From China to New Hampshire: Lily Tang Williams’ Keynote Speech at LPNH 2018 Convention

Lily Tang Williams tells her story of growing up in and eventually leaving China to seek individual freedom, which ultimately led her to Colorado, the Libertarian Party and now to her new home in New Hampshire! This was recorded at the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire‘s 2018 Convention last weekend. Full video from the convention business session will be available on the Free Keene YouTube.

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  1. You know what I find funny is that the socialists all like to frame us as racist bigoted individuals saying things like the movement is made up of “all white men”. Even to the extent there is an over-representation of white and males it’s not due to racism or bigotry or sexism or anything of that nature. I’m gay for instance and I know more gay people who have moved as part of the migration movement than I did before I moved and libertarians have been very welcoming.

    Just because freedom apparently appeals to men more than it does to most women doesn’t make it a racist or bigoted movement. There are also other reasons that may explain the overwhelmingly male majority right now. Early movers were also mostly younger persons and within that group its probably means that this population set wasn’t as tied down as our female counterpart. The average age of a women to have her first child is 25 and for men its over 30. It should be no surprise then that people who are younger with more mobility are going to be the earliest movers. I am over 30 and was settled down so it took me longer to move. I had a house to sell and so on and we see more people today moving who had houses to sell and families to migrate which all make it much more difficult than single males

    Technologically minded persons are also over-represented within the libertarian party and migration movement as well. It doesn’t mean libertarians hate non-technical people. Heck we do have plenty of low or no-tech people too. On that token we’re not all “survivalists” either even if no or low-tech “survivalists” are over represented relative to the general population too. One reason for this may be that tech skills are needed everywhere and its also easier to move when you have a tech background. It’s also probably the case that young men are over-represented here as well leading to more technically inclined individuals moving.

    But it is interesting to note that Lilly here is both female and not a US born native-so-to-speak. We do also have other people from other countries here. There is a small community of people here from Russia for instance. I wonder if we are over-represented here too actually. Just because many of the people who have moved that are a minority have lived through socialism in a communist country and understand the damager today’s socialist present to liberty and freedom and no amount of patriotism on the right (which presumably they didn’t get indoctrinated into having been brought up overseas) nor socialisms on the left can deceive them because they’ve been through it.

  2. Ohh and I forgot to mention that principled libertarians are AGAINST the government’s use of violence along the boarder to keep people out or to “protect jobs”.

  3. Very interesting

  4. My god, a positive comment from Jumping Jacks? If that’s not proof anything’s possible, I don’t know what is. Thank you. I agree. She’s got a great story.

  5. Oh you know what else is a great true story? Ian’s obsession with young Chinese underaged girls. Just ask JP’s ex Jessica, she has seen a whole bunch of files of little girls on Ian’s computer.

  6. That old lie, OS my love? And here I thought you had finally learned your lesson about making things up that you can’t prove. You really are a hard case, aren’t you schnookums?

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