State Rep from Keene, NH Promises Full Body Wax if $50,000 Raised for Hurricane Victims

State Representative Joseph Stallcop, for Keene's Ward One

State Rep Joseph Stallcop will wax all body hair if his fundraiser reaches its goal.

Earlier this year, New Hampshire state representative Joseph Stallcop of Keene became the second sitting state rep to flip to the Libertarian party, and the first democrat to do so nationwide in two decades. Now, representative Stallcop has announced a fundraiser for the victims of the hurricane in Texas:

Obviously anyone can donate to the Red Cross anytime, but Stallcop’s fundraiser will be benefiting the Red Cross with a twist. If his fundraiser reaches its goal, he’ll be stripping down for a full body waxing – ouch! Plus, he’ll receive the waxing on video to prove it. He explains in his fundraiser that he’s a huge Rocky Horror Picture Show fan and generally dresses up each October, but this year he’ll go all the way and add a full body waxing (except his head & eyebrows) to his Rocky costume if the fundraiser makes it before Halloween.

Also, in case you were concerned, your donation goes straight to the Red Cross via fundraising site Crowdrise, not to Stallcop. He’s just putting his own body hair on the line to encourage you to contribute. I just threw in $25 on behalf of the Shire Free Church. Please contribute here.

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  1. i guess hes meeting market demands?

  2. but what if he is a twink and has no body hair!? lol

  3. Are you serious? A full body wax and a video? Why not do a regular fund raiser because what has happened in Texas is life and death. Why does he have to grab at some minimal limelight that will make him look more stupid then he already is.

  4. My goodness Jacks! Are you aware that this is the first time you’ve actually managed to raise a valid point? It’s too bad the only reason you hit this one out of the park was because Ian finally threw you a slow pitch.

  5. yea… you guys hit on something imho.. if one were only to look at fk for their articles they may conclude that libertarians are immature …

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