Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell: Exclusive Interview From Jail Cell

Pre-Racism Chris Cantwell talks about Bitcoin to attendees at the 2014 Cheshire Fair

For background on who Keene resident and white nationalist Christopher Cantwell was before his turn toward racism, please see my previous article, “The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell” here. You may have heard that he was recently denied bail after being initially granted it by a different Albemarle county Virginia judge, regarding alleged pepper spraying of people at a violent protest involving despicable white nationalists and also-despicable “anti-fascists” aka “antifa”.

Chris recently received more than fifteen minutes of infamy when VICE news did a documentary about the hate-fueled protests a few weeks ago in Charlottesville, VA. Video of him spraying pepper spray in the middle of a fight between the protestors quickly surfaced and VA police issued multiple felony warrants for his arrest and he ultimately turned himself in. Despite having a history of attending court and no criminal history of violence on his record, Chris was denied bail, with the judge in the appeal actually citing his free speech, offensive as it is, as a reason for the denial! Judge Cheryl Higgins said, according to a paraphrase by Daily Progress:

while he may be a “shock jock,” his comments following the rally should not be ignored and “tend to show a certain level of approval of the violence that was used.

Chris Cantwell's Fourth Try at An Attorney, Elmer Woodard

Chris Cantwell’s Fourth Try at An Attorney, Elmer Woodard

She then stripped him of the $25,000 bond option that another judge earlier in the same day had granted. This after an hours-long bail appeal hearing where Cantwell’s bizarre attorney actually had him take the stand to testify – generally considered to be a terrible legal strategy this early in a case. According to the Daily Beast, Cantwell’s attorney is Elmer Woodard:

who appeared in court wearing an early-1800s-style red waistcoat with gold buttons, bowtie, white muttonchop whiskers, black velcro shoes, and a a 1910s-style straw boater hat. Cantwell said Woodard was his fourth choice for legal counsel after three other lawyers declined to take his case.

Inept attorney aside, Cantwell’s racism and his violent rhetoric, while despicable and deplorable, is not reason to deny bail. Unfortunately, far too many people, even supposed libertarians who should know better, are applauding his political imprisonment. I caution you to remember the famous poem from the World War II era’s German pastor Martin Niemoller:

Chris in Simpler Times, Acting as Security for the Hallowkeene Dance Party in 2014.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.


Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Trade Unionist.


Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.


Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Whether Chris shot pepper spray aggressively or in self-defense remains to be seen. He’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. To keep him in pre-trial detention harms his ability to prepare his defense and anyone who cares about a fair justice system should be outraged.

You can hear him tell his side of the story in this recent episode of Free Talk Live from this Saturday where we had him on live from his jail cell in Albemarle County, VA. It starts at about 44:29 in to the show:

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  1. Cantwell would have been on the side that came for the Jews, so I’m not sure Niemoller’s words are an appropriate choice here.

  2. Alternate title :”Ian fellatio’s Cantwell,while saying ‘you’re sooo bad’ “

  3. The holocaust is a lie, international jews declared war on Germany well before wwII

  4. aka fellatio’s racism

  5. freekeene used to support that asshole. Ian practically worshiped Cantwell in the past. Cantwell is where he needs to be. He was bragging how he and his group of idiot nazis will kill Jews, and anyone who gets in their way, and he was happy that young lady was killed. The list goes on. He then cries after he finds out there is a warrant for his arrest. He is pathetic. No law says he has to have bail. The judge determined he is not to have bail and that is that. He put himself in jail. Jail is where he will stay.

  6. Never go full race-tard!

  7. I do not condone or share Mr. Cantwell’s point of view. I think he’s wrong. Yet his no bail situation is clearly politically motivated and is hard to defend from a logical stand point. If bail is to reduce flight risk, Cantwell’s turning himself in seems to provide evidence he ISN’T a flight risk.

