Patriotism Displayed At Somaliafest

Shire Dude wishes you a happy Secession Day!

To celebrate, please watch this beautiful display of nation-love.  It’s episode 2 of Shire Dude’s new season!

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  1. You fashy’s shur no howda partay

  2. DD dear, I know you have complete faith in your leaders and their opinions concerning many important matters, but you really should consider the possibility that they’re lying to you.

  3. i dont know …..was there a idea being conveyed with the fsp president…. like “hes bad” or anything …he there i just dk if there was a message i missed of him bein there

  4. Wow, what a turn out. All eight of you must have broke records. I liked the fact you people decided to be hypocrites and wear t–shirts with the American flag on it and it was right side up. I’m sure it was a BF weekend.

  5. Well of course there was a display of Patriotism at this venue, you guys are heavily steeped in the Free Masonry tradition, aren’t you?

  6. KC, you want answers? Meet me behind the Concord Walmart next Tuesday at midnight. Make sure you wear this, so I can recognize you:

  7. So Shire Dude, you want me to show up at a Walmart parking lot at midnight dressed up like Rich Paul? I’m all set thanks, I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a smelly, numb skulled ape.

  8. The fierce intellects on display here are impressive.

  9. obvio lewrand has to be lewrand bc whoever he is isnt good enough to be a fierce intelect … the level of which he has the high standards of lmao lol

  10. As much as I like all of the people involved, I do not understand the reasoning behind this sort of behavior, let alone why it would be publicized. Sacred cows must be bled dry with the blade of reason, not set alight and humped as the run hither and nigh.

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