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A month ago I started my website Unlike Free Keene, this site will not be limited to issues and events pertaining to New Hampshire. We will discuss current events, common philosophical questions, and film shows hopefully once a week. The goal is to spread the message by taking the NAP to its logical conclusions.

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  1. A so-called anarchist who runs a business helping statists file their taxes. I wouldn’t call that “total anarchy”.

  2. Nor would I, David.

  3. She encourages clients to convert their private businesses to corporations and LLCs aka creatures of the state. This gives the state more control over the businesses.

  4. Sorry but not sorry. These hypocrites need to be called out.

  5. Funny. Another website dedicated to the very few out there who share the same idea. Ridiculous.

  6. Ideas so good that anyone who believes otherwise must feel entitled to question them, right Jacks? Too bad you and your closest friends lack the smarts to fully articulate this any more clearly than that, eh pookums? But that’s OK my love, the guys over here are WAY smarter than you and understand all too well what you really mean.

  7. As a minarchist type of person, I agree with most of their ideas. Not ridiculous. Again, the problem with these so-called anarchists is most of them are hypocrites. They don’t practice what they preach. It’s hard to take them seriously.

  8. I know, David. It’s hard to accept that Melanie is fully appreciating the importance of anarcho-capitalist principles like property rights when she helps her enemies steal from others, isn’t it?. But her clients must also share responsibility when they choose to give up their property in this manner as well, shouldn’t they? This may not be ideal to our ends, but you can be certain that Melanie is taking full advantage of the tax codes to minimize what her enemies are able to steal from her clients in the first place. It’s a small victory to be sure, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.

  9. Minimize theft? You call minimizing theft of someone’s hard-earned money a small victory? Theft of money that we know is being used to fund terrorism around the world and increase the theft. That’s not a victory at all. What about stopping the theft entirely? I stopped paying the criminals many years ago. Still patiently waiting for them to kick my door down in the middle of the night to be kidnapped and caged. Funding and being an accomplice to criminal activity is not cool in my book.

  10. Yes, David. To minimize something is to make it small by definition. As I said, it’s not an ideal victory to be sure, but it can be used to buy us time.

    If you have any ideas as to how to stop the theft entirely, David, I’m all ears. But bear in mind, Jacks’s kind isn’t in any way, shape, or form interested in trading the government’s boot on their necks for real freedom. And they’ll cheer on any and all government employees tasked with destroying those who do. Isn’t that right, Jacks?

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