Libertarian NH Senate Candidate’s Letter to “School Choice for NH”

Logo for School Choice for New Hampshire

Logo for School Choice for New Hampshire

As you may be aware, I’m the Libertarian candidate on the ballot for NH Senate District 10.  Today I received a letter from “School Choice for NH” inviting me to send a statement to their members that they say will be published unedited. Since I’ve been posting all my replies to candidate inquiries from organizations online, here is my letter to the supporters of School Choice for NH:

Dear Supporters of School Choice for NH,


As a libertarian, I believe in choices. Real school choice isn’t just choosing where to direct some tax money, which is typically what is considered “school choice” when talked about politically. Real school choice is being able to choose whether or not to support the government’s “education” programs entirely.


Government forces you to pay for its awful monopoly system, even if you want to unschool, homeschool, or send your children to private school. If you don’t pay their school taxes, the people calling themselves “the State of New Hampshire” will steal your home from you.


The best solution for real school choice is to end the government’s monopoly control of education. Let the current staff have ownership stakes in their schools and have to raise their operating money through consensual, voluntary means like charging tuition, holding fundraisers, or whatever peaceful means. Allow parents to decide whether to fund or not fund those schools.


Freedom means the ability choose to say no. Please vote Libertarian this November.


Thank you for reading and for your consideration,
Ian Freeman
Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10

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  1. Unfortunately public schools don’t have decent budgets. their budgets are always on the chopping blocks If you expect parents to shell out thousands of dollars per year for school on top of taxes, you are very misinformed. Libertarians are the on the low rung of the political ladder. Libertarians take and take without ever giving back to the communities they took from. Your ideas are off the maps and border on pure fantasy.

  2. Jacks my love, you know very well that government schools in NH have very generous budgets. It’s very naughty of you to be pretending otherwise.

    Anyway Jacks, you’re missing the point. The fact is, there are people in NH who’ve lost confidence in this fanciful notion of yours that educating children is a legitimate function of government. Do you know why this is, pookums? It’s because they’ve discovered that government services turn into welfare programs once there’s no competition to deal with. LIbertarians want to restore that competition, Jacks. And more people are starting to agree with this idea. Scary, huh?

  3. Jumping jacks: You do realize that most parents would end up paying less to educate there kids than they currently do if the NH government stopped stealing from everybody. The reason is that while everybody pays toward public education there is a lot more money being stolen by the NH government than than just that which covers public schools. Forcing everybody to rely on inefficient government (monopoly) solutions you raise the costs and we all are poorer as a result.

    The Keene schools have been losing students and the money spent on schooling hasn’t gone down. That means we pay MORE per student than we did before. There is no reason we should be paying more in taxes if the system were efficient and working properly. A privately run system would see teachers fired or parents moving there kids from poorly performing schools better ones or at least cheaper ones. The increase in funding of public education over the past 30 years hasn’t resulted in improved student performance so why shouldn’t we cut public education funding? I would advocate cutting it entirely. Those who wish to contribute there reclaimed wealth to funding charities that feed the poor and educate the least fortunate can. I certainly have volunteered at and contributed to private charities that help the homeless and that is in spite of ever increasing theft by government of my hard earned wealth.

    And yea- I’m libertarian jacks- so your whole argument about libertarians not giving back is total bull shit propaganda by nut job socialists who can’t conceive there system for solving social problems suck while worsening other problems- like funding the war machine- and redistributing the wealth of the poor and middle class to already wealthy individuals (via public schools, government insurance programs, and similar that cover rich people too).

  4. Jacks: If the government didn’t misappropriate funds (steal) then private schools would have ample funding because the vast majority of parents could redirect what wasn’t stolen to there kids education. Increased spending though doesn’t result in increased quality output and this is where you fail most dearly jacks. Schools have been spending more and more and yet the results of pupils hasn’t gone up. Somebody benefits, but its not the students.

  5. I wonder how Jacks is going to respond to your challenge, kk? Do you think he’ll stay the course? Or will he pull a fast one and agree with you? The suspense is just too much to bear, isn’t it? I hope it’ll last!

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