Free Talk Live Raided Again

This past Tuesday new mover Bonnie got fully initiated into the community with her first FBI raid. It was 6 am, and her roommate was yelling “get down stairs” and the whole house was loud. She grabs a robe and Coconut, her dog. She does not have time to grab her glasses. A rifle held by an FBI agent was pointing into the now broken window as Coconut, not accustomed to this type of chaos, runs out the broken down door. Bonnie is instructed NOT to take time to put her robe on before coming down stairs. They are ordered outside by the FBI agent. Bonnie is naked, as instructed by the FBI agent, and tries to put her robe on. The agent insists she comes out now and naked, until Ian objects “she’s naked; what are we going to do about this?” She is then graced with the highest kindness the Federal Government can provide- permission to put on a towel type robe before walking into the New Hampshire cold. Records show it would have been just under 20 degrees at the time. Ian had a robe and slippers on.

Coconut is a small friendly dog, pictured above.

Bonnie attempts to get her shoes, but they are kept in front the door just under where the window used to be, and thus full of glass. A drone flies through the window and the agent insists she puts on a pair of shoes so she grabs a too large, less glass filled pair of shoes and puts those on. She is allowed to get a jacket and so now has a jacket for a top and what is basically a towel with sleeves for a bottom. An agent asks where Nobody/Rich Paul was as the dog runs in the street and no one is allowed to get him. Bonnie is then made to walk backwards and handcuffed down the porch steps, which makes it difficult to keep a towel robe attached to yourself as they were not designed for such activities. Bonnie asks if she or anyone can collect Coconut and is told by an FBI agent “don’t worry about your dog.” Ian is thrown against a car and Nobody/Rich Paul is put up against a car. They are both handcuffed. Nobody/Rich Paul is fairly laid back about the whole ordeal, perhaps due to exhaustion or perhaps due to familiarity.

Bonnie is now visibly shivering due to being outside half naked in New Hampshire around sunrise. She is put into a police car with the windows open. This presumably also helps her feet as they are now full of glass. She asks for Coconut to be locked in a room inside until his humans can go back to them. The FBI agent asks if anyone can come pick him up and if not he is going to the pound. The FBI agent also asks Bonnie if she knows Aria and “the guy at Moose Mart” and assures Bonnie that they can not pick up Coconut. A male KPD agent who volunteers that he is 28 years old brings Bonnie back to her bedroom, which is also her boyfriend’s bedroom. He begins to smile, make jokes, make inappropriate comments about her feet, and hit on Bonnie, who is half naked, handcuffed, and about half a decade younger than the officer- while the same officer has constructive possession of Bonnie’s kidnapped boyfriend. A female agent comes in and let’s Bonnie get dressed and asks her if she wants to talk. She declines, as you do. She is allowed to take her dog and leave in her car. New to town and with her phone stolen she drives around and sits in random parking lots. Eventually she meets up with the roommates of Ian and of Nobody/Rich Paul. They went to KPD to inquire about Ian with no success. The roommates, who still have their phones, eventually receive a call telling them its ok to come home. The same FBI agent who wanted to question Bonnie assures Nobody/Rich Paul’s roommate that his computer is not stolen as he has nothing to do with this and is not a subject of the warrant. The computer is stollen. The FBI agent then states they will go retrieve Bonnie’s phone to give it back, but instead all of the State agents get into their car and drive away.

Longtime resident Christopher Wade and his husband were able to film much of the events, such as an agent scarping paint off of the porch for the sake of it. They were continually pushed back by the FBI until they were several blocks away and couldn’t see much.

Aria’s home was also raided. The warrant instructed the agents to raid the Bitcoin Embassy, and despite there being a big sign out front saying “Bitcoin Embassy” they instead “accidentally”  raided the convenience store next door. They took the convenience store’s standard safe under the alleged belief that it was a Bitcoin ATM, and other property. After several hours the FBI agents realized that a safe is not an ATM and astoundingly returned the safe. The other property was not returned. The Bitcoin Embassy was then raided and the Bitcoin ATM was taken.

Bonnie wanted it stated that she has no plans to ever leave Ian.

