Assault & Battery by Keene Conservation Commission Member Captured on Video by Journalist

Conservation Commission Member Attacks Ridley

Unidentified Conservation Commission Member Attacks Ridley – Can you ID this man?

An as-yet unidentified member of the “City of Keene” Conservation Commission has been recorded on video assaulting and battering Dave Ridley of In a recent series of videos recorded in Keene, Ridley visits a meeting of the Conservation Committee in City Hall. As is his typical “ambush” style, Ridley waits outside the meeting location with his video camera and some completely legitimate questions at-the-ready for any member of the commission or any other government bureaucrat.

While one commission member, former Keene police chief Arthur Walker, is quite willing to converse with the “poor man’s TV station” newsman, a couple of others violate Ridley’s personal space and one grabs his camera – a clear case of assault and battery. Ridley forgives the first man who touches him after the man says he’s sorry, but the other guy who assaults and batters him is unrepentant and Ridley calls him a goon. The white-bearded commission member tells Ridley to look in a mirror, suggesting Ridley is the goon for simply asking basic questions of the attacker who is serving in a supposedly public position. See the crime here on video for yourself:

Here’s the full list of the members of the Keene Conservation Commission. Does anyone know who the man is? Based on internet photos, I believe the assailant is one of the first three on this list:

Kenneth Bergman
Thomas P. Haynes, Alternate
Steven Bill, Alternate

Alexander Von Plinsky, IV, Chair
Eloise Clark, Vice Chair
Mayor George Hansel
Brian Reilly
Art Walker
Andrew Madison

If you know which of these people is “goon guy”, please post in the comments. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this developing situation.

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  1. I don’t know what planet you’re hanging out on but this so called “video” has nothing to do with ‘assaulting”. He just wanted to dig up a story or create one that wasn’t even there. It’s truly not that difficult to see what he was fishing around for. stop trying to be selfish and get what you need because your needs or BS at this point. If I saw a person like this idiot activist trying to stick cameras in everyone’s faces, I would be very angry and resentful. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before he torques someone off.

  2. Dave did a personal insult, that’s different

  3. Ian – You guys are a riot. Someone barely touches you and you cry “Assault and Battery” There are number of videos on youtube that seem to go in this direction. People with cameras getting into people’s personal spaces. When question about it, the person with the video camera goes off on anyone near them and screams assault and battery call the police. My rights have been violated I want to press charges.

    What I seem to recall about these videos is nothing happens. The activist goes off pouting and calling everyone names or they are arrested. I have seen some very shameful videos like this. That do nothing to support why the person with the camera was even there in the first place or his/her mission. Some of these camera people say they are there to educate the public. Unfortunately for them, their videos show something totally different.

    Ridley’s video is no different. If you call that assault and battery, you are definitely in the wrong business. Do you really think your obtrusive behavior won’t cause problems and maybe someone might get ticked off? A lot of these people call themselves “journalist” but, they don’t have the credentials of a journalist.

    When a true journalist goes over seas to a hot zone where gun fights are and they get shot or killed, What’s their recourse? are they going to scream assault and battery and call the police for being somewhere they shouldn’t be but chose to be.

    So if you invade someone’s space with a camera and designate yourself an entitled ass, you just may get pushed around a little bit. It’s all part of the game you people play.

  4. Better to stick a camera in a persons face and politely seek answers than stick a gun in a peaceful persons back and demand money to pay for your ideas which the peaceful person may not agree with.

  5. Jumping Jacks – Totally a riot Why are they out there looking for something that doesn’t exist? These poor people have been through a lot. I would really resent having a camera shoved in my face. These activists don’t even care about the people in there. All you want is to find some little so called hidden dirt. This video is one of Ridleys worse. He should be ashamed of himself. These volunteers are so busy and he poses himself as a reporter and all they want is help. He is inappropriate.

  6. Hell yeah, Jumping Jacks! This true journalism shit you’re talking about sounds totally righteous! My cable subscription definitely doesn’t have any of that shit! So where can I find me some, tough guy?

  7. Volunteering to administer money which has an origin in an involuntary confiscation makes the vociferous volunteers, vicious, volatile, voracious and vapid. Verily!

  8. Bob C. – In a situation like this, it is BS to look for things that are not there. Then to try and remove people’s dignity because he “can” is a sad description of the person recording the video. These people are in the midst of loosing everything they have. They are scared, angry, sad, and emotionally burnt out. For some idiot with a camera to be there trying to illicit emotional responses about things that have no meaning is ridiculous. Why not help these people get support and what they need.

