Keene Sentinel Reports on Libertarian Candidates: Freeman, Jarvis, DiMezzo

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the editorial board of the Keene Sentinel. We covered a variety of issues that I was able to speak on from a principled voluntarist perspective. It was a very good interview and in addition to a lengthy article about it, they also posted the full hour-long video to their youtube:

However, I’m not the only one they interviewed. They first sat down with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Jilletta Jarvis. Here’s their video of Jilletta’s interview and the accompanying article. After having interviewed us both, they astutely inquired of me regarding the vast differences between Jarvis’ positions and mine, since she is more of a small government libertarian while I’m a total voluntarist who believes all human interaction should be consensual.

They also recently ran a story about the sheriff candidates for Cheshire county’s positions on immigration which included a comment by Libertarian candidate Aria DiMezzo.

Thanks to the Sentinel’s staff for the continuing, fair coverage.

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  1. Why the strange new respect from lefty statists in the Keene media? Why would people who care nothing for libertarianism—who are actually hostile to it—want to boost libertarian candidates? After all…media statists always have an unspoken anti-liberty agenda. *Always*.

  2. Ha, what a joke. Ian and his fantasy ideas. While entertaining and cannot be taken seriously, I would like to know how Ian can pitch his unrealistic ideas without cracking up. I know the audience did.

  3. You know what I think is funny, Jacks my love? That “blue wave” our dear friends over on the left are putting all their faith in! I trust you’re not wasting your prayers on any of that, right pookums?

  4. I think you did a great job get your points out there.

  5. who’s interviewing?

  6. ok …i saw the pop up…imo it should be in the text too; it went by fast

  7. there was really bad opiate addictions when it was legal.. Pretty sure that’s why the laws came.

  8. he did well…some stuff might not stand up to a stronger challenge imho …like the opiate one

  9. I cringed on some of the environmental responses, but overall agreed. The environmental response makes Ian seem like a republican. Sadly republicans are really fucking stupid. And democrats are frequently not much if any better.

    Environment is changing regardless of human impact- but that does not matter. The question is really regarding the positive or negative impact human actions have on it and then it has on others. Personally I don’t doubt humans are having an impact and there seems to be plenty of evidence to back that up. The question is more along the line of gathering evidence together and making torts and taking action against the companies and industries causing the change to the effect they are damaging others property.

    I also think that Ian would have been better off responding that libertarians have no issue with passing legislation based on evidence where it can be demonstrated that there are people being harmed from the pollution.

  10. maybe you can get media outlets to care about your stances KK downing.. because as it stands you are a tree in the woods that no one gives a hoot aboot..

  11. did he say he was ok w regulations?… Becud i think last i heard that was suppose to be handled privately

  12. David: Ian is against the use of violence on peaceful people. He has no issue with violence in self defense. Someone releasing poison into the street is utilizing violence against other non-violent persons. Ultimately nobody wants regulations or laws that lay outside of prohibiting violence. How those laws are enforced differs from how things are currently enforced. How you get there may not be via regulators but through tort claims. Which Ian has argued in favor of before. Either way any system currently envisioned in the near term is likely to involve some sort of violent state, but be limited in enforcement to violent actors.

  13. kk downing:spare me your didacticism on Ian.. yadayada yada… I guess you are making me weed through that to MAYBE be able to correct you(if my tolerance levels dont overload) sec….ok i got what you said :Ian is a statist got it thanks for synthesizing that for me.

  14. regulations=statism=men w guns=taxation is theft …

  15. so thanks for clarifying that for me KK …you corrected me and disabused me of the silly NAP notion…aka LIBERTARIANISM …. so ian is a statist

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