Forkfest 2019 – Update from the Campground

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Come out to join us – it’s not too late for this year yet!

The sun has risen on day number three of Forkfest 2019 at Roger’s Campground as we appear to be on track to top last year’s event. One key indicator – besides new faces showing up this year in the early two days – is the number of food vendors here this year. Day one was pretty slow as always, but by the evening of day two, there were at least four campsites offering food for sale including Matt Roach & Vincent at RV 82 who set up and were operational before anyone else, offering biscuits and gravy in the morning then other delicious hot food later in the day including a chicken chili and cornbread combo. By day’s end, “Taco Munch” had opened up in the tenting area, I heard Silver Dave was serving up food near the dome, and Bardo Farm sausages were being offered by Shawn the soda guy in the RV zone.

It’s not too late to come out and join us! Forkfest 2019 runs through Monday when it will culminate in the return of the Big Gay Dance Party under the Capital Interest Lounge dome at RV site 58. Coming up to join us? Make sure you get connected to the unofficial Forkfest Telegram chat and say hello. Also, you should explore the Forkfest Forum which has details on a handy events calendar and active two-way radio channels here on the campground.

If you don’t already know, Forkfest is the yearly camping party in the woods that began in 2017 at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. This year, Forkfest happens the five days prior to the Porcupine Freedom Festival and you’re invited to come and create whatever experience you’d like others to have. No one is in charge and the event is decentralized. (In fact, some people have different names for the event, including Somaliafest, Shirefest, and Banned Camp) It’s up-to-you what happens at Forkfest.

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  1. Isn’t this Ian’s way to get back at porcupine freedom festival. I believe if you have this festival so close to porc fest you will never get the number of people you would like to have.

  2. i think the slogan should be “no one is in charge so come take over”

  3. Yea- there were already people trying to take over. We just ignored them and they gave up. Real activists resist and that is who forkfest attracted.

    It was a great event and I was amazed by the turn out. Next year it just might surpass porkfest. Estimates varied a bit but everyone seemed to think turn out was 3-5 times greater than last year. In the 500-1000 people. I think probably closer to 500 myself, but either way it was amazing consider the marketing department only got started post forkfest. Technically there was a tiny bit last year. But mostly word of mouth. Next year there will be a dozen radio shows pimping it and more. Even porkfest was pimping it for next year as well as 4-5 other vendors and camp sites.

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