VIDEO: Burning COVID Propaganda Signs!

An anonymous person brought up some covid propaganda signs taken from Maskachusetts to a fire held recently in the Keene area and finally put them to good use by turning them into heat:

Don’t feel like tearing down government propaganda? Put up some counter-propaganda of your own. Join the White Rose, get a cheap thermal label printer, and print out some of the super-creative, funny, and poignant stickers provided by the White Rose Society here.

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  1. Covid-19 infections have been on the rise because of uneducated little fools like you. If you were to end up in a hospital bed trying to breath you will know how futile your efforts were.

    Today, those who tested positive in Cheshire county has reach 1033 and there are many who have covid but haven’t been tested yet. That is +14 from yesterday by the way.

  2. You people must be the dumbest humans on the face of the Earth. What exactly does burning these signs have to do with anything? There are maybe 4 of you drinking, ranting and raving. Most of those signs are over a month or so old.

    When covid vaccines are in stock, Are the freekeene hypocrites going to line up to get their vaccinations? I’d like to hear what you will do. This should be very interesting. Don’t go on rants and raves just be truthful in your replies either “Yes” or “No”

    If you reply with rants and raves I will assume you are a hypocrite and will get the vaccination.

  3. Hey! Dont burn that CPR instruction poster!

  4. Mark Wolf: the number of tests also went up. Enough said.

    Jumping Jacks:. Ranting and raving person challenging others not to rant and rave. You see it all in unmoderated forums.

    Me:. *Cheers and applauds propaganda burning*

  5. Intrigare – No, those numbers are accurate. As usual you haven’t thought things through and made an ass out of yourself. Pathetic rants and name calling truly shows how immature you are. Educate yourself little fool.

  6. Mark Wolf: but what do you really think about me? Don’t hold back my friend. Let it all out. I’ll be ok

  7. Seriously though, legit question, How many of you Free Keeners are going to be trying to shove others out of the way or even get in line for the vaccine? Any number larger than zero is going to be very, very hypocritical. Personally I think you should be at the absolute end of the line with where the politicians should be.

  8. And why would that be hypocritical, Jacks, err I mean “Ken Drabek”?

    From what I’ve seen thr objection risen from Free Keeners is being forced to do things like injections. Choosing them freely or in exchange for an payment or some perceived benefit is ok…

  9. I’ve read that many “tests” are performed at so high a cycle rate that the results are very unreliable and often yield false positives. Of course that’s not being reported by the fake mainstream media. The casedemic using flawed test results is such a blatant hoax, even the WHO is now back pedaling on test results.

    Of course even if the somewhat meaningless case numbers were accurate (they’re not) nobody has the right to force people to lockdown and or to wear a mask on property which doesn’t belong to them etc. “My body my choice”.

    So when all those fake test results get sorted out, I wonder how fast tyrannical Governors will rush to blame others? Do they have some kind of magical immunity like the vaccine makers?

  10. Intrigare – This little hobby of burning signs doesn’t matter to anyone except freekeeners and idiots. Freekeeners are the cause of most of the issues plaguing people’s lives. I suggest you crawl out of your basement for a little more sun.

    Those who tested positive in Cheshire county has reach 1066. That is +33 from yesterday by the way. Again, there are many who have covid but haven’t been tested yet. I’d suggest you wear your masks and follow social distancing. The numbers of people getting infected each day are rising and are proof of this.

  11. Sheesh, Intrigare. Jacks has really covered all the bases this time, hasn’t he? I mean, if we say “yes” to the vaccine or reply with any “rants and raves,” then we’re hypocrites. But if we say “no,” then we’re ignorant little fools. Gee willikers, there’s just no way to win, is there? Pretty crafty of him, huh?

  12. In other news today a recent study with nearly 10 million people involved shows no, none, zero, zilch, spread of covid from asymptomatic people. Guess the commie owned mainstream media missed that one. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  13. Indeed Silvia. We could say Jacks is the one being hypocritical, couldn’t we? Ranting and raving, demanding a one-word answer to his question while he ignores all questions poised to him. Jacks spaz is showing again, sheesh.

