NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaire on Gun Freedoms

When I ran for governor in 2016, the NHFC gave me an A.

When I ran for governor in 2016, the NHFC gave me an A.

As the Libertarian candidate for NH Senate district 10, I’ve begun posting my answers to the various questionnaires I receive from interest groups. Here’s the four-page questionnaire I received from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition.

This one was easy. Libertarians are always in favor of individual rights, in this case the right of self-defense and the defense of others. Given that libertarians are against aggressive force, they support the use of defensive force as a way to stop aggressors. No one should have to ask permission to defend themselves or own whatever they feel is necessary to defend themselves. That includes felons who should have their gun rights restored.

You can see my answers to the questionnaire from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition here.

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  1. Very good answer for question number 5, Ian. False accusations of domestic violence are the norm in good ole anti-male, anti-husband, anti-father America. I refuse to participate in ultra corrupt communist political systems, but if I did, you would get my vote.

    The right to bear arms for protection from aggressors including government tyrants is a natural and unalienable right. Part 1, Article 2-a of the New Hampshire Constitution is supposed to protect this natural right.

  2. No one will take you seriously. No felon should ever own a gun and you will never get support for that. Not too mention, felons can’t vote who are incarcerated. Don’t forget, the misfits who call themselves liberals are typically activists who don’t vote.

  3. No felons, Jacks? You know pookums, there are tons of crimes on the books that don’t involve committing acts of violence against other people. I wonder why you don’t you have any room in that cold, cold heart of yours for any of them? No rights for the wicked, eh Jacks? With exception of course for government employees. Then anything and everything is allowed, isn’t it dear?

    Oh and Jacks? I’m very interested in this new superpower you’ve revealed to us. You know, the one that gives you intimate knowledge of everyone’s voting habits just by glancing at them? Do you find it useful, pookums?

  4. Testing 1 2 3

  5. Testing 1 2 3

  6. Whatever you do, don’t share more than 2 links in a comment here. It will block your comment like it did me. Hence the test comments I did above wondering what the heck was going on. Anyways…

    Jacks, what about the harmless felons who were convicted for silly victimless crimes such as felony tax evasion for not wanting to support terrorism with their hard earned money or felony possession of natural medicinal plants such as cannabis? Should they lose their gun rights er I mean gun privileges? Should they be branded as criminals and caged?

    Liberals not voting? That’s a good thing right, Jacks? I’m glad we’re on the same page on that one. If we could somehow get everyone or most people to stop voting and participating in the so-called government of consent, the current tyrannical regime would lose its legitimacy. Read the article by Mark Smith below to learn more. Now if Ian or Darryl prefer to hack at the branches instead of striking at the root of the disease, let them have at it I guess.

    You’ve Got to Stop Voting by Mark Smith

  7. So David, what do you think Jacks would do with his life if he couldn’t vote for politicians that take freedoms and property away from others, particularly those who selfishly refuse to use such important things exactly the way he wants them to?

  8. I guess Jacks would have to find something else to do that actually benefits humanity and doesn’t harm peaceful people.

  9. I’m afraid I have much less optimism concerning Jacks’s ability to adapt, David. From what I’ve learned from him, I believe he’d find it nearly impossible to earn a living in a society where government employees aren’t forcing his clients to pay for his services. What do you think, Jacks?

  10. It’s sickening

  11. Ian is only surpassed by DWP in his illeism

  12. im not answering anything unless im getting pizzaid

  13. Of course the anti-choice Ian Freeloder is all for domestic abusers to have their guns.

  14. Of course Ian Freeloader has no problem with big goverment when it comes to shilling for the gun manufacturers lobby and the death industry.

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