Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate Responses to Surveys from Cannabis & Anti-Abortion Groups


It’s a flower. No regulation, please.

As part of my near-zero budget campaign for NH Senate district 10, I’ve been posting my responses to various candidate surveys and questionnaires. Here are the latest ones I received this week.

First up, the Marijuana Policy Project’s survey, where I had to answer no to one of their questions about supporting regulation and taxation of cannabis. That’s because I’m against government control of cannabis in any way. I understand MPP is trying to lobby politicians and that’s why they propose such schemes to them. As a principled libertarian, while I’d vote for a tax-and-regulate bill if it were the only way to end prohibition, I don’t support taxes or regulations. I only support freedom, which means ending drug prohibition across the board and letting people grow, sell, possess, smoke, and distribute cannabis without annoying and restrictive government licenses.

Next, it’s the NH Right to Life survey. Abortion is an issue that libertarians have strong disagreements with each other over. While all real libertarians are against aggressive force against other humans, none of them agree at which point a fetus becomes a human. I choose the side that as long as the fetus is dependent on the mother’s connection to survive, it is a part of her and she can decide what to do with it, which will likely not make me popular with the anti-abortion group. That said, I do respect their right to protest and express their opinion. The correct libertarian position on abortion is that the government should neither prohibit or pay for them.

You can see my responses thus far to other interest groups here on my candidate page at

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  1. I see you are becoming a hypocrite Ian. You would support taxes on cannabis to make it legal even though you have always preached no government interference.

    You said, ” I choose the side that as long as the fetus is dependent on the mother’s connection to survive” As far as abortion goes, life begins at conception. You are saying you support abortion yet you have stated a fetus is a living being . The fetus is connected to the mother to survive. You are saying it is a living being. No one has the right to kill a fetus that is dependent on it’s mother. Libertarians don’t decide when a life is a life.

    You contradicted yourself.

  2. My goodness Jacks, that was almost logical to a fault! How very unlike you! Still, I’m very proud of you! Now if only we can get the rest of that despotic dreck out of that thick head of yours!

    Why don’t we start with this one, hmm? TAXATION IS NO DIFFERENT FROM STEALING. Do you have any serious thoughts on this, pookums?

  3. I think Ian preps us with “As part of my near-zero budget campaign” …He’s explaining why he’s going to lose because “zero budget”

  4. JJ (if you are still reading this) can you site where you get the understanding that Ian would support taxing canabis? Is this something from the FTL? In his survey he specifically says: “I support ending prohibition, not regulating and taxing, …”

  5. Jacks doesn’t have a forthright bone in his body, Michael, That’s why he’s able to tell lies almost as easily as he does breathing, I’m afraid.

  6. Gear positions Ian. Keep up the good work.

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