    Good points Bob C and informative.

  14. Today – Cheshire county has 1092 positive covid cases.

    It looks like those who do not wear masks are puting themselves into more danger of testing positive themselves.

  15. Jumping Jacks – That is +14 from yesterday by the way. I predict there are many who have covid but haven’t been tested yet.

    Bob C – You haven’t posted one credible shred of evidence to support your rants. Again, those who test positive for coronavirus and get sick, end up with long standing health care issues. I predict this pandemic will go on for a long time. Yet all you freekeeners can do is gather and burn signs. Pathetic. Sorry but hobby clubs belong in high school. Again, libertarians take but they never give back.

  16. That must be very frightening for you, Mark Wolf and Jumping Jacks. Need a hug?

    Don’t worry, everything will be okay. You’ll see.

  17. Intrigare – Are you serious? Of course there are people out there who also choose the break the law and not wear masks and then whine about it. But you are all a bunch of hypocrites who think they know more than the CDC, so your rants and raves fall on deaf ears.

    Don’t forget, I work in the medical field. I am trained to treat sick people. You are definitely not qualified on this subject to make any statement without making a fool out of yourself. Get a degree and work in the field of medicine so you can appreciate what’s going on ignorant little fool.

  18. Trained to treat sick people… ah yes, how could I forget? Lol

  19. Intrigare – Yes. How could you forget? Those are your words. You are one of the biggest trolls in this forum. I will have an intelligent conversation with you when you become intelligent. Until then I am done responding to you because I can’t continue to waste time on a ignorant drama queen who rants and raves about nothing.

  20. Oh, okay then. Bye!

  21. Today I was vaccinated for the covid-19 virus. At this time, healthcare workers, essential people, and nursing home residence will be receiving this vaccination.

    It will be interesting to see how it does. I don’t require my staff to get the vaccine but they all did. I am very proud of them.

    It should also be interesting to see how many hypocrite freekeeners will be getting vaccinated.

  22. Wow. You sure are a big-hearted guy and all to not be requiring your staff to get that vaccine, Jacks. Kind of a weird position to be taking though, huh? Especially considering how dangerous you’ve been saying the ‘rona is.

    Anyway, did you hear the good news? There’s a new mutant strain of the ‘rona to be totally terrified of now. No, really. It’s making its way through Africa and the UK as we speak! Isn’t that great? Cross your fingers, big guy! This might be the calamity that finally brings on the apocalypse you’ve been praying for!

  23. Jacks’ staff? Oh boy…

    It appears the inmates have finally taken over the asylum :O

  24. The mutant virus you refer to has not changed it’s proteins and structure. The vaccine is still good for that version of covid-19

  25. Geez Jacks, you sure do know a whole lot about this mutant ‘rona strain. I’ll bet you learned all about this from all those expensive medical periodicals you have subscriptions for, huh?

    Anyway, the thing is, big guy, only two cases have been isolated in the UK so far. Even Saint Anthony Fauci’s anointed are unsure of what to make of this thing yet. And they’re real live doctors, not just doctoral candidates like yourself.

    Now far be it from me to question your expertise or anything, but don’t you think it’s a bit early to be talking out of your butt about this just now? I mean, I know this is a terrifying new development and all, but I also know how overexcited you tend to get – especially when it comes to showing off how much smarter you are than the rest of us. Some maybe tone it down a little next time, m’kay?

  26. The number of people who have tested positive to the coronavirus, in Cheshire county this morning is: 1192 That’s quite a jump in numbers since a few days ago.

  27. HAHAHA, look at what you fucking pathetic creatures are left to doing! Burning some signs stolen from Massachusetss and burned in a little fire. Oh God, it’s sooo sad.

    I remember the early days of Free Keene, you were going to change the World! Or, maybe NH! OK, maybe Keene? Now you’re burning a few signs.

    Really funny shit, thanks guys!

  28. Mark Wolf is such a piece of garbage lmao freemason for sure.

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