Liberty Lobby 2018 – Week 3 Videos

The actual Liberty Lobbyist, Darryl W Perry appears in some of last week’s videos as I was finally able to get into the election committee, where he spends the bulk of his time in Concord’s Legislative Office Building. Here are the hearings I recorded from last week:

HB 1431 would prevent police from acquiring any equipment not available on the open market. I spoke in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1815 would partially undo cannabis decrim including increasing fines. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1540 would change NH’s voting system to Ranked Choice. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry had mixed feelings. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1240 would implement Approval Voting statewide. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video.

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  1. Of course Ian would support HB1431. He has no idea what the police are up against with today’s criminals. All Ian has seen is his minions as well as him get busted for breaking the law and ending up in a squad car and then jail. What is Darryl Perry doing there? HE has no clue about anything. His so called “liberty” status is a joke. I’m sure the small group of people who thinks they actually have anything to say are like the little rascals with Perry being Spanky and a big sing on their clubhouse saying “No girls allowed”

  2. seems like its the same bills every year..

  3. Say Jacks, I see you’ve lowered your standards for heroism to include those whose only job is to hand out petty citations to peaceful people all day long. You do realize that those sorts of duties are almost entirely free of the sorts of hazards found in legitimate police services, now don’t you angel pie?

  4. You know Jacks, maybe you should consider expanding your informational resources outside that of Yahoo. It would certainly help you to put things into perspective, now wouldn’t it? We all know you won’t, though. You’re funny that way aren’t you Jacks?

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