The Next Ten Years of Bitcoin Panel – Porcfest 2019

I recorded several videos of speeches and panels at the 2019 Porcupine Freedom Festival. This is the first of several that I’ll publish on the Free Keene YouTube channel.

Naomi Brockwell hosted a panel called “The Next Ten Years of Bitcoin” featuring Tone Vays, Vin Armani, Yury Polozov, Chris Pacia, and Jeffrey Tucker discussing the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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  1. i thought there was a impenetrable Ian forcefield around porky fest

  2. does Vin Armani have like a cologn or clothing line or something

  3. I don’t think bitcoin will last. It is so volatile. It lost $376.05 in the latest reports.

  4. Jacks honey, I really think it’s time you realized that your prayers for the financial ruin of your political rivals haven’t been answered. Bitcoin has surged in value by $5,000 in less than a month. And despite your warnings about its volatility and facility to be manipulated, your rivals are now even richer than before. God isn’t listening to you, pookums. Do you have any idea why that may be?

  5. Jeffrey’s savage remarks about Tone were out of turn but completely true. Why did they even let tone onstage?

  6. Yea, crypto rules. I don’t care which succeeds so much as I care to see one with more privacy and anonymity rule. Crypto works great within certain constraints already when it comes to giving individuals control of there wealth back. It is also greatly increasing my wealth so rock on. But I don’t think it is an investment so much as a means to taking back control. We need to learn to harness it in ways that we have not yet done.

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