Sex, Drugs, and Freedom – Libertarian Party of NH Special Convention recap

The following press release was received from the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

For Immediate Release

July 29, 2018

(Concord, NH)- Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH) wrapped up the business from their State Convention in late April at a second special convention at the Grappone Conference Center. Among the items on the agenda were revisions to the Party’s bylaws and several platform plank proposals, including one regarding sex work decriminalization, continuing their fight against the state run liquor store monopoly, as well as the first Libertarian Gubernatorial Debate in the state’s history. At the special convention there were 32 credentialed delegates from across New Hampshire. The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire also has the highest number of dues-paying Libertarians per capita in the United States.

The LPNH added several new planks to its Party Platform, including one calling for the decriminalization of sex work; becoming the first political Party in the state to take a position on this issue. Representative Brandon Phinney (L-Rochester) said decriminalizing prostitution gives sex workers access to reproductive services, and the ability to report sexual assaults without fear of legal repercussions. Phinney went on to say, “This would mitigate the effects of human trafficking. If sex work is decriminalized for adults, then you essentially reduce the incentive for human trafficking. It’s not the role of the state to dictate what a person does with their own body.”

The Party also amended their platform regarding drug decriminalization and the state lottery and state liquor store monopoly. Representative Caleb Q. Dyer (L-Pelham) said, “Every example we have of places where controlled drugs have been decriminalized, we have evidence to show that usage rates go down.” He sited Portugal and Oregon as examples. Dyer also said “It’s fundamentally immoral to lock someone up for a victimless crime.” The LPNH policy plank also calls for pardoning those currently in prison for victimless crimes and having their records expunged.

The Party also took on the state liquor store monopoly, opposing the state monopoly on the sale of beer, wine and spirits. Rep. Dyer said, “The state liquor store is the golden goose, a significant revenue source for the state, which makes it practically untouchable in the eyes of the political establishment. We don’t need to make the state liquor stores go away, we just want to see private sellers able to enter the market, to end the monopoly and allow for competition.”

A highlight of the LPNH business meeting was a Libertarian Gubernatorial debate between candidates Jilletta Jarvis and Aaron Day. It is the first ever contested gubernatorial race in state history. “This is the Year” has become a mantra of NH Libertarians. Chip Spangler, Chair of the LPNH, says there is a growing interest in Libertarian ideas, combined with a growing disenchantment in Republican and Democrat voters. “Our ideas of personal freedom and liberty are resonating with more and more people. It’s an exciting time to be a Libertarian.”

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire is the state affiliate of the Libertarian Party of the United States. Our mission is to be a Party which advocates for the principles of self-ownership and individual rights and liberty. For more information about the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and its platform, please visit

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  1. Leave it to a group of wanna be’s to try and legalize prostitution. That’s the only way freekeeners can get laid. They don’t address the crime that is associated with prostitution, STDs, crime, illegal drugs, human trafficking, etc… Of course, libertarians only think with their dicks and that is why they are looked at as a joke.

  2. Jacks, you provide us with a great amount of entertainment on here. Your comments always give me a good laugh. I keep coming back for more. Plus I have never seen someone so committed and supportive of a blog like you. **You must really love Free Keene.** We can always expect a comment on every blog post from you. I’m sure most of the anonymous donations to Free Keene come from Jacks. Thanks for your continued support of this great blog and the Free Keene movement.

  3. This “If sex work is decriminalized for adults, then you essentially reduce the incentive for human trafficking” does not make sense. Those who will profit from exploiting other human beings will actually do it legally. A parallel example is Factory Farming where animal cruelty is condoned as “standard practice” and the factory farming companies legitimately maim/torture/slaughter over 3 million animals each day for profit.

  4. You know Jacks, it’s really funny that this version of freedom you’ve been talking about always seems to end up with peaceful people being thrown in jail for no reason, doesn’t it? I mean really, pookums, don’t you think it’s pretty disingenuous of you to be calling that sort of thing “freedom” at all? But then again, you busybodying types certainly do love to redefine words to make them fit your ever changing worldview, don’t you?

