New Hampshire Home to “Special Concentration” of Dash-Accepting Merchants

Those in New Hampshire have been at the vanguard of cryptocurrency penetration since the creation of Bitcoin a decade ago. From developers who have constructed crypto ATMs, payment solutions, and digital marketplaces to entrepreneurs who made it easier to  buy and sell of cryptocurrency, to early-adopters who have informed their friends, family and neighbors about the empowering aspects of being ones own bank. It’s no surprise then that Amanda B. Johnson — a one-time resident of the ‘shire — makes mention of this special place in her recent video recounting Dash-accepting merchants worldwide.

From the video:

So while Dash-accepting merchants in the U.S. are geographically diverse. There is a special concentration in the state of New Hampshire.

There you’ll find Dash-accepting dentists and ophthalmologists, to auto repair shops and even car dealerships. In fact, Dash usage is so relatively concentrated in New Hampshire that CNN even went to do a special report about it.…Here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Dash is the cryptocurrency that’s king.

Kudos to everyone on the ground in the ‘shire who has embraced cryptocurrency. We’re a decade in, I can only imagine what another decade will bring.

For me personally, it has since the beginning stood out as a peaceful tool for self-liberation. It facilitates the divestment from regimes and policies that are an affront to ones conscience and helps to connect us with our fellow human, no matter their political boundary.

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