October Mask Freedom Rally Speeches Featuring Aria DiMezzo, Nobody, Footloose, and Vincent Moore

Absolute Defiance’s mask freedom rally in Keene on Monday featured speeches from organizer “Footloose”, trans Satanist anarchist republican Cheshire Sheriff candidate Aria DiMezzo, “Nobody” of ElectNobody.com, and Vincent Moore from ShireFreeMedia.com. Here they are:

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  1. Nobody understands the media

  2. Vincent is in the trench coat mafia gang?

  3. it doesn’t seem like it was well attended. Maybe it’s wasn’t advertised

  4. If a person who objects to wearing a mask, but obediently wears a mask anyway, good chance that person will obey a mandatory vaccine order and a mandatory gun confiscation order.

  5. bob c I don’t think that person would own a gun

  6. David, there are some stats out there indicating that about 39% of men and 22% of women own guns. It varies somewhat by region etc.

    Go to Walmart, or the State Liquor Store, you won’t see those people walking around unmasked. You’ll see 3 or 4 at Walmart…maybe.

    If somebody won’t disobey a mask edict, there’s a very good chance they will comply with a harsher edict backed up by more blatant government force.

    People that comply with a less harsh edict, mask wearing, aren’t likely to grow a set of balls when the guns of the State become more obvious. I hope I’m wrong, but the evidence (so far) doesn’t trend that way.

    THIS is the time to disobey, or wait for freedom to come in the next lifetime.

  7. What a bunch of garbage. I have to ask, in all your years of “activism” have you ever changed one thing? Again Ian shows his ignorance. The government decides when masks are to be worn or not. No one works for you. I am glad you are required to wear a mask in Keene. The number of infections are on the rise. People who don’t wear masks risk getting themselves and everyone around them infected. Of course you seem to think you are above all that. News for you Ian, you are not above the rules or the law.

  8. Too bad the misinformed can have small rallies like this and pass on their ignorance and stupidity. The supreme court has already said wearing masks does not infringe upon any rights

  9. You said it, Jumping Jacks. Good thing we have those super smart supreme court justices to protect us from ourselves. Anyway, now that Justice Ginsberg’s out of the picture for good now, do you think those sort of rulings are going to continue to be the norm? I mean that lady they’re looking to replace her with sure doesn’t seem like much of a team player, does she?

  10. “the supreme court decided it didn’t infringe on any rights” lol

  11. is Rich getting like parkensons or something… I’m just asking
    this isn’t meant to sound like a slight.
    at all
    i hope not

  12. David Crawford – No, Rich doesn’t have parkinson’s disease. What you are seeing is the effects of years of drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately it will only worsen in time.

  13. Hey Jumping Jacks. Watching a YouTube video is not a medical examination. You’re also not a doctor. so maybe you should shut the fuck up now before you say something even more retarded.

  14. >hotmail email login<

    Freedom is strength. Obedience is weakness. Indifference is cowardice.

  15. ‘THIS is the time to disobey, or wait for freedom to come in the next lifetime.’
    -if you don’t mask up, that may come sooner than you imagine…

  16. freedom is stupid

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