Ian has a ruling on a detention hearing pending as of 6:30 pm on March 19th. Nobody/Rich Paul has been denied bail. Aria, and arrested former co-hosts have been released on bail. Coconut was having some fear and anxiety issues after the raid.

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  1. this is horrible.. fingers crossed that Ian gets let out on bail and gets let out on bail

  2. This is absolutely the best thing that could ever happen. Ian and is chain gang were ripping people off with high fees They are looking at money laundering and wire fraud.

    Why the hell would anyone want to donate to you? You people have not only been ripping people off in the public, but they ripped off people from freekeene. Since freekeeners can’t survive without a king, They will endlessly dump money into Ian’s pockets like the sheep they are.

    I’ll bet Ian will be losing some supporters and maybe friends over this one.

    Ian’s stupid logic brought all these other people down with him. He could never just admit he did wrong. He is so delusional he actually thinks he is above the law. He then tricks others into believing the same thing. When this trial starts, I’m taking some time off to go and see it. This is just too good to miss. I really wonder how many freekeeners would show up for Ian’s trial. I seriously doubt many.

    Remember, surprise sex is the best thing ever until you wake up in prison.

    I’m sure there maybe more arrests and this proves freekeeners are criminals. Period.

  3. JJ you are a disgusting person..You talk about other people …you are the worst kind of person..

  4. So Jacks, I’ve noticed that after four days of celebrating you still have absolutely no idea what’s going on, huh? I mean weird claims of $10M fees. Bullshit about freekeeners getting ripped off. Sheesh, you’re just a menace with a little bit information, aren’tcha?

    Anyway, munchkin, I guess the real question here is who exactly are all these people you keep telling us have been ripped off? Because no one so far has come forward claiming any injury. In fact, the only people issuing any complaints at all are all working for the federal government. Not the most reliable of sources, am I right? I mean, remember that debacle with the Steele Dossier? Boy, that was really funny, wasn’t it big guy?

  5. “The church is a decentralized, interfaith church. It’s open to anyone who is peaceful,” Freeman said. “Free Keene is all about peaceful evolution.”

    Freeman has known for years he was the subject of an investigation, Sisti said, as agents have been interviewing friends and family. Freeman said his group has long been the target of interest from the FBI, which he chalked up to being an activist.

    “The FBI probably think I’m somehow some kind of mastermind behind a scheme to defraud people, falsely selling them bitcoin,” Freeman said.

    Last year, Freeman said, one of his bank accounts was frozen as part of the investigation. He acknowledged there is a lot of fraud in the bitcoin world, but said he was not part of that type of business.

    “I’ve got what I think are pretty good procedures,” he said.

  6. Jumping Jacks by the way you speak about Ian you’d think he stole your wife or kicked your dog or something. On the contrary, he’s been the writer of the blog you’ve been following faithfully and commenting on for over a decade! Have some respect dude!

    Come on, Ian is not the one-man rise in crime you and others may claim. He is a blogger, radio host, and peaceful activist. The FBI doesn’t like him because, let’s face it, they are part of the machine that Ian righyfully preaches against!

    Carrying that much hate around cannot be healthy. Maybe take a deep breath, practice some peaceful meditations, and practice the art of forgiveness for whatever imagined slight you believe was committed against you. Remember its not for their benefit, but for yours.

  7. @jj “this proves freekeeners are criminals. Period.” roflmao this is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in my entire life. @FTL my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  8. I read the article and was shocked by Free Keenes crying! This is exactly the end we all knew was coming for Free Keene.

    But that’s not really what I want to talk about this moment. I want to talk about the lack of diversity in hiring practices by Free Keene and more specifically Ian Freeman.

    It goes without saying that Free Keene is a pasty white boys club. In fact one of the original Free Keene members is serving time for being a white supremacist who threatened to kill another white supremacist.

    The United States requires that all businesses operated inside borders of the United States of America provide equal access to applications/employment for all. From a source within the group I have been told that while Ian Freeman is essentially in charge of the hiring he would never extend employment to members outside of his bubble. This individual also told me that there is no formal employment screening. This is about Ian and his safety bubble.

    What is abundantly clear is Ian Freeman surrounds himself with racists, pedophiles, and losers. This isnt exaggerated information. This can easily be verified by all the arrests and knowing anything about Ian. Former members say he is vindictive and his motivation of freedom isnt 100% pure.

