Lyn Ulbricht Shares Ross’ Keys to Inner Strength + Video of CivDis Cannabis Auction at Porcfest 2019

Heroic Open-Air Drug Market at Porcfest 2019

Heroic Open-Air Drug Market at Porcfest 2019 During #FreeRoss Auction

Ross Ulbricht has been in prison since 2013 and is sentenced to stay there for the rest of his lifetime, plus another lifetime and forty years on top, all for the “crime” of creating and operating a website known as the Silk Road. Ross is a longtime advocate of liberty, even when he was acting as the head of Silk Road, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. He’s a lover of peace, not an evil drug gang kingpin, as the government goons were trying to portray him. The sham of a “trial” they forced on him was a travesty including corrupt cops and more. Rather than retell the sordid story here, I recommend you watch or read Railroaded.

At this year’s excellent and historic Porcupine Freedom Festival, Ross’ mother, Lyn Ulbricht spoke and shared Ross’ “Keys to Inner Strength” and encouraged people to sign the petitions to try to get Ross’ sentence commuted. Here’s the one for anyone to sign and the special one just for New Hampshire people.

It was a moving presentation and was followed the next day by the historic #FreeRoss auction! With dozens of items donated, the illegal auction ran for more than two hours and raised over $10,000 for Ross’ legal defense fund. Of course, many winning bidders paid for their items with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The auction results alone are impressive, but real civil disobedience history was made at the auction, in two ways. One, auctioneer Jay Noone was unlicensed by the New Hampshire state gang. That made the entire auction an act of civil disobedience. Two, at the very end of the auction, a cannabis grower from Maine donated two eighth-ounces of cannabis and they were auctioned off to two lucky winners, one of which was me, the other was Cop Blocker Angie Gordon. This auction was the icing on the cake for this year’s Porcfest – what fun and productive civil disobedience. When was the last time, if ever, that cannabis was auctioned in New Hampshire? This had to be a first.

Here’s a video featuring all of Lyn’s speech, her intro to the auction, a little bit of auction footage, full footage of the cannabis part of the auction, and a song from musicians Josh Noone and Jordan Page:

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  1. I notice that the person selling the contraband didn’t decide to advertise on the internet, Ian took it on himself to broadcast this.

    Provocative and sometimes causing division and harm to a movement. There’s a name for that.

  2. Yes, Mr. Hmm. There is a name for that. We freedom-loving folks call it “journalism.” It’s way more informative than all that impotent propaganda you’re fed from the more popular news sources, now isn’t it sweetie?

  3. “Hmmmm”, did it occur to you that I asked permission from all the parties involved before I published the story?

  4. Ross Ulbricht wasn’t sent to prison for creating silk road on the dark web, He was convicted for selling drugs on his website, murder for hire among many other things. Now she is trying to raise money by selling drugs and drug paraphernalia. What a bunch of BS. At least Ian posted this story because the feds will be watching her closely and maybe arrest her for selling drugs. Just like her son.

    Ross will never get out. He has been convicted by a jury of his peers. He is where he belongs, in prison and that is where he will stay until he dies. Live with it.

  5. No Jacks, Ulbricht was never convicted of any murder-for-hire charges. Those were lies perpetrated by US attorneys to deny Ulbricht access to bail. And those allegations were raised twice more for similar dishonest ends. Once prior to his trial to delay Ulbricht’s attorneys access to the prosecution’s witness list, and once again at Ulbricht’s sentencing to justify a ridiculously harsh sentence.

    Oh, and Jacks? Did you know that all the allegations of murder-for-hire were mysteriously dropped during Ulbricht’s trial? And that the last open indictment in Maryland was finally dismissed last year? With prejudice as well! Isn’t that amazing? I sure think it is.

    You know Jacks, forthright people usually try and make some effort to keep apprised of current events like these. But not you, Jacks. You’re different. It’s what makes you YOU, now isn’t it?

    Oh, and by the way pookums, it’s important to take note that none of the charges Ulbricht actually was convicted for were in any way related to causing direct harm to anyone’s life or their property. That fact could eventually lead to a pardon some day. Scary, huh?

  6. Seriously Jacks? You think a jury of his peers convicted him? Fat chance. A jury of his peers wouldn’t have convicted him. The reason he was convicted was because the system is rigged. A jury of his peers would consist of other like-minded individuals. Not a aging judge or group of statists. The people who end up on a jury are rare if ever ones peers.

    He also wasn’t convicted of murder for hire. Sometimes I wish there was a math captcha on here such that morons couldn’t post retarded comments like this. Pulling shit out of your ass and pushing it as fact doesn’t make it true and I have no respect for people like you who do it.

    It also seems unlikely that Ross will never get out of prison. He’s fairly young and given enough time the system will likely change enough that reforms are made and that can lead to the release of people like him whom had previously received excessive sentences. We’re seeing that across the United States already. I’m under no illusion that the people in power currently will keep him there. However in another 10 or 20 years from now when another group of politicians come to be I will not at all be surprised if he gets released. He won’t exactly be young anymore and a large chuck of his life will have been robbed from him, but he will be semi-free.

    What we really need is to reform the system and hold those who have pushed through and supported violent laws against non-violent people to account. If you voted for laws that have been used to hurt non-violent people you should be seeing jail time and paying reparations.

  7. kk – He won’t get out of prison. He is a multiple convicted felon and yes, he was convicted by a jury of his peers.

    “I’m under no illusion that the people in power currently will keep him there. However in another 10 or 20 years from now when another group of politicians come to be I will not at all be surprised if he gets released. He won’t exactly be young anymore and a large chuck of his life will have been robbed from him, but he will be semi-free”. So, will he be free or not? I’ve never heard of semi free. Just what polititions will be office to cut him free? Sorry guy, you are riding the Disney tea cups to more insanity. Hew is in prison for life.

  8. Jacks: Your a moron. Nobody living under a government is free and you knew that is what I was saying with the word semi free. Fuck you have to ignore the entire context (which admittedly you are good at) to not realize I meant released from prison because there is no other meaning within the contexts of this conversation.

    How would you even know if he had a trial by a jury of his peers? How many of them were drug dealers? How many of them ran something akin to the Silk Road? I can tell you how many. Zero. Because our system is a lie. It’s not a jury of your peers. It’s a selection of fine upstanding retarded individuals who suck law enforcement cock that are permitted to be on juries.

  9. kk – As soon as you start calling me names I realize your intelligence is in question. You have no argument so you attack me with name calling like a little child. In case you forgot how the judicial system works, the lawyers for both side pick the jury members. Have you ever heard of “peremptory challenge” Your pathetic statements about how the court system works just shows you do not know much about how that particular system works.

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