Ginger Rogers Speaks About Peace at Concord 4/20 Rally

Fire and Ice’s Ginger Rogers speaks about peace to the Concord 4/20 Rally at the state house steps in New Hampshire, 2018:

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  1. It’s so sad what happened to this young lady. I remember reading when she graduated from high school at the top of her class. She could have done anything but she was dating Ademo who really destroyed her life and she was a minor at the time. She says she is engaged to a Ginger Rogers, I don’t even want to know how that works. Everything she said is a fantasy.

  2. There isn’t anything that’s off limits to your busybodying, now is their Jacks?

  3. The monkey in the drug rug should not open his mouth. At all, like never never again.

  4. Pouting behind the safety of your electronic devices won’t silence Rich, Ernesto my love. That’s why your side is losing, by the way..

  5. Then why has he been silent for so long? It’s been great by the way.

  6. Because Rich was out of town, Ernesto my love. Weren’t you paying attention?

    You know dear, the neighborly thing to do would be to put down your device and go welcome Rich back. You’re not a good neighbor though, now are you Ernesto?

  7. I quess I’ll pass on welcoming back this guy, I mean I just don’t think I could welcome him with open arms because of his stench. But do tell about Mr. Paul, I mean it looks like you know so much about this individual. Did his parents kick him out, or perhaps did Ian kick him out? Is this the person that is a fine and acceptable spokesman for the liberty party? I mean he is on a head full of acid, hasn’t bathed in months, slurs his speech at his speeches. Is that you’re go to guy? Because of it is, you’ve got a long road ahead of you.

  8. An absolutely inspired rejoinder my dear Ernesto! What do you think we should call it? Argumentum odorem, perhaps?

    Speaking of foul odors, I heard that the Schmidts left their house in similar sorts when they were forced to move out due to foreclosure. Messy and irresponsible people those Schmidts – or so I hear anyway. You know how the rumor mill works. Scandalmongers will say all sorts of bad things about the people they dislike, true or not. It’s absolutely awful, isn’t it Ernesto my love?

  9. I quess I can be considered to be inspirationally witty at times. But about Mr. Rich Paul. That’s all you’ve got? He’s not helping liberals, he’s hurting liberals. Isn’t that just fantastic?

  10. I think you mean “libertarians,” Ernesto my love. Anyway, Rich isn’t hurting anyone at all, my dear. He’s merely taking part in a peaceful assemblage – one meant to persuade NH’s more unaccommodating politicians to stop caging people who like to use cannabis. What on earth could possibly be more harmless than that, puddin’?

    You know, Ernesto, this Joie de vivre you’re exhibiting today is a little out of the ordinary – even for you. This isn’t the delightful result of a three-martini lunch, now is it my dear?

  11. Mr. Paul will not be able to persuade anyone nevermind NH politicians with his sloppy speech and unkempt manner.

  12. Now Ernesto dear I realize that your rigid nature makes it unthinkable to try and stop yourself from wasting calories caviling about other people’s peaceful pursuits, but the fact remains that Rich Paul has already influenced NH’s politicians. Misdemeanor amounts of cannabis have been decriminalized in NH for months already. I surmise it’ll be decriminalized for any amount not too far in NH’s future. I doubt that there’s much you can do to stop this – not from behind your keyboard anyway. Would you consider talking to Rich directly on this matter? He really is a swell guy, you know.

  13. Show us the facts that Mr. Paul has truly influenced NH’S politicians? Perhaps actual written testimony from said politicians, or anyone who would vouch for him? We’ll be waiting here for real true verifications of your claims, not just smoke and mirrors. No pun intended.

  14. I’ll tell you what, puddin’. Why don’t we make a deal? If you set up a polite little talk with Rich, I’ll do what you ask. Do we have an agreement, Ernesto darling?

  15. Ok so I have to setup a little get together with Mr. Paul? Really? I would think since you are so fond of him you could set this up. Well how about this, maybe we can meet up at Local Burger, or perhaps China Buffet. Seeing I haven’t a clue what couch Mr. Paul has been residing on lately, maybe we should leave this little get together in your hands? Don’t forget to bring the appropriate documentations proving how Mr. Paul has persuaded NH politicians with his witty speeches.

  16. Ernesto my love, I realize that this is unknown territory for you – and certainly well out of your comfort zone – but the whole point of this exercise is to teach you the finer points of conflict resolution. And the most important part of this is the initial greeting. I can’t reach out to Rich in your stead. It must come directly from you. Now don’t be bashful, puddin’. I assure you, Rich is a real swell guy and very easy to talk to. Just don’t forget to bring your video camera as well – you know, to record the meet up for the rest of us?

  17. Hey Mr. Paul are you following this? Just let me know where we can meet up. Maybe you can bring your friend Dracoff with you? Just let me know what time and place works for you. Thanks.

  18. Outstanding! You’re taking your first bold steps Ernesto my love! Isn’t it thrilling? I’m very, very proud of you! Don’t forget to bring your video camera, puddin’! We don’t want to miss a thing, now do we?

  19. So Ernesto my love, aren’t you excited? What do you plan on saying to Rich when you meet up with him? I hope you’re not intending to go into this unprepared and with a chip on your shoulder – you know, like you do with everything else? Remember, the purpose of this exercise is conflict resolution, not escalation. Try not to forget that, OK puddin’?

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