The Jail Paper Keene’s Video Interview of Free Keene Founder

Free Keene Founder Ian Freeman Interviewed by The Jail Paper Keene

Free Keene Founder Ian Freeman Interviewed by The Jail Paper Keene

New courtroom video/photo blog The Jail Paper Keene has been reporting from Keene’s district and superior courts recently, covering various criminal cases. This week, The Jail Paper Keene posted some of my mugshots and asked for comments on whether I am a hero or villain. Since I’ve been a longtime, publicly visible activist who has done a bunch over the decade plus I’ve been here in Keene, naturally some of the haters came around to post their uninformed vitriol.

I did my best to correct their misinformation and was amazed as some haters also attacked the Jail Paper Keene for even posting my photo to their page, accusing the page of being run by me or one of my supposed “puppets”. Their paranoia knows no bounds.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting The Jail Paper Keene’s Thomas Parisi and he conducted an interview on my front porch. You can watch it here on The Jail Paper Keene’s facebook page.

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  1. when i see interviews like this i see a charlatan….

  2. wat is the gosl of the jail paper….i found one near the post office…the paper let me know that a neighbor got in trouble….i dont know what the papers objective is

  3. “Correct their information”? The story was stupid at best.

  4. Now don’t be resentful of Ian’s success here, Jacks. That’s unbecoming of a gentleman. Besides, I’m sure if you can keep up with this keyboard activism of yours for just a bit longer, you’ll be just as famous as he is. I believe in you, you know.

  5. i guess i got blocked by the jail paper …lol… fucking scumbag Ian lied and got the last word aka last lie…i think i know why i call ian a scumbag better than he does…and i have said it a zillion times…,charlatan, liar hypocrite..phony…etc.. but he likes his crap narative better …because he doesnt have to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.. douchbag

  6. Here’s Ian again trying to seem relevant.

  7. Why do you guys constantly allow for disruption in the comment section? It’s one thing to allow for a real freedom of expression and ideas, and quite another to allow for the hate of hecklers to ruin any chance of a conversation on your blog.

    By allowing people who are here simply to disrupt you make this an extremely unattractive place for real people to talk about things they are actually concerned with.

    It’s a lot like holding a NAACP meeting and allowing the Klan to run up onstage and interrupt whenever they feel like it. No one wants to stick around for that and I think you’ve allowed trolls and hate to overtake your blog and in doing so shot yourselves in the foot.

    If you don’t believe me, why is every single comment here from a hateful troll? No one who would otherwise care is actually commenting or being part of the conversation here because you’ve allowed the environment to become completely toxic.

  8. It’s because Free Keene and it’s band of libertarian misfits are toxic, real liberty person. They are toxic to the community, and toxic to the libertarian movement. Quite sad wouldn’t you say?

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