Keene Selected As Test Market for “DASH-Back” – Instant Cryptocurrency Rebates at Local Merchants

Anypay founder Steven Zeiler (left) talks with Darryl W Perry at the grand opening of Portsmouth's Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

Anypay founder Steven Zeiler (left) talks with Darryl W Perry at the grand opening of Portsmouth’s Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based cryptocurrency merchant payment processor Anypay has officially announced their exciting new DASH-Back program and Keene was chosen as one of the test markets! What is DASH-Back? Imagine instant rebates on every purchase you make at award-winning local merchants. No filling out forms, giving up your personal information, or waiting weeks for the rebate. It’s instant.

Now stop imagining, because this is real and it’s really happening in downtown Keene and the Monadnock region (and now all of New Hampshire).

A local group of cryptocurrency users has launched a new blog at whose first post explains how this works and where the extra DASH comes from.

I’ve tested DASH-Back in and around Keene and it’s working at what I would call ridiculous levels. It’s not hard to get 20% or more back on a purchase at merchants like Corner News, Local Burger, Hot Hogs BBQ, Little Zoe’s Pizza, Curry Indian Restaurant, Thirsty Owl, Lineage Vapors, and Route 101 Local Goods. (Plus in Alstead there’s Kirby’s Q and Hillsboro’s Taco Beyondo.) Even service providers like Wilder Automotive and Dr. Drower Dentistry are accepting DASH via Anypay’s system, which means DASH-Back is active at all those local businesses! Here’s a handy map of area businesses that accept DASH as well as area DASH Vending Machines.

Thanks to Anypay for the awesome incentive to spend cryptocurrency at local merchants across New Hampshire.

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  1. Cool!

  2. A dentist accepting crypto. Very cool.

  3. So basically, it will be just the freekeeners using this type of currency. Especially when the crypto market is so unstable.

  4. Unstable, Jacks? Perhaps. But contrary to your menacing predictions of a forthcoming crash, bitcoins have been increasing in value, haven’t they? Why even our dear limey friends over at the Independent are starting to think Bitcoin might become a traditional currency in the future. I can’t imagine why, but for some reason all of this exciting news is leaving a bitter taste in your mouth, isn’t it? But then again, you’ve always held a preference to suffering over comfort, haven’t you pookums?

    Oh, and Jacks? I know how averse you are to doing extra work and all, but don’t you think just this once could have at least done the minimal amount of research needed before you tried to make your point? I hate to break this to you, but it turns out that there are PLENTY of businesses outside of Keene who’ll accept bitcoins as payment! Would you like to see who they all are, pudding pop?

  5. Still sticking to your guns about Bitcoin’s upcoming demise, eh Jacks? Yahoo Finance has been posting articles predicting the downfall of Bitcoin for ages now. But there are other opinions on this matter as well, you know.

    I know you’re absolutely livid that Bitcoin’s still around, pookums, but don’t you think you owe it to yourself to kick back, practice a little patience for once, and just wait for the markets play out on their own? I’m sure that will lead to much better rewards than the disappointment you’re sure to be facing when the Lord doesn’t deliver the horrible scenarios you’ve been praying for.

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