My Interview on CoinSpice’s Podcast

Really old picture of me and Mark Edge

Really old picture of me and Mark Edge

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the CoinSpice Podcast with host C. Edward Kelso. We discussed my path to cryptocurrency and the benefits of pro-liberty crypto people migrating to New Hampshire, specifically the Crypto Mecca of Keene.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Thanks to C. Edward Kelso for the opportunity and check out CoinSpice for crypto news with a focus on the currency aspect of cryptocurrency.

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  1. ” The Crypto Mecca of Keene” Now that is imagination at it’s best. lolol My children’s books, when they were little, didn’t have stories with that much imagination.

  2. Spectacular! Kids. Hot wife. A thriving drug counseling business. Boy Jacks, you’re really leading a great life, now aren’t you? Are you sure you’re living it to the fullest though, pookums?

  3. Jacks is part of the problem. He doesn’t really care about drug use or helping people despite working for some rehab center (supposedly, probably as an assistant to the janitor or something). He cares about profiting off others. It’s so obvious I probably didn’t need to mention it.

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