Keene Mayoral Debate set for Sept 27

Mayor Kendall Lane and candidate Robert Call have been invited to participate in a Mayoral debate on September 27 hosted by the Keene Liberty Alliance.
The debate hosted by the Keene Liberty Alliance will be broadcast on Cheshire TV, and will include questions from the moderator as well as questions submitted via Twitter using #KLADebate.
Due to the recent move of the CTV studios into the Kay Fox Room of the Keene Public Library, the debate will not be able to be broadcast live, however it will air shortly after being recorded.
Robert Call has accepted the invitation, we are currently awaiting a response from Mayor Lane.
The Keene Liberty Alliance hosted a Mayoral debate in 2015 involving Mayor Lane, Rick Blood & Kris Roberts.

note: On Sept 16 the Keene Sentinel reported that Randy Filiault had launched a write-in campaign for Mayor, and was then invited to the debate. He later suspended his write-in campaign for Mayor.

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  1. Your going to kick ass bob!

  2. You set this ridiculous thing up and you don’t even know if the mayor is going to show? Too funny. Call is an idiot freekeener. anything set up like this only a farce by freekeene.

  3. well the incumbent.. has a free walk into the win so… so…him not going to this wouldnt be a problem for him …so why would he do it? .. Im just askin that to the … or whatever..he could just do it for be a good sport.. but …

  4. nothing against bob.. maybe the Mayor will do it…i hope he does…it would be interesting….i guess..the thing is is:does bob have any clues about Keene? lol

  5. You know Jacks, Stop Free Keene’s mission statement seems a little bit like a joke as well, don’t you think? I mean really, have you noticed how our dear friends there seem to bring up J.P. Freeman’s name far more than they do anyone else? And he’s not even a member of Free Keene! I think you guys should consider a name change, sweetums – you know, to reflect your organization’s change in objectives? You should bring this up with Mark Wolf first, Jacks. I’ll bet he’d be willing to lend you a sympathetic ear.

  6. has bob put himself out there at all…at ALL.. or is this “debate” going to be it..

  7. I hope there will be an archive on YouTube or something.
    I’d love to watch this. ??

  8. Perhaps a little more on his website might help – right now it is quite lacking in content and details-

  9. i called talk back today and mentioned the debate..chris coats didnt seem to be aware of it;i asked if anyone knew whether the mayor was going to be there…i wasnt listening too long to hear if there was any response; i also called the mayors office to see what he was going to be there or what and was told id get a call back after the person who answered asked him but never got a call back…so thats just a fyi for anyone

  10. if the mayor comes on kbk im gonna ask him if he’s goin; he’ll have to answer then

  11. It looks like David in Keene is also David Crawford. Creepy huh?!?

  12. ya really “creepy”… dumb ass…

  13. grow up earnest

  14. i just heard randy filliault is a write in candidate.. theres going to be a primary

  15. ok …i just learned about the politics..there was going to be a mayoral primary even if mr Call had not filed filed….

  16. randy may have filed just to try to eliminate Mr. Call from the general

  17. not that this reaches very many keene peopel or , at all but…now i guess randt filliault backed out again and is NOT running

  18. filiaults write in candidacy was put on the FRONT PAGE of the sentinel …boy… what a win for a write in candidate to get a front page write up…gosh it would make you think the sentinel has a candidate they like….then 2 days later “oops sorry thanks for that nice prop that no one else will get but ; nevermind”

  19. the sentinel is a shit paper.. fucking lame

  20. Wow you’re writing styles and behavior are of something typed by someone from the looney bin Mr. Crawford. But please don’t stop, it’s very informative and humorous for us.

  21. ernest…your writing is sophomoric …and boring.please stop

  22. at lleast his signs are staying up

  23. I hear our future mayor Call just did the spotlight today. Can’t wait to see it. I’m putting my money on Call winning. Everybody hates Kendall Lane.

  24. his signs are really good..

  25. Does Mr. Call have property in Keene? While not a requisite (obviously) it does add seriousness and gravitas to his proposal, Particularly since hes a fairly new comer to the town Like i said obviosly its not is a investment…at least most might see it that way. And if someone is pretty new, it might show they had serious intentions

  26. he did really good on the radio

  27. he does own property

  28. this is spose2b tomorrow

  29. the mayors office said the mayor will be there

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