Jaded Activist and Talk Host Mark Edge Called Out on Misinformation During Porcfest 2019 Speech

Mark Edge's Speech at Porcfest 2019Free Talk Live host Mark Edge delivered a speech he called, “What is Freedom?” at the Porcupine Freedom Festival this year. Sadly, in recent years, Mark has become a jaded activist and has looked heavily at moving to some “special economic zone” project or another, or perhaps Seasteading. This was part of the focus of his speech, but luckily his negativity was trounced by facts presented by Free State Project founder Jason Sorens.

As he’s explained many times on Free Talk Live, Mark is disappointed with his confused perception of the activism happening in New Hampshire – he doesn’t believe many people are doing any, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary that he’s not willing to even investigate for himself. All of the amazing political success stories or other outreach successes are not persuasive to him. Government is slow to change, and Mark is soon to turn 50 and worries his time is running out, so why bother trying to change the system when he now believes he can just bribe a government to leave him alone? That’s the plan with the “special economic zone” concepts – pay off a government for more freedom. If you think that will work, I have a bridge to sell you.

Anyway, after his speech, Free State Project founder Jason Sorens called Mark out and corrected his various misinformation. The fact is, the New Hampshire freedom migration is a tremendous, unprecedented success. The activism happening here is varied and ongoing and the more libertarians move here, the better. Mark seems ready to give up, when technically we’ve barely just gotten started. The Free State Project’s official five-year move window began in 2016 and doesn’t end until 2021.

Mark has pointed out his frustration over the FSP’s slogan, “Liberty in Our Lifetime” given that many in the FSP have died in the last 15 years. I’ve tried to explain to him that it’s just a slogan. The odds we’ll end the coercive state in our lifetime are quite slim, however there’s no better place to give it our best shot than here in the Shire.

That’s not to say Seasteading or a special economic zone is a bad idea – I wish those projects much success and if they ever get anywhere, I’ll seriously consider a move there. Meanwhile, New Hampshire has more libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists in the same geographic area than anywhere else on the planet. More are moving in every month. Plus, the natives here are naturally more freedom-friendly than places like New York. Yes, progress toward freedom can be frustratingly slow, but no one said this would be an overnight success or a cakewalk.

You can see Mark’s full speech plus the question-and-answer here:

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  1. Sigh! Yes, freedom-minded people keep arriving or evolving but at the same time, progcommies still tax-move and bring the desire for “services” like from where they fled.

  2. Personally, I think Wyoming is much more stable and promising at this point than NH. I plan on looking into moving there.

  3. People are dumb. People are selfish. We are all that way. It is sad. Yes there may be better places to go than NH and there may even be back sliding. The problem is those places don’t have the essential elements needed for a truly free society to form. Wyoming is huge. I have summered there many of times throughout my childhood and adult life. The idea that you’re going to make that work is delusional. You have to have enough people willing to move as well as job opportunities as well as people living within a reasonable distance of each other to organize. If you think nobody is doing anything in NH you are going to be severely disappointed with Wyoming. The reason we should be seeing less freedom in NH in the short term as a result if the migration movement is the result of pushback by locals. Ian is right that we have seen a lot less push back than I’d have expected. While Keene is a terrible place even here there have been numerous wins. If you are critical and doing nothing you have only yourself to blame. I don’t exactly see Mark doing much these days either.

    One more thing to point out is that we have a lot more homeowners and people settled today than ever before. It is east to get people to come and visit. Getting people to settle is a lot more difficult and yet we have seen that happening more in the paste three years than ever before.

  4. Keene is a terrible place? Well, as a New Hampshire Republican, let me offer a few thoughts about the “locals”. We didn’t mind it at all when you came here. Most New Hampshire voters are also somewhat Libertarian. Look at our lack of income and sales tax, helmet laws, seat belt laws, gun laws etc. The Robin hooding was sort of creative and cool, until they started hassling the meter collectors for doing what every Town in America does. Then, Ian made some dumb statements about allowing sex with children. Then, the fake “Church” tried to cheat on their taxes. Numerous Free Keeners were getting thrown into jail..and bragging about it. Plus, they brought one of the most repulsive haters in the country to Keene-Chris Cantwell, who was threatening to kill Police Officers and spewing hatred against Jews, Blacks, and the LGTBQ Community. So, generally, it was bad behavior by the Free Keeners that caused the problems. Plus, of course, there will never be any support for New Hampshire seceding from the United States…or any similar nonsense.

  5. @ Live free or die When you say there will never be any support for New Hampshire to secede from the USA are you willing to admit that one reason might be the violent repercussions likely to result from the Federal Government as part of the reason?

    In other words, the Federal Government would behave like a captor and not “allow it’ .