  5. Anonymous, you seem to be incorrectly associating all prostitution with human trafficking. This is a false equivalence. Prostitution involves a business agreement between consenting adults. In a sex trafficking operation, not all parties are consenting.

    And yes Anonymous, legalizing prostitution would most certainly reduce demand for human sex trafficking. With more women going into business for themselves, doesn’t it make sense that most johns preferring a risk-free session with a legal prostitute would take that over the riskier black market alternatives that were originally the only option?

  6. Those poor innocent young underaged girls.

  7. Anyone who thinks legalizing prostitution is not going to increase crime is completely misinformed. Prostitution whether legal or illegal does bring in more crime. To actually think by legalizing something is going to make the crime go away is ridiculous. This is the typical fantasy libertarians try to sell to others. So, how would you feel if your mom, sister, daughter, friend, engages in prostitution? How about the children in the neighborhoods that are exposed to this? Typical activists never think ahead but look for the immediate gratification and misguide people through the real problems at hand.

  8. Jacks my love, when you legalize something you’re making the crime go away by definition. Now if you’re going to try and make a convincing argument here, you might want to abandon your efforts in endorsing the notion that law and morals are the same thing. You won’t find anyone here who’ll be persuaded by that sort of nonsense.

  9. Say Oksure, are you aware that you’re giving everyone here the impression that you’re too stupid to understand the difference between prostitution and child sex trafficking?

  10. Drac: Rape is rape. No need to distinguish between child sex trafficking and adult sex trafficking. It just plays into the hands of those who want to take away everyones freedoms. Violence is wrong period. To distinguish between them is to fall into the emotional trap used by our enemies who hate freedom: “think of the children” nut jobs.

    “Those poor innocent young underaged girls”

    Humorous. I can assure you none of them are innocent if they are actually being trafficked. Not that this excuses anybody who would commit rape against a prostitute of any age- nor forcing someone to have sex with another.

    I know someone whose sister was/is engaged in prostition and he doesn’t have an issue with it. She practices safe sex and everything is just fine.

    Legalization reduces bull shit “crimes” where there is no victim by definition. There is no logical reason that there would be more property or violent crime unless we are talking migration of such crime. In other words prostitution might attract those who would otherwise have committed such crimes elsewhere. This doesn’t really solve any problem, but I can understand why someone wouldn’t want prostitution near them. Legalize it everywhere and you won’t have this problem. You can also move prostitution to commercial areas if legalized so the kids won’t see it. I personally have no issues with explaining sex to young people. It’s not like everybody doesn’t do it. It’s human. It’s no different than potty training. If you can’t handle it your not fit to be a parent.

  11. I wasn’t making any distinguishment between the two, BC. I was merely taking Oksure to task for his efforts in putting forth yet another straw man. He has a reputation for being quite relentless with them. By the way, should he gather the courage to respond back to you, prepare to see more of the same. He’s quite unimaginative, I’m sorry to say.

  12. Hmmm.

  13. why is it always assumed that prostitution is about always about trafficking & slavery

    There are in fact individuals who choose quite freely to sell their body for sex

  14. ZX81 – Would you want your wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend ect…. prostituting themselves?

  15. I once knew a married couple who were both prifessional domaintrixs yst both still hsd a great marriage

  16. You know Jacks, when I see all of this virtue signaling coming from you about the government’s use of power to protect our wives, daughters, mothers, and girlfriends from themselves, it begs a serious question: why don’t you show any of the same moral outrage when the government uses that same power to steal from them as well? It’s a shame you’re not courageous enough to direct your high-sounding principles towards mankind’s greater sins, now isn’t it pookums?

  17. Prifessional ZX81’ish? Hmmm?

  18. ZX81 – You didn’t answer my question I asked from my previous post.

  19. Perhaps you should offer ZX81 something in exchange, Jacks my love. You know, quid pro quo?

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