    Judges as political activists will always be the case until a free market can establish a more just arbitration alternative. The judge is not being impartial and has an agenda, imho. That does not surprise me.

    Even if he IS guilty of something, his “crime” amounts to an assault. Turning his crime into more than that becomes removal of his right to free speech. That happening does not surprise me either.

  8. Michael Elliot are you kidding me? The Jews boycotted trade because they were experiencing prejudice in Germany. They did not create a physical war, they held peaceful demonstrations. You think this somehow vindicates the brutal extermination of tens of millions of innocent people? How dare you say ” The Holocaust was a lie”. Obviously, none of your relatives were tortured and killed. You think your idiotic opinion negates these horrors? The only motivations you could have for this comment are ignorance and your own agenda of hate.

  9. cantwells case …is a freespeach case…so far free speach is losing…cantwell/freespeach will win… but political correctness is winning in the short term so he gets to sit in jail

  10. Bob Constantine’s assessment is right on the money.

  11. @JumpingJacks

    My goodness Jacks, that self-important little tirade of yours was really quite rich in Jacksisms, now wasn’t it? And so empty of factual information as well! Why it’s almost as if you know absolutely nothing at all about Mr. Cantwell, or his ideas, save what you’ve heard from other sources! Well Jacks, at least you’ve entertained me once again by showing how these consequentialist convictions of yours help form your opinions. Gracious me, they really have perverted your sense of justice, now haven’t they?

  12. The way you all are talking it seems to me that you might even have condemned the partisans who fought against the nazis in the Warsaw Uprising for violence.

    Prove me wrong. Fully suppoort the right of self defense and community self defense.

  13. I feel for Chris I really do… Imagine growing up in a culture where you were raised to believe your race was superior but your country has to “tolerate” other races.. This guy was brainwashed to hate other people he knew nothing about, he was pushed towards bigotry and hatred over time through the network of other unfortunately like minded cowards unable to do the right thing because as an individual he feels powerless, as if alone he would succumb to the depression of knowing your forefathers slaughtered and raped and murdered without provocation and more than likely, for fun.

    Other nations big or small have some sort of national pride and their culture is ripe with unification. We of the United States can only truly exist in unity if we give up the prejudices of our forefathers and find peace in educating ourselves and each other on how to live well and leave the not so well alone.

    My name is Joel. I am of German and Scottish genetic background, I am descended from a largely White family that migrated here at different times from Ireland, Europe, England, Germany, and Scottland. I have red hair, I am in my early 30’s, I was also raised in a home full of WW2 memorabilia, conservative Catholics and other dull religions, as well as not so fun nazi helmets and what have you because “trophy” I think was my grandfathers coined term he used when I pondered about the differences between the shape of a German helmet and his old WW2 US helmet.

    I am an individualist at heart but I socially do my best to educate and give advice and guidance to those less fortunate and were raised to believe that being white means joining the White Right Republican side of things. I am not breaking an Oath by being true to my heart and being a fair judge of character, I will fight when or if necessary to protect my neighbor and their freedoms, as long as my neighbor isn’t a nazi that my grandfather did his best to protect our country from before my parents were even born.

    Antifa/Alt Right. It’s all the same if there’s violence involved.

    Read more than one book.

  14. Joel you’re a degenerate fool and a disgrace to caucasians everywhere. Kill yourself.
    P.S. I doubt your claim of scottish ancestry is true, probably english though, because no one of scottish descent can act as big of a faggot as you.

  15. This half-a-report does not state WHY he was denied bail, it simple cherry picks a sensationalist detail ie that the judge watched him on the Vice vid.

    In fact judges always have more complete reasons to deny bail, such as propensity to violence, source of the bail money etc. And, if they don’t you just get another bail hearing in front of a different judge. More than likely he’s seen as a flight risk, with no stable address in Virginia. He’s certainly close to being easily interpreted as a danger to any community, by virtue of his own words. You don’t talk smack in front of a judge either, which he may have done, as reserve is not his forte’.

