Forkfest Update: New Restaurant in Lancaster Announces Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Five-Hour Rave at Somaliafest & Shirefest 2017

Five-Hour Rave at Forkfest 2017

The fifteen-year libertarian camping event in New Hampshire, Porcupine Freedom Festival aka Porcfest has long been renown as a cryptocurrency hotspot. It’s the place where Bitcoin’s early successful investors like Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees,and Charlie Shrem have all come to hang out with the New Hampshire libertarian activists and hundreds of visitors, all considering a move to the Shire for more freedom. One year, Roger Ver (aka “Bitcoin Jesus”) famously gave away dozens of Casascius “physical bitcoins”, which became a collectors item and are now worth significantly more than a bitcoin!

Porcfest, like all growing groups of people eventually had a schism, or “fork” as its called in the cryptocurrency world. Out of that, Forkfest was born in 2017 (under different names). While both are libertarian camping festivals held at Roger’s Campground, Forkfest is a decentralized event, meaning that each attendee decides what to do or create for others to do while at the festival. There are no organizers and no board of directors. Given the name of the event and those planning to attend, it will likely be a very cryptocurrency friendly event as Porcfest is. Last year for instance, crypto point-of-sale provider Anypay‘s founders came and helped throw a rave.

The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill in Lancaster, NH

The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill

This year, I’m excited to announce that cryptocurrency acceptance has now migrated off the campground and will now be year-round in Lancaster, NH thanks to the new restaurant just down the street from the campground: The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill located in the Cabot Inn. The restaurant was created by Rogers Campground’s longtime manager, Laura Hardiman. She was instantly interested in taking cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH due to her exposure to the various libertarian campers she’s met over the years. As of this week, she’s up and running and accepting multiple cryptos including BTC, BCH, ZCH, and DASH with the slick, easy-to-use, NH-based Anypay POS. If you’re planning to attend Forkfest and/or Porcfest, make sure you plan a dinner at The Old Bostonian at 200 Portland St and bring your cryptocurrency wallet. I recommend you pay with DASH and then watch your wallet to see what happens after the payment is sent.

Forkfest 2018 will be held this year from June 14th through 18th and Porcfest is immediately afterwards from the 19th through the 24th. That’s eleven days to give you a taste of what it’s like living around more liberty people than you could possibly know. You already know about the exciting NH Freedom Migration that’s been happening here – this is your chance to really experience it.

Unofficial Forkfest Logo

Unofficial Forkfest Logo

In other Forkfest news, more self-organizing is happening with two competing calendars springing up. One on Google Calendar, the other on There are discussion threads on the unofficial Forkfest forum about the calendars as well as food vendors announcing they plan to attend! Plus, according to one post on the forum, the lon

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  1. Just imagine he wants them all to kill each other, because, he has Bigger, things In Mind. (=

  2. It’s great to see these events building momentum. More people seem interested in going this year- at least to Forkfest. And maybe even Porcfest.

  3. It will be the same amount of people as you had last year and the year before. The whole thing is nothing but a giant party in which drugs are used and people turn stupid for a weekend.

  4. Oh Jacks, It’s just a little gathering of freedom-loving people. Our dear little friends on the left have them all the time, you know. And unlike at those get-togethers, money’s being spent and no one’s property is being set on fire. So stop being such a stick-in-the-mud, OK pookums? I mean really, if you hate this so much, then why don’t you take your own advice? Go hat-in-hand to your local politicians and persuade them to force your rivals to shut down! I’m certain you could get them to side with you provided you offer them the right incentives.

  5. Troubled forecasts are being predicted for the equity markets as well, Jacks. My goodness, you don’t suppose there might be a connection here, now do you?

  6. Can’t wait!

  7. Jumping jacks: the prices are always in flux – every currency in the world fluctuates. It’s a dumb argument to make given how much crypto currencies in general have gone up over the years. You don’t see the value of a dollar going up. You only see it go down- ever. The value of bitcoin might go up a lot and then drop a little. But so what. You’ve still come out ahead. A year ago we saw $2000 / bitcoin and we saw it go up to close to 20k, but it’s only dropped by half, and has come down a little bit more since then. Despite that $2000 is still if you held since then worth many times that today. It’s better than any other investment you are likely to ever make. And I’d continue to argue that I would not advise people to ‘invest’ in crypto currency. Crypto currencies are useful tools to exchange value- but I wouldn’t put everything into crypto currencies from an investment side of things. There are risky investments and bitcoin is potentially risky. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have high returns. If you are younger it probably does make a very good risky investment, but for someone older it’s a bad idea. They can’t just “hold” if the currency nosedives.

  8. You know fff, you might be able to hold Jacks’s interest a tad longer if you include the words “volatile” and “easy to manipulate” in your explanations. I’m afraid that’s all Jacks really knows about crypto.

  9. Drac Vermell: I don’t know why I bother responding to him. I guess its somewhere along the lines that I feel even the mentally challenge should be permitted to speak and the appropriate response is not to censor them or kick them. Rather it is to respond with logic. Unfortunately stupid people don’t have the capability of being rational or logical. They work off emotion and name calling and regurgitating. I suspect he probably really does believe half of what he is saying- but the other half I have a hard time believing isn’t just trolling. I wonder if jacks is upset with us because he’s on government food stamps or something. The humorous thing is he probably can’t comprehend that elimination of taxation (particularly in its hidden forms) would probably result in him not being reliant on government or charity and would bring him out of poverty. He fears the unknown and I can kind of sympathize with that.

  10. You know fff, I’ve found that it’s best to keep the line of dialog up with Jacks as long as you can stand it. And personally, I’ve had great fun pointing out his ignorance on pretty much every subject he writes about here. Just remember, you can eventually expect to become the victim of the silent treatment if you put his ideas to the test long enough. Jacks can really be quite petty when he’s made to look foolish.

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