State Representative Claims Rape Is Impossible

State Representative Richard Komi took to Twitter this week to claim that digital rape against women is physically impossible.

A source claims that Komi admitted to deleting the tweet. Komi represents District 43 in Hillsborough County. Komi also represents the logical conclusion of statism, namely that everything that happens to a victim must have been consented to. The most moderate statists will bend over backwards to argue that taxation isn’t theft, arrest isn’t kidnapping, and random police killings aren’t murder. Most statists will tell you that sexual assault isn’t sexual assault if its committed by a TSA agent. This is just the extremist statist position.

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  1. umm ha? Digital rape? Unless that is a euphemism the guys original post sounds correct. Though the rest of your peace is correct. You aren’t actually proposing that rape can be digital as feminists would have you believe are you?

  2. Do you understand what digital rape means? It means fingers (digits).

  3. Too funny. The term statutory rape has an unintended quasi literal meaning.

    Legislated statutes, (RSA’s revised statutes annotated, ie; “laws”) often create statutory crimes when there isn’t a real victim. Those laws are literally a form of the State performing a kind of “statutory rape”, in that they, like actual sexual rape violate the peaceful individuals right to consent or decline.

    Before anybody can say, “I can’t believe you’re comparing actual sexual rape to laws which our wise and caring leaders make”, I’ll add many victimless crime laws can result in the alleged criminal facing a threat even WORSE than sexual rape, which is bad given the severity and dreadfulness of sexual rape.

    The State, (really just people who believe they are “more equal” than others) and those who support victimless crimes as being “real crimes” are employing real rapist tactics. They oughta stop that.

    I do not consent to that behavior.

    As an aside it seems that digitally anally raping Mr. Komi, would be difficult, given that his head appears to be occupying that space already.

  4. Another uninformed person looking for limelight and publicity. Who ever buys his BS really has no respect for women, children, or disabled citizens.

    People who fall prey to internet predators are being raped through chat rooms etc… Stalkers on the internet know how to target in on those most vulnerable. Through grooming, those predators can get children to take pics of themselves in sexual positions. It’s very disturbing behavior.

  5. Rep. Komi was talking about rape using fingers, Jacks. This has absolutely nothing to do with internet predators. Tell me you’re not really this stupid.

  6. Hiawatha, ahem, internet grooming can and often does result in physical meetings, or have you been living in a cave all your life?

  7. Hiawatha – Rape comes in many different forms. from physical to mental, to digital.

  8. @John Redman; @Jumping Jacks

    Rep. Komi’s twitter comment was about fingers, John, not internet grooming. Jacks saw the word “digital” and ran with it. He did that because he’s stupid.

    Now, the way I see things, there are still two unresolved problems:

    1. Rich Paul owes you money.

    2. Jumping Jacks is an idiot.

    Anything else to contribute, John? How about you, Jumping Jacks?

  9. Hiawatha – The real idiot is you. You are assuming the typical BS Ian throws out their. Rape is rape. For Komi to even make the supposed statements he did just shows how little he is in touch with the real world. Just like you.

  10. To be fair, Jumping Jacks, I don’t really give a shit about any of this. Politicians are mostly dopes anyway. What really fascinates me is that you’re always so itching to advertise your strong moral character to everyone, you’ll pass judgment on someone even when you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Pretty pathetic, don’t you think numb nuts?

  11. Oh, and Jumping Jacks? Ian didn’t write this article. One of his minions did. Her name is Melanie. You should thank her for her service, numb nuts.

  12. Hiawatha – Interesting. Some idiot down plays women by making stupid statements. If I don’t like it, I will say something. If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it and certainly do not respond to it.

    Your childish name calling and the fact that a supposed female wrote something as sexist as this is beyond idiotic. Numb nuts

  13. Whoah. Downing the five o’clock cocktails a little early today, aren’t we Jumping Jacks?

  14. Jacks: Nobody really cares what you think here. Why do you keep posting? It’s literally like talking to a brick wall. Neither side will agree with each other.

  15. kk – “Jacks: Nobody really cares what you think here”.

    Really? Why do you continue to respond to me? You choose to respond to me even when my statements don’t pertain to you. Many others do the same. Sounds like people do care about what I think and make statements regarding the article at hand..

    “Why do you keep posting”?

    Why do you continue posting? I post because I can and choose to do so. Do you really honestly think people care if you post or not? You continually get drunk and then respond to me with belligerent words and insulting statements.. It’s easy to see when you are drunk or not.

  16. Jacks: How cute. You think I care about your comments. The reason I respond is for the benefit of others who may be reading the comment section. If nobody counters your stupidity than we end up with people thinking that your statist view somehow represents libertarian thinking. I wouldn’t want that. You can leave anytime you want. I’d prefer it in fact.

    The reason you don’t get kicked is a demonstration of libertarians tolerance toward and really support of free speech even when we don’t agree. The best way to defend against hostile and violent pro-government opinions is by countering points and leading by example- not utilizing violence or censorship to achieve our goals.

    And jacks your the biggest liar I’ve encountered on the internet. You pretend to have a PHD and all sorts of other crap that clearly isn’t true as people repeatedly point out. As far as drinking is concerned I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs jacks. At most I support the right and freedom of the individual to do these things if they so choose. That doesn’t mean I encourage smoking, drinking, drugs, nor does it mean I don’t either. I’ll make one last point jacks. Stereotyping and lying isn’t nice. Stop doing it. It only makes you look bad.

  17. kk – Again, you feel threatened by me and insecure. That is why you troll my statements. You continually give me facts about your life only you know. The rest of your whining and crying is typical land fill.

    Are you a moderator of this forum? I say not. So spare me your on going BS about how little you know. You are insecure with low self esteem. and that is the only reason why you act like a troll.

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