    If you watch the Vice vid and listen to his view on the Heather Heyer murder as “justified,” you can only shake your head. Judges don’t just shake their heads, they act on the impressions given to them by the defendants in their courts. That’s why they are called judges.

    To call this joker a “political prisoner” marks this website as an unserious crank site.

  16. That cow’s death (hasn’t been ruled a murder in court yet, dumbass) was justified, she was blocking the road when the driver was being attacked by her cohorts.

  17. John, the report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch verifies exactly what was said in both the Daily Beast and the Daily Progress, so I think your objections towards Ian’s blog as a “crank site” is unfounded.

    It’s also pretty obvious that labeling a defendant as a flight risk after he voluntarily turns himself in to the authorities is simply not a credible argument. Especially considering that Mr. Cantwell was on record several days before his arrest voicing fears that, amongst other things, denial of bail was a likely possibility. Despite this, he turned himself in anyway.

    Finally, considering the death of Heather Heyer is completely unrelated to Mr. Cantwell’s charges, I fail to see how his lack of sympathy towards that case has any relevance towards his bond eligibility. It’s almost like saying its OK for a judge to deny a defendant’s bond because he’s a Ravens fan and the judge prefers the Panthers.

  18. You do the work of these marxist judges or politicians when you label people who hold views that would be normal 60 years ago as “despicable”

    These judges don’t bat an eye at releasing illegals or criminal gang members, but being a “racist” aka a white who isn’t ashamed of their own existance, means you have no rights.

    Yet another example of why Women should never be allowed in places of authority, they have no respect for rules or rights, only their “feelings”/social approval.

  19. John ,he did say,in the audio, that he can get another hearing but it would be months away which would delete the purpose

  20. lol”delete” :DEFEAT … THANKS FOR NOT HAVING revise option ian! i guess it wasnt broke so you hada FIX it

  21. you douche

  22. American Patriot: I looked up patriot and american and 1: american isnt spelled with a K(maybe in your world of Trump/Russians alliance it is, but then,how would that be patriotical , but of course you are just a internet wackadoodle that i shouldnt even be giving the time of day to) .And 2: Patriot isnt spelled with a E at the end , nor does the word “patriot” (correct spelling) nor does it say anywhere in that definition anything about cockasians…so go fly a kite you ,i think your word “degenerate” fits you…happy trails in your patriotic fantasy internet goofy world

  23. heres Ians pickle: where does denouncing mister cantwells deplorable views become, exploiting them and perpetuating them? Thus furthering canwells racist goals.. My submission is that , Ian is putting clicks before principles,aka,in this instance, clicks before people lives…Hes doing that WHILE AT THE SAME TIME , DENOUNCING RACIST VIEWS. …i think he knows that exactly… which imho makes him a deplorable

  24. Ian isnt stupid in ^this regard; in other regards YES ,ABSOLUTLY,WITHOUT QUESTION!, but in the media regard he generally knows things..imo… to him subjects are commodities;content,MONEY,success, BUT he is furthering Cantwells racist views… When does denouncing views take a back seat to CLICKS

  25. I will submit ians posts are more shining of cantwell and admiring of cantwell than they are a denouncing of racism.. hes throwing blacks and jews under the bus of cantwell asskissing…..if he were a Black or a Jew ,i will go out on a limb to say,he would not put the shiny spin on cantwell that he does.. it is nauseating..

  26. And then they came for the people who made credible threats of aggression against whole classes of people, and I was kind of like, ok, that I can understand, since credible threats of aggression are a violation of the NAP, and the same thing as aggression.

  27. anyone know what george is trying to say?

  28. Although I agree that this is probably just misdemeanor assault, and doesn’t seem to justify denial of bail and months-long imprisonment, I want to draw your attention to the number of semiliterate alt-right people this article seems to be attracting. See, even though free speech is fine and dandy, you have every right to say what you said, and I agree with about 90% of it, our words have consequences. When you spout bullshit about Cantwell being a “political prisoner,” you feed the alt-right trolls. The next time they have a little parade, their weapons won’t be limited to pepper spray. I bet you pronounce your name “Een.”

