Democrat-turned-Libertarian State Rep Speaks at Keene State College

State Representative Joseph Stallcop made headlines and history earlier this year when he became the second state rep this year to flip parties to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. He was elected to the Keene seat as a Democrat in 2016.

Earlier this fall, Stallcop was invited to give a presentation at Keene State College during a larger event where multiple speakers were on campus. I was able to attend and record video, which includes his presentation and the questions afterward:

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  1. Wow, a captivated audience of 7 people. When did you record this one Ian? It looks like several months ago considering the small audience was wearing shorts. Joseph Stallcop hasn’t done anything in office except take up space. He won his election because no one else was running for that same position.

  2. Say Jacks, did you know that a lot of us prefer a politician willing to behave himself and stay out of everyone’s business? If only busybodying voters like yourself could learn to do the same. Now that would be progress.

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  9. Used to be a Democrat?

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