    Since we all know Ian is going to be using his Fake Church as part of his defense in the months to would be fun to see the EEOC ask him about his hiring practices. Getting to the bottom of what Free Keene actually is will help the FBI in its already rock solid case.

    Plus the EEOC can hit Ian with fines for operating businesses that does not meet the standards required by law. Let’s 3nd racism in Keene. Shut down angry white boys club.

  9. @frank Lol I just read something dumber. The haters are hilarious. If I was that stupid I would try to maybe hide it a little bit.

  10. Frank Rizzo you forgot to link Ian’s pro-black lives matter posts.

    I’ve never heard of white supremacists being pro-BLM, have you? Oops!

    It’s clear you’re just here on a smear campaign for whatever reason and abandoning truth. Please just go away and take your hate with you.

  11. Let’s be real. Ian used these events to spread his hate for cops. Racists defend free speech of racists. Ian has done that. Ian is an opportunist and anyone who knows him…knows that. This was all about hate for law enforcement for Ian.

    Ian is the same person who has defended Cantwell, defended pedophilia, and open businesses that have an entirely white staff. In fact I am concerned the entire group is suffering from D3 deficiency due in part to their lack of exposure from sunlight. It would certainly explain their frustration with life.

  12. Mr. Freeman and Nobody have been denied bail. There is nothing illegal about possessing $180,000 in cash plus 26 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo and over $2 million in Bitcoin. But it makes a Judge less likely to release you on bail.

  13. Frank you are wrong.. you are like JJ . Talking out of your ass. And full of hate

  14. lfod… you Are lying to Ian hasn’t been tonight bill.. I’m sure you know that fallen well but It doesn’t fit your Story.. So you lie and say things that to figure story so that you can Tell your fake story

  15. Interesting read. I find it super Interesting the article slightly mentions George Floyd..but is filled with anti police rhetoric. It makes no mention of the actual reason for the BLM movement.

    Ian is an opportunist. This is just about his hatred of cops and authorities. No actions by Free Keene is or was in support of the Black Lives. This is cop hate. Nothing more for Ian.

    Non racists dont defend white Supremacists and hire only party white people with D3 deficiency.

    We all see through the bs. We aren’t stupid.

  16. “Let’s be real.”
    And then continues to lie… *Facepalm*

    “Ian used these events to spread his hate for cops.”
    And then wrote pro-BLM articles… that’s a bit of a stretch.

    “Racists defend free speech of racists. Ian has done that.”
    So has the US Constitution.

    “Ian is the same person who has defended Cantwell, defended pedophilia, and open businesses that have an entirely white staff.”

    More lies. Defending Cantwell and defending Cantwell’s free speech are two different things. Defended pedophilia? Okay, except he didn’t. Pointing out the problems with age of consent laws perhaps. You are aware that age of consent laws vary by state, aren’t you? And last time I checked, most of NH is white. Did Ian even have a staff?

    “In fact I am concerned the entire group is suffering from D3 deficiency due in part to their lack of exposure from sunlight. It would certainly explain their frustration with life.”

    Who cares?

  17. Makes me sick that someone can commit a home invitation while people who call themselves men and women or police stand around as cheerleaders.

  18. Geordie you must be referring to the FBI committing a home invasion and the local police just standing by and letting it happen. I couldn’t agree more.

    They took a man who’s central message was love, peace, and non-violence and raided his home, threw him and his friends in a cage like animals.

    For what it’s worth, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Ghandi, etc also spent time in jail and later went on and accomplished great things.

  19. Gandhi*

  20. Intrigare sure doesn’t have the opinion of actual citizens of Keene. We blame free keene for the nuisance that is Keene PD. It used to be you could drive thru Keene and not feel like someone is watching your every move. Now we cant drive anywhere in Keene without some form of police annoyance.

    This is completely because of Free Keene movement and more specifically Ian. The Keene PD hired more intrusive workers because of the constant harassment of city workers because of you all.

    The sad part is this group pretends to be doing this for all of us. Yet us actual citizens of Keene have got from Ian fleeing his terrible home life is more police, drugs, crime, and theft. This was hardly a problem in this town until Free Keene showed up.

