Rock/Metal Band “FUD” Plays First-Ever Concert at Forkfest 2020

While a bunch of scared, obedient people were cowering in their homes, liberty-loving freedom activists came to Forkfest 2020 the week leading to Independence Day. Despite ongoing threats from government gangsters, a good time was had by all, and a Forkfest first was achieved – a live musical performance!

“FUD” aka Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt featuring Captain Kickass, Aria DiMezzo, and Michael Gordon premiered their first concert, which featured some covers, a couple of parodies, and an original track.

Immediately after the fireworks show finished on Independence Day, FUD kicked off their show heard across Rogers Campground. Now you can hear it too, so enjoy!

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  1. Awesome! Yea- forkfest went off without a hitch and turned out fantastic. If you’ve never been and love freedom above all else- you’ve got to check out the next even. Chances are if you’re pro-freedom you’ll be migrating to the free “state” within short order.

  2. Awesome! Great job! Looks like this was a fun time.

  3. They mostly play other band’s music? I am not impressed with the songs they wrote. Just an average garage band.

  4. The FSP. No one leads it and all they do is plan get togethers and try to smoke a bowl.

  5. Mark: umm yea, it’s called being a libertarian. Ya know independent thinkers. People follow sometimes, but most real libertarians lead. There is this thing called decentralization and it’s great. We got a fuck ton of different towns and cities with different cliques throughout New Hampshire. If you don’t like one find another. The real reason the FSP is failing is because it doesn’t lead. It’s why Forkfest is succeeding where Porcfest has faltered. It’s why Carla is so scared. It’s why the FSP took money for promoting Forkfest last year, but not this year. It took a few years for it to click and for the FSP leadership to realize they’re not only losing people, but losing people to a more libertarian camping festival. Forkfest is decentralized. It has lots of leaders. The suggestion the FSP is all about drug paraphernalia is extraordinarily exaggerated. There does exist some of this, but it’s far from mainstream. There are far more people running for office, spreading crypto, and protesting shit than getting high. Outside Manchester anyway stuff is happening that’s more than just parties and drugs.

  6. kk – It’s amazing how libertarians believe they are victims in all situations. Yeah, they believe the laws were created just to punish them. Libertarians take and refuse to give back.

  7. Mark: Your a fucking moron. You’ve generalized libertarians in ways that just aren’t true. While there are certainly frugal libertarians there are plenty of generous libertarians as well. You’re speaking to one now. The difference between libertarians and non-libertarians is that libertarians don’t believe in theft. Government steals far more from everybody than anybody can ever get back. This idea that libertarians refuse to “give back” and only take is disingenuous. It’s to suggest that all libertarians live in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist, and isn’t even a libertarian fantasy as libertarians are frequently very generous. I know a few people who have bought and donated *BUILDINGS* to charitable causes like homeless shelters in the millions of dollar range. I know lots of other libertarians who have contributed substantially to various other causes whether or not you like those charities might be another matter. But the idea that they’re getting something in return is hardly comparable to what they’re giving if anything. I for example have donated significant amounts of money to funding free tools for the blind.

  8. kk – You are very very misinformed. Most libertarians are on SSDI and the few that do work don’t pay their child support. It seems once police officers figure out who you are, they must know you are all mental cases with lots of problems and just laugh at you. Why more of you aren’t arrested just boggles my mind. I love how you tough talk the officers and lose. What phony losers you are with nothing to support yourself or your children. You need to be in jail.

  9. Yes yes Mark Wolfbot but what we’d like to know is what do you think about libertarians? Waiting here

  10. Intrigare / kk – You really have lost it. You can’t spell my name correctly. You are making accusations that have never happened. You have severe mental problems. I like how you lie about donating to charitable causes and then pretend to be another poster going off half cocked because you got caught in your lies. Libertarians are such self entitled asses. But it is a fun read..

  11. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about libertarians? And kk? And me? Thanks.

  12. Intrigare / kk – You are inappropriate. As an outsider who has been watching what the freekeeners are doing, I do not believe they are achieving their outrageous goals. They like to sound off and get a little limelight but their cause is a major fail. Ian and his minions haven’t accomplished anything. They break laws, get a ticket or jail time. That is not progress.

  13. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about freekeeners? And kk, me, and Ian?

  14. Intrigare / kk – Wow. You freekeeners are delusional. I’m sure the great pumpkin will rise from the pumpkin patch and give toys to all the good little boys and girls before 20,000 people move to New Hampshire. New Hampshire is finding out that Ian’s minions take and refuse to give back. For shame.

  15. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about freekeeners? And kk, me, and Ian?

  16. Intrigare / kk – You seem to be under the influence of poor thinking. t would appear you are yet again not to stay on topic about the article. Oh well, focus appears to be a disability for you. Maybe you should try an ADHD medication.

  17. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what do you think about me? And kk?

  18. Intrigare / kk – The last thing I need to do is convince you that you are a loser freekeener with nothing to show. After all, you collect SSDI from the government you bash.

  19. Yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about me? And kk?

  20. Intrigare / kk – Prove that I haven’t already done that already. You are the freekeene troll. It’s obvious you’ve taken too many drugs over the years that you know not of what you are talking about. So sad you lack the education and where with all to prove me wrong.

  21. Yes yes Mark Wolfbot but what I’d really like to know is what do you think about me? And kk?

  22. Intrigare / kk – Arguing my businesses with you are inappropriate because you just don’t get it. I suggest you get a personality before continuing on with any more conversations. Until you do I have nothing more to say to you. Have a nice day.

  23. Well, good day then. Until next time…

  24. ok i just heard war pigs…i thought whoever did toni iommis parts did real good…i know it very well…also the beginning piece from the wall was done well too…i haven’t heard the rest yet

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