Breaking: Keene Bitcoin Users May Withdraw Cash At Corner News

Long time Bitcoin-accepting powerhouse Corner News in down town Keene finally got what their customers craved for years, reports Roberta, the business’s proud owner. Keene welcomes new Bitcoin ATM by Anypay where citizens may withdraw cash out of their Bitcoin wallets. AS of Friday October 16, 2020 after many years of accepting Bitcoin as payments local residents may now withdraw cold cash from their favorite downtown corner store.

This expansion of the local Bitcoin economy comes in a partnership with Anypay, America’s #1 most popular Bitcoin retail payment software. Anypay co-founder Derrick J Horton praises Corner News for being the most advanced early adopter of Bitcoin payments in all of America in a recent statement:

“Corner News once again leads the way after last month’s announcement of full integration of Bitcoin payments into the store’s point of sale software provider, Acadia POS. We are honored to help bring such an excellent business to the absolute forefront of efficiency and technology. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the entire team at Corner News.”

Anypay Bitcoin ATMs are rapidly gaining market share due to their obsession with user experience, focus on hands-on customer support, and long-term vision for a better economy running on Bitcoin. Join with Anypay today as a small business owner or shopper at

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  1. Yikes! What are you guys doing. We need Anypay to remain operational. Don’t go down the two-way ATM path. It’s a bad idea. Plus why would anyone want to get dirt fiat for their crypto anyway????

  2. What a bunch of garbage. Ian and his minion’s constant bitcoin “hot spot” theories have never been proven. Just a bunch of gibberish, None of you have college degrees so how can you be taken seriously? It’s use has gone sporadic because bitcoin is failing terribly. The truly desperate are trying convince themselves that bitcoin is some magical get rich currency that the government cannot touch. You still refuse to acknowledge the fact that bitcoin was once worth $20,000 only a few years ago and now it is worth barley $11,000. A lot of people have lost their shirts with these wild swings and those who have lost it to scams and out right stealing, have no recourse because it is a cyber currency. It is also easy to manipulate and unstable and you still have to pay your taxes. I guess you gotta hold on to pie in the sky dreams or you would go crazy.

  3. who lost their shirt?

  4. David d

    Obviously another truly desprit freekeener trying to convince himself that bitcoin is some magical get rich currency that the government cannot touch. Bitcoin isn’t even worth half of what it was 3 years ago and it shows no sign of recovering. With it’s unsteady value and constant hackers stealing bitcoin it’s no wonder these articles are desprit and full of garbage that mean nothing. So think twice about buying into such an unstable market fool.

  5. This article means what? You seem to throw a lot of adjectives around your story.

    You must be taking lessons from Ian

  6. I’m not changing my crypto flipto to FRNs… but i think the is a wonderful development

  7. Use
    That way you don’t have to walk to the ATM.
    Straight to PayPal to use on any CC or Debit card you have connected.

  8. Mark Wolf… EVERY market goes up and down.
    That you use this fallacious trope
    transparently shows that you know very little of markets.

  9. David Crawford – Just a bunch of gibberish, None of you have college degrees so how can you be taken seriously? bitcoin is volatile. It’s worth has decreased and continued to decrease for several months. There is no proof it will climb back to what it was. User fees are going up and this type of currency is only good for those who have computers. If you want to do the crypto thing it doesn’t bother me. The rest of your rants, raves and insults fall on deaf ears..

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