    The thought of the FBI showing up in this town was not a thought at all. Again all of this started when Ian Freeman showed up in Keene and ruined the reputation of this town.

    With any luck Ian will be treated exactly like he has treated citizens of Keene.

  21. Maybe as Ian rots away in prison he will begin to understand what a cancer he has been. Although I doubt it. It would be great if prison actually reformed him for the better. Let us all pray he gets a legitimate prison sentence where he can spend time reflecting on his behavior and hatred.

  22. Frank Rizzo is taking out of his ass

  23. No actual citizens of Keene disagree with me. In fact we all need to Free Keene from Free Keene. Let us pray for a lengthy prison sentence for terrorist ian.

  24. I am a native of Keene, and I say, you are talking out of your ass!

  25. David Crawford – Are you serious? The way you and the rest of the freekeeners talk about police officers to Governors. Pull yourself off of that cross you nailed yourself on. Ian’s minions are criminals. They believed they are above the law and practically made up most of the BS they believe in.

    Now, they are in big trouble. You bet Ian is going to be passed around the cell block. And Rich Paul will be making prison church vows to his cellmate Lars. Those two are the wimpiest, childish, freaks on this planet. I wonder how much bitcoin is Ian gonna be making for his lover in jail.

    This is the greatest news I have ever heard. Now Keene can get back on its feet. Do you notice how no one cares they are in jail. Yep Ian Rich and the rest of the chain gang are going to be jailbait

  26. Free Keene harassed meter maids and that’s why the police harass everyone now? Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

    Frank Rizzo its a good thing you don’t speak for the residents of Keene, because that would be embarrassing for them.

    Sounds like your issue is actually with the Keene police department. But Free Keene is a convenient scapegoat for those who are desperate to preserve the status quo.

  27. I get the racism bullshit, Rizzo. That’s the argument you bolsheviks make against everyone you want to destroy. But to blame Keene’s unruly police state on free keeners of all things? You libtards were sleeping in the mess you made of things long before Ian moved into Keene.

    By the way limpwrist, no one here’s pretending to be doing anything for you tools. I mean why should we? You’ve all made it perfectly clear from the start that you’d never reciprocate a single one of the principles we’d be more than happy to extend to you.

  28. Intrigare – You need to wake up. Ian has been scamming people for years. This so called church is a joke. It’s not real. The satanic church is a joke. I believe there was one more ridiculous church that’s a joke.

    You call others who don’t buy into freekeenes BS names. You call people sheep. You freekeeners are the sheep. You are following a major criminal right into prison.

    These people are criminals. It doesn’t take a jury to decide that one.

  29. Holy shit, is Ian’s girlfriend still in high school? I find the show unlistenable with her nonsensical comments, incoherent thoughts and mousey voice. She needs to go back to being a FTL super fan rather than being a FTL cohost.

  30. I’ve been targeted by the Feds before. It’s awful. And just for commenting about murdering, lying, dirty cops. New Orleans. Katrina. Danzinger Bridge. The US Attorney was fired. And his prosecutors. A lawyer saved me. One hired by the media company who ran the platform.
    ‘ Feds seeking information on 11 additional commenters: Update ‘

    As far as I’m concerned Ian and Nobody fight FOR me too.

  31. Geez, Jacks. So juries don’t decide who criminals are now? Lol. It pretty much works exactly the opposite of that way, munchkin. But I guess that explains why you libtards are always telling us normal folk that gender is fluid, that Joe Biden won election fair and square, and that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, huh?

  32. I’m pretty sure what JJ said.. wasnt something to convince my he’d turn over a new leaf. I think maybe him finding jesus will be the only thing that will do it, maybe

  33. Ian, Nobody, and the Free Keene group speak for me. I admire their courage in standing up for freedom and putting themselves at risk to fight injustice. Breaking down people’s doors, busting their windows, terrorizing innocent people (the convenience store, Ian’s girlfriend, the neighbors trying to film for accountability), and hauling them off to jail in the freezing cold over alleged — emphasis on “alleged” — impropriety around financial services is tyrannical and despicable. It affirms the truth of what Free Keene members and supporters of the Free State Project have been saying.

