Join LPNH & Free Talk Live at this Weekend’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival 2017!

You’re invited to join the Libertarian Party of NH and Free Talk Live from this year’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival at Rogers Campground. Last year Darryl and I conducted a bitcoin outreach booth at then-named Hempfest. This time, we’re focusing on the LPNH, which recently achieved ballot status in NH equal to the republicans and democrats. With the next state elections just one year away, now’s the time to make people aware of the LPNH.

LPNH chairman Darryl W Perry and I will be offering people the World's Smallest Political Quiz.

LPNH chairman Darryl W Perry and I will be offering people the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

We’ll be conducting an “Operation Politically Homeless” outreach booth, where passersby will be offered a 10-question quiz and once it’s scored, they can put a sticker up on the big poster of a chart representing a wider political spectrum than what the quiz-taker may have envisioned. The “Nolan Chart”, named after the founder of the national libertarian party, exposes the viewer to the idea that political beliefs are more diverse than just left-middle-right. The chart adds a Y (up-down) axis based on the spectrum of libertarian-centrist-authoritarian. This can be an eye-opener for many who take the quiz, thinking they are one thing, but finding out they are something else entirely.

I”m a longtime advocate of the OPH booth form of outreach. As someone who has performed countless hours of this outreach, I can heartily endorse it. I’m looking forward to connecting NH Cannabis Freedom Festival attendees this weekend with the ideas of liberty, peace, and cryptocurrency. Darryl and I will be in the vendor area doing outreach and recording episodes of Free Talk Live all weekend.

If you love live music and cannabis, the New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival is the place to be. Bands will be playing here at Rogers Campground every day-to-night all the way through the end of Sunday. Last year it was awesome! In fact, check out the feature-length documentary about it here. Tickets including day passes are available at entry to the park. See you there!

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  1. I thought you would have a Muslim booth or something like that. Are the questions on this “quiz” made up by you? Do you decide what is right or wrong?

  2. Interesting. I would have thought you would have a booth for your so called muslim church.

  3. So Jacks, did you know that our dear friend Cenk here once dabbled in the arena of historical revisionism? You should read his column on the Armenian genocide. He wrote it while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. You can read it here:

    Cenk later disavowed this (under pressure from his rivals of course) and eventually admitted that he didn’t know enough about the Armenian genocide to have an opinion about it. Knowing this, Jacks, do you think it’s wise to be putting much stock in what this rascal says when the cameras are rolling?

  4. What’s Jumping Jacks problem with Muslims?

  5. m sure its good and everything but,and i hope its legalized fast……i think its a small percentage that actually smoke pot

  6. @Bothica

    Jacks doesn’t really care about Muslim issues, Bothica. You see, Jacks here is a member of Stop Free Keene, a steely group of pro-government busybodies intent on putting an end to Elm Street extremism – mostly by trolling blogs like these and gossiping about JP Freeman on their Facebook page.

  7. Bothica – Interesting. I have never said I have a problem with Muslims. Those are your words. What I do have a problem with is Ian Bernard has gone off half-cocked about thinking he is going to exploit a religion s he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He believes his house is a commercially zoned structure which it isn’t. He will get as much as he thinks he can out of this. Remember, he has never done anything without getting something back.

  8. You know Jacks. quite a few of us are curious about this bad habit of yours in attributing motives Ian’s actions. Do you think you possess the power to see into Ian’s heart?

  9. Poor Jacks – reading comprehension isn’t his strong suit. Anyone who knows anything about the Route 101 property in question knows that it’s not my home and it’s zoned commercial. Duh.

  10. Poor Ian, your past behaviors have proven your wild ideas never seem to work out. You will offend muslims you are good at doing that. You kicked out a young mother and her child for this fiasco. Very sad on your part. You don’t give anything away without expecting something in return.

  11. Attributing motives again, Jacks? A gentleman would have admitted he was wrong here, apologized, and moved on. But that’s just not in your nature, now is it Jacks?

  12. If Muslims want to rent a building Ian owns ere where’s the problem?

  13. idk…you say ,bothica (not your name)

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