my vehicle for anything that might give a reason for the law to pull me over. There is a reason why he is locked up behind bars, you can’t fix stupid!

  11. You support Ademo by thanking him for being a drug dealer. He seemed to know the what the consequences of his behaviors are. Also, it would appear freekeeners enable his behaviors. Now he has to answer for his crimes. It doesn’t mater how much you support him, reality is he did this to himself.

  12. Now don’t be so pessimistic here, KC darling. I’m sure that as long you as you have that trusty socket wrench of yours at your side, you’ll be able to fix almost any problem that comes your way. Isn’t that right dear?

  13. For the sake of transparency, Jacks, could you be forthright just this once and tell us who’s been enabling your behaviors? And be honest dearie. If you try to lie I’ll know.

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