  29. I used to be alt-right but I switched to libertarian because the alt-right is blind to the problem of the abuse of power by the police. I also eventually stopped believing that racial purity was necessary to preserve the white race because I noticed that a “racially mixed” hispanic couple cam give birth to children of multiple races with some looking white/castizo, some looking mestizo, and some looking indio… all from the same couple. So I don’t think that inter-racial marriage is a threat the white survival. White genes are already on this land and when people are born they tend to express the genetics of certain ancestors to the exclusion of others making it so a person of mixed racial background can be white racially due to selective genetic expression.

    While I agree with the alr right that disproportionate jewish influence is an ongoing issue in the USA I have come around to accepting that the freedom of religion outlined in the constitution allows for this situation and that groups can actually learn from the example set by jews on how to effectively lobby for their own interests and groups can learn the importance of promoting their on people in organizations and hiring and supporting their own people. In a situation of increasing political tribalism libertarians have to become tribal as well. Being a goy(goyish race) I wouldnt necessarily want to accept a jew into my inner circle of trust or trust one in an organization I am in however I have come to accept that jews do indeed have a place in the usa and I respect their right to freedom of religion.

    At this point I am against racial and religious considerations playing a role in the way the state conducts its affairs. In terms of private individual associations I reserve the right to allow race and religion to play a role in who I associate with and what level of trust I afford them and whether or not I admit them into a private organization or a particular role within an organization. However I believe the government should be colorblind and I believe the government should be neutral on the matter of religion.

  30. David either your reading comprehension proves you’re autistic or my post hit you so hard where it hurts that you realized how pathetic you are and that translated through your idiotic response.

  31. Yea, no. Here’s why I won’t list a finger to help Cantwell:

    1. Cantwell repeatedly calls for state terror and private violence against people he deems evil. The left, ethnic groups, religious groups…etc. He says he does this under the guise of “jokes, satire…etc.” It’s hard to believe him because he has called for violence against police officers and mail men using the same reasoning seriously.

    2. Cantwell would never stand up for you if you fall under his groups of “non-humans.” If you’re not white, not right, not anti-feminist,…etc. and you get arrested for some bullshit Cantwell will just laugh at you. He’s done it before. Even if you just dislike him while possibly on your deathbed he will ask you to hurry up and die.

    3. Cantwell went there looking for a fight. He’s lying. Cantwell always talks about wanting to go and knock some leftie skulls. Talks about how he enjoys watching cars run over protesters. This was his chance to try some political LARPing and he get what he wanted. When a car did plow over them he praised it before he because open to the idea it might not have been deliberate or premeditated. If there was a muslim who offered even the slightest bit of sympathy for a similar car attack, he would have called for violence against them.

    I think a better quote would be
    “First they came for the left, and Cantwell laughed. Then they came for the jews cand Cantwell demanded the blacks next.”

    If it was any other person, I’d help.

  32. Ian should stop perpetuating racism and pretending he isnt..

  33. does his lawyer suck?

  34. just because he wears funny hats and his name is elmer… and hes doofy…… that could still be good

  35. quirky people can be good lawyers…

  36. Cantwell was innocent, there’s video of the innocent, and an earlier commenter said “tens of millions died in the Holocaust” which is an objective falsehood. Tens of millions of Jews didn’t exist in German occupied areas, and before you say “THERE WERE OTHERS BESIDES JEWS” the historical consensus by the folks who author the basis for your lie state only 5 – 15% were non Jews which doesn’t equal tens of millions in addition to the 6 or even 12 million number. That said, the Holocaust obviously didn’t happen. The conditions were not suitable for mass executions, we only found a couple hundred bodies, and never tested them to ascertain cause of death.

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