“Punk Rock Libertarians” Interviews Keene Alumni Derrick J & Ademo Freeman

Punk Rock LibertariansThe excellent libertarian podcast “Punk Rock Libertarians” recently interviewed two of the best activists who cut their teeth in Keene and also bloggers of Free Keene, Derrick J Freeman and Ademo Freeman. The hosts of the show really have an appreciation for the activism here and it’s cool to look back with Ademo and Derrick J and also see what they are up to today. Don’t miss these great interviews. You can follow PRL’s YouTube and subscribe to their podcast. Punk Rock Libertarians also airs on LRN.FM.

Derrick J’s interview:

Ademo’s interview:

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  1. I love you Derick J! Absolutely great interview. In fact both of the shows above turned out great. Really gets me excited about activism and whats happening in New Hampshire. Now we just need to bring some of you home and some of your new friends. In the mean time I’ll continue working toward supporting our great community and dragging more people to the state so our dreams of freedom eventually get achieved. I have to say that despite what some of the views are there have been lasting impacts to the activism that occurred in New Hampshire. It’s not disapeared, and the cops to this day (except for Manchester) avoid the activists. I spent a year cop blocking and more or less can atest to the fact they will run from you if you put out a camera. Burk is also no more and the new lady judge doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad. Hats ? No problem. Refuse to stand? No problem. You want to film? No problem. Got a crap case? Well, no problem, you’ll get the benefit of the doubt. Things have greatly improved.

  2. Thanks Ademo, thanks Derrick, for embodying the idea that “good people disobey bad laws” .

  3. What is this? Two people who have a long criminal records and haven’t anything. Ademo ran like a thief in the night but managed to get himself put in prison. Derrick did the same, by running from potential charges. Ademo and Derrick are not heroes but criminals.

  4. And you lied about having a Ph.D., didn’t you Jacks? Because of that, your opinion of Ademo’s and Derrick J’s character really doesn’t hold much weight with us.

  5. Jacks: Your blind obedience would lead us all to the gas chambers. Laws are not morals, and your excuse of those enforcing them is disgusting. Those who violate in deviance of immoral laws as Derick J and many others did are heroes.

    I’m still trying to figure out how jacks manages to get online. Somebody must be helping him. That or he’s just trolling us.

  6. Silvia DeSitter – I never said I have a PhD. So you lied. I am a PhD candidate but I wouldn’t believe you know what that means.

  7. kk – Derrick and Ademo are not heroes. If you don’t like a law(s) I suggest you try and get them removed the correct way.

    If you choose to break them, you are proving they are needed.

    The rest of your statements are without merit and making statements about the “gas chambers” just goes to prove your infantile thinking.

  8. A Couple of Criminals just causing more Trouble. We Don’t need you in Our City

  9. Uh huh. We both know you’re full of shit, Jacks. But I’ll play along.

    First question. Assuming you’ve gotten that far, when will you be submitting your prospectus?

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