Full Video of First-Ever Free State Blockchain Conference

Darryl W Perry addresses the crowd during the conference.

Darryl W Perry addresses the crowd during the conference.

This year’s first-ever Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference in Portsmouth, NH was a smashing success. If you missed it, check out Derrick J’s recap of the event here.

Video of the conference has now been posted, and while the quality could be better, it’s better to have it than not. Of special note is the presentation from Keene-area cryptocurrency business-owner Chris Rietmann (2:02:50) and Free Keene‘s Darryl W Perry on a panel discussion about the future of blockchain (4:47:00).

Looking forward to next year’s conference!

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  1. What does Darryl Perry have to do with any of this? It looks like most of the audience are activists otherwise Darryl wouldn’t be there.

  2. Aw Jacks, you aren’t peeved because you didn’t get asked to head a panel, now are you?

  3. The conference might not have been newsworthy if not for a handful of activists. Most of the attendees were not activists as this was crypto event. There are people from all walks involved in crypto. The vast vast vast majority have never heard of the Free State Project and don’t subscribe to principled libertarian ideals. There are socialists and other sorts. I have numerous friends who are definitely out socialists who have crypto. Its more surprising that that libertarins alone supporting something is enough to piss you off jacks when its mostly apolitical. There are supporters of Bitcoin who WANT regulation. Which is very anti-libertarian.

  4. Next year you should have your social afterwards at a restaurant that accepts crypto :)?

  5. I like reading posts from this site because I always find them informative.

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