    If FBI agents had legitimate grounds for investigation, they could have come by at a civilized hour and behaved like normal, polite people, or just invited the subjects in to be interviewed. These are not violent criminals. They are living and operating completely openly, and telling the world about what they’re doing.They are obviously not a flight risk. Clearly some members of the government gang see them as a threat and were simply looking for anything they could find as an excuse to persecute and punish them, legally and appropriately or not.

    In a sense it’s no surprise, of course — throughout history, those who have stood up and spoken out and fought for social justice have often been treated the same way. That doesn’t change the despicable nature of this raid. History will look back on this sort of thing the way we look back on racist cops siccing dogs and using water hoses on the Freedom Riders who fought to end Jim Crow laws in the South.

    And the couple of hateful, carping lackeys who come trolling on this forum to express malicious glee at such a vile and inexcusable home invasion are beneath contempt. I will be sending a donation to support the victims, hope others will as well. Our hearts and minds are with you!

  34. You worship Ian blindly. You live in a fantasy world. Who cares if Ian didn’t have tons of clothes on. The feds wanted to lock up Ian fast before he or someone started tampering with evidence. You are trying so hard to only believe Ian is innocent. The evidence obviously shows differently.

    Ian used to have a thirteen year old girlfriend. when he was thirty. He also made it very clear that minors should be allowed to have sexual relationships with adults.

    If you had a little sister or cousin that Ian was perving on, would you stand back and let a sick relationship develop? Freekeeners are very sick simple minded people.

    Ian is going to be a prison wolf.

  35. +1 Bitcoin Is Not A Crime!

  36. “You worship Ian blindly. You live in a fantasy world.”


    “Who cares if Ian didn’t have tons of clothes on.” (sic)

    Not me, Jacks.

    “The feds wanted to lock up Ian fast before he or someone started tampering with evidence.”

    Preach it, munchkin. Oh, and it was “virtual evidence,” by the way. Ha ha. Get it, big guy?

    “You are trying so hard to only believe Ian is innocent. The evidence obviously shows differently.”

    Actually Jacks, that’s not even close. You see, we all know Ian was selling crypto. We just think that all these regulatory hoops the government has set up so that people can do so were enacted to threaten our financial privacy and are hence illegitimate. See the difference? Lol. Just kidding, munchkin. I know you don’t.

  37. So how many of Ian’s victims of sexual abuse and perversion have come forward over the years anyway?

    Oh wait, you mean there are ZERO?

    So let me get this straight. You’re basing this all because of one clip from one radio show from over a decade ago, which Ian explained was taken out of context. Now a guy needs to sit in prison today because of that? Oh and selling bitcoin. My my! That’s using your noggin now isn’t it, munchkin!

  38. Whoa, Intrigare. You’re expecting way too much from the big guy. He’s obviously not going to hear any of this stuff in doctoral candidate school. Besides, he’s struggling with that brain thing, remember? 😉

  39. I know, I know. At least I threw in the “using your noggin now, munchkin” to add at least a little encouragement 😉

  40. Intrigare – Taken out of context? Ian was investigated by the feds for having and distributing child pornography. Ian has kept very quiet about it. The porcfest people found out about this and banned him from porcfest. That is why he went off on his own to create a different festival.

    He did date a 13 year old for a while. Everyone knew it. Unfortunately the minors mother and dad were not good parents. I believe they saw it as Ian babysitting their wild child. They were blind to it. Ian dd make those remarks and drew a lot of ire from many people including former freekeeners.

    Ian is a sinking ship and you freekeeners will go down with the ship defending him. There is no individuality between you people. It’s whatever Ian says. You freekeeners are so brainwashed I’m surprise you can even exist as a human.

    Go ahead and continue to kneel before your false idols. Let them take advantage of you, lie to you, Tell you how you should act and what and what not to believe.

    Ian took advantage of a fledgling business and warped it into a criminal enterprise. He had been doing that for years. He was going to do it his way. All of those guns and ammo that was found, pointed to a paranoid moneygrabber. You can’t exhort millions of dollars from people without making a few enemies. So Ian bought a bunch of guns and ammo. He claims they are someone else’s but when they run the numbers off of the guns, they will find the owner. I wonder how many of those weapons were stolen or fensed weapons.

