Vin Armani, Showtime’s “Gigolos” Star, Moves from Vegas to New Hampshire!

Vin in Nevada.  He's gonna need more than that hoodie now that he's in NH!

Vin in Nevada for a photoshoot for Gigolos on Showtime. He’s gonna need more than that hoodie now in NH!

When I spoke at Anarchapulco in 2017 about why liberty-loving people should move to New Hampshire, one of the people in the audience was Vin Armani. At the time, Vin had recently wrapped production of six seasons of the Showtime reality-TV series, “Gigolos” and had launched a live-streamed voluntaryist internet video talk show.

I met Vin after my speech and he was very interested in what was happening here in New Hampshire and the ongoing NH Freedom Migration. I interviewed him from Anarchapulco on my radio show, Free Talk Live and he later was kind enough to invite me on his video show, the Vin Armani Show, which at the time he was producing in his home of Las Vegas, Nevada. Back then, just one year ago, he was very interested in possibly moving to the Shire but didn’t have any immediate plans on the horizon.

Now, the gigolo-turned-television star-turned voluntaryist talk show host and now published author has made the move to New Hampshire!

When I asked him to comment on what pushed him over the edge to deciding to move over 2,700 miles for more freedom, he said, “Your talk at Anarchapulco 2017 first sparked my interest. I ended up meeting [then Free State Project president] Matt Philips the next day and he invited me to speak at PorcFest. That got me intrigued. Then I was invited to speak at FreeCoast Fest and Liberty Forum. With my involvement in crypto and the ability to really ‘live it’, along with people I liked asking me to make the move. I just decided to go for it. I’m glad I did.”

Here’s the first episode of Vin’s show that he’s released since making the move where he and his co-host cover moving to NH, cryptocurrency, psychedelics, and liberty as a spiritual evolution. Great show! Welcome home, Vin.

P.S. You’ll be hearing more from Vin this week as he’ll be guest co-hosting Free Talk Live with me and Mark Edge this Tuesday evening from 7-10pm Eastern. You can listen live at Free Talk Live’s site, or watch our video feed via the LRN.FM Twitch.

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  1. This is fantastic 🙂 and as much as the critics will attack us the migration movement is working. We actually do have a large gathering of libertarians who have moved to one region for liberty. We’re having a huge political and social impact in a state that was already a state that led the way in liberty to whatever the extent that any government can. It’s just one example of a very public persona moving to New Hampshire. And New Hampshire is the only state where we have 20 or so principled libertarian reps. There are only a few states with any libertarian reps and no other state has anywhere near 20.

  2. Hilarious. You believe a gigolo is moving to NH. Maybe he can give you people some lessons about picking up women. Listening to his show is not his forte

  3. My goodness Jacks! The call of the busybody is strong with you today, isn’t it? I mean just look at you getting all worked up over nothing! You know Jacks, instead of making a fuss over the things you have no control of, maybe you’d be better served taking some personal action instead? Why don’t you lobby your lawmakers, sweetums – you know, like you’re always suggesting? I’m sure they’ll be tickled pink to hear you out, provided you give them the right incentives of course.

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