  6. Yikes! Trouble in Paradise! Yet even so…there’s lots more to do, and lots more to come, in the Free State of New Hampshire. I’m sympathetic to Mark, who is one of thee earliest Movers, and who has done immense good for the Free State Project movement (Free Talk Live is probably the best “outreach for NH” that exists in the world). But calm down, everyone. There’s much more to come in the Free State! Many good things will happen as the migration continues. And it WILL continue!

  7. Hi Bob C: No, I would not agree at all. The vast majority of us in New Hampshire are happy and grateful to be living in the United States. People are desperate to get in, not to get out.

  8. Apparently Mark feels everyone should think like him. I’m not sure what this movement has done in NH. You really haven’t had the impact on the state as much as you think you people do. Looking at the population of NH and over the past couple of years, it really hasn’t grown with the people you believe should be here.

  9. @Live free or die I noticed you didn’t address my comment on whether or not the Feds would “allow” secession ? Also, if a minority wanted to secede (withdraw, but physically remain in NH ) would you let them live free or would you be okay with punishing or even killing those people ?

  10. Sorry, Bob, it doesn’t work like that. A tiny minority can not secede from either New Hampshire or the United States. You are protected by our military and police, drive on our roads, use our currency, use our medical system, use our energy grid, and your children go to our schools. Nobody will kill or hurt you, but if you can’t obey our simple laws…you will be subject to arrest. As you should be.

  11. What Ian does here, is the same thing that he does all of the time. He creates a straw-man and then attacks it. Listen to the speech. I was having trouble with my slides. So, it isn’t my best work, but my claim is that there will be much success in NH and that success will crumble when the next generations come along. All of this is because there is NO PLAN. There is NO PLAN. Fail to plan and you plan to fail! You can’t wander in with a plucky attitude and watch the State disintegrate. That is stupid. I propose a plan. Does Ian mention that? No, he doesn’t. Because being right and having something to fight about is FAR more important than success to him.

    This article is far better looked at from the lens of what kind of personality problems does Ian have and would he rather fight than working on problems staring him in the face?

  12. @Kk, you don’t see me doing much (activism) these days? Seriously, my whole day is spent running the most successful libertarian radio show in history. I make it possible to reach millions with the message of liberty. Maybe I should just go take a crap in front of the Parks and Rec tool shed and get it on video. Will that count?

    I could run for State House, but I don’t feel I can still focus the energy into FTL, the incredible outreach tool that attracted 1/4 of the FSPs signers, and do the additional work. The payoff of going to the State House is kinda low. I would be 1 of 400 votes. There aren’t many votes in a year that are separated by 1 vote. So, I find my time is best spent actually reaching people than maybe being the decider in 1 or 2 votes a year.

    Just remember, just because someone calls it activism, doesn’t mean it is effective at anything.

  13. Whoops. I didn’t actually watch Mark’s speech video, so I didn’t know he was making a proposal to increase our effectiveness in NH (now I WILL watch it). If he’s proposing a plan, or even urging that we *should* have a plan, then he makes very good sense (and it’s true that “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”). That’s common sense, in fact. Gotta watch the video now.

  14. Ian and Mark have been buddies for over 20 years. I don’t think now is the time for them to be in serious contretemps, especially given how important FTL is to the FSP and liberty-lovers everywhere. But I would like to see Matk’s idea fleshed out in some detail. It can’t hurt to have additional approaches to the aim we all agree upon.

  15. @Live free or die, my question was pertaining to secession / NH. Your nonresponsive answer said I am protected by the military and use your (“our”) currency.

    Except NH isn’t allowed to have a military and isn’t supposed to use anything but silver and gold for debts, according to the United States constitution anyway. Also, the United States has declared Cannabis as illegal, yet NH and many other states are involved in growing, selling or taxing weed. Given those facts, wouldn’t you say secessions have already begun ? You also didn’t mention article 10 of the ridiculous NH constitution. Also, your claim that nobody will kill you for disobedience to laws is inaccurate. I’m kind of disappointed in you now.

  16. Bob-almost nobody wants New Hampshire to secede from the United States and it will never happen. Nor would it make any practical sense. And we don’t like people coming to New Hampshire and telling us what to do and that includes Massachusetts liberals or Anarchist freaks. This is a great State in a great Country and most of us are grateful to live here. If you don’t like it here, Adios and best wishes.

  17. Bob is an old Swamp Yankee…. Native.

  18. @Live Free or Die, I’m glad you mentioned people shouldn’t tell others how to live. When will you begin practicing what you preach ?

  19. Bob, you ARE a New Hampshire native, are you not? (Ahem….)

  20. Freedom is a crady… How free a person is isn’t dependent on other people..I think these people lusting for freedom are crazy because lust isn’t freedom .Lust is bondage. imo the are bound by this lust for freedom, and they’ll never have that thirst quenched the way that they are seeking… they are looking for something outside of them that is INSIDE OF THEM. Now come to my new guru camp where you can get more pearls like that for a a fee

  21. Teen Toucher Ian Bernard is salty because Edge called him out on harboring crying nazi Cantwell in his flophouse of losers

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