  9. @runningwolfkenpo, but’s it not b.s. that the funding for these “volunteers” activities is at least in some part derived from an involuntary process though right?

    Would you be okay with me getting a friend some help by forcing you to support my ideas, even if you preferred not to ? I think he’s scared, sad and a little emotional….will that mean I can take more of your money?

    Loosing everything they have? Damn, I’m in the midst of trying to loosen just one rusted on bolt, should I get some federal funding or a better wrench ?

  10. Bob C. – The involuntary process thing is your words. I didn’t make myself clear enough. The government system is operating on minimum funds. Everyone wants everything for free and then they complain when there isn’t enough money. I really don’t understand your vendetta against public servants. But I’m sure you and the freak activist are on the local police notes to keep their eyes out for you. I’m sure you have had your back ground as well as the other idiot activist looked deeply into.

  11. runningwolf, would love to hear your definition of involuntary. Feel free to make yourself clear.

  12. When did these guys first get the idea that they should never be recorded?

  13. Bob C. – As usual another stupid activist’s attempt to twist every word around to create their own uneducated response. This is why you don’t have real credibility. You claim to be so truthful but you are shady and it becomes very sad that you have to create mountains out of mole hills just to create a fictional word to support your beliefs. Your question is of no real value. That is why arguing words with you is a waste of my time. You just do not have the right education.

  14. Bob C. – “Better to stick a camera in a persons face and politely seek answers than stick a gun in a peaceful persons back and demand money to pay for your ideas which the peaceful person may not agree with”.

    You have some very colorful words in your statement.

    “Better to stick a camera in a persons face and politely seek answers”

    Again, if you are violating a person’s space you are infringing on their rights. Just because the first amendment says freedom of “the Press” doesn’t give you the right to step on other’s rights. There are multiple videos on youtube that clearly demonstrates this problem.

    ” than stick a gun in a peaceful persons back and demand money to pay for your ideas which the peaceful person may not agree with”.

    Who’s sticking a gun in anyone’s back? If you are talking about taxes, You should just put that idea to bed. You just like everyone else has to pay taxes. That will never go away and you will be paying taxes for a very very long time. Yes, those taxes are going to go up over the years. The only thing you can do is cast a ballot for those who you think will cut budgets and lower taxes.

    Everyone is not going to have the same ideas as someone else. Right now in this country your taxes are going to social welfare programs,SSI, SSDI and literally a million other entities. Explain to me how someone sticking a camera in someone’s personal space is going to change anything. Ridley and everyone else out there claiming they can do that by perversing the 1st amendment, are going to get some bumps and bruises. Calling people names and trying to start a confrontation is not going to help your cause. Once it turns into a pissing match, it’s all over. These people with cameras claim to be peaceful but they are not.

  15. Jumping Jacks – Your comments were way out of line and were of no use for this type of article. Your another goof stop free keener trying to get his 5 minutes in the lime light. What planet are you from? I suggest you take a big dose of reality.

  16. Hell yeah, Jumping Jacks! So which one of those “true journalists” should we look to to tell us who to cast our ballots for? Maybe that Rachel Maddow fella? Shit, that guy’s got a sweet, sweet mullet, doesn’t he?

  17. I can be sympathetic to not wanting a camera in your face, but that is no excuse to assault someone and it is also misleading to say ridley put a camera in his face. What you are upset and the guy is upset about is that sometimes people demand accountability from these bureaucrat that have no problem using actual violence. If ridley had actually touched anybody you statist would have no problem calling the same thing assault. What is humorous is we are using YOUR words to describe what happened. Unlike you ridley and ian who wrote this article aren’t demanding a violent retaliation. That is they aren’t demanding this bureaucrat be arrested and thrown in a jail cell. At worst this bureaucrat should be humiliated publicly for his poor behavior.

  18. A lot of these comments talk about a reporter shoving a camera in their faces. I did not see that, i saw the ppl walk towards him, based on legitimate questions these officials love to dodge. Rudely, feel free to contact me. I have some federal agent details you may want to get NH slow folks up to speed on in gov’t corruption. Im in Keene, NH. #VictimsofFastandFurious

  19. These commenters you’re talking about understand all too well that you can’t catch a professional liar lying about things without having a camera around.

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