    Yup, Ian and the rest of his chain gang have a lot to answer for. This is almost like the mob. Ian is not a victim, anyone who did business with him is. That includes freekeeners.

  41. Jumping Jacks: I think this is the first time we have ever agreed on anything. I too think this is the greatest thing that has ever happened in the Free State Project migration movement. You can’t ask for better publicity in terms of attracting other like minded people to the state. Everyone who was arrested has had an understanding that they would be seeing a cage and were willing to sacrifice themselves to some degree for the benefit of us all. The FBI literally played into our little trap. Thank you FBI/IRS/Treasury/Cheshire Sharif/City Of Keen PD and ATF so much for raiding and making such a big show of it! This is going to get years of publicity and massive amounts of publicity for the project. One day we won’t have 30 reps in NH who moved to the state for the freedom migration, but we’ll have 400.

  42. Well Jacks if you ever get that brain thing of yours checked, you may also want to tell the doctor about those paranoid delusions in case those can be treated along with the logic and reasoning disability.

    Oh and make sure the Doctor has a real doctorate. Not a fake one like the one you say you’ve been studying for 😉

  43. Now that’s what I call an exciting read, Jacks. I especially liked the fictional parts of your narrative. You know, the ones where you invented motives and even made up crimes that no one was ever arrested for or charged with committing? Gosh, munchkin. I think you have another calling. You’re definitely a good enough writer to get a job on one of those shitty cable crime drama shows. You should drop out of doctoral candidate school and write for TV. I’m sure it pays better.

    Anyway, speaking of paranoia, remember all those riots we had last year? Ha ha. Just kidding, munchkin. I know you don’t follow current events. Unless of course when it’s about how many covid cases we’re getting per day, am I right? But I digress. Pay attention to where I’m going with this next, big guy. It gets better. I promise.

    Well it turns out that because of the riots (and other libtard-related policy screw-ups), Americans have been buying guns by the millions. So many of them that the average four-person household now owns at least eight of them. There’s an ammo shortage too. That means that anyone who has ammo isn’t shooting any of it while at the same time buying up any spare boxes they might see at the local gun store. Smart thinking, huh? See where I’m getting at with this, Jacks? Ha ha. Just kidding, again. I know you don’t. It’s that brain thing, right?

  44. kk – All the like minded people like Ian and his gang are in prison. Ian was doing a lot more then activism.

    “Everyone who was arrested has had an understanding that they would be seeing a cage and were willing to sacrifice themselves to some degree for the benefit of us all. The FBI literally played into our little trap. Thank you”

    I seriously doubt that. Ian and his minions have been trying to hide money all the while laundering money. You are not getting positive reviews. The FBI didn’t fall into your trap. they trapped you.

    Sorry brother, you are very delusional. New Hampshire doesn’t want more criminals. Look what organized crime has done to New York. Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

    Your publicity is not positive and it reflects poorly on freekeeners. This isn’t just forgetting to pay a bill. This is a major crime. Ian and the rest of the minions are looking at a minimum of 10 years if convicted. How could you ever trust Ian again. If they are convicted, they will go away for federal crimes. They may be sent or bounced around from federal prison to federal prison. Ian is going to lose all of his money and guns. He isn’t going to get just probation.

    Keep drinking the kool aid of denial.

  45. Intrigare – What the hell are you talking about?

  46. Jumping Jacks you know, your brain thing.


    Right… 🙁

  47. Jumping Jacks. You are a perfect specimen the rot that infiltrated our country. Your happy dance for harassment and terroristic like abuses of power are very telling of the rot that is in you. You are a cancer, a parasite and I imagine you stink like garbage, and shit in the shower #wafflestomper just because you don’t like what a person does, does not make it a crime. And you want us to believe the fbi knowingly ignored child porn, and rape of a child. What would that say about them.

  48. Melissa – Another Ian minion. Your idol is in jail. They don’t even want to let him out on bail. Ian was raided by the FBI a few years ago for suspicion of having child porn and possible distribution. Your rambling insults are wasted on me. It’s unfortunate you world has been shattered by a conman who decided to con the government. The interesting thing is he conned people he claimed to be friends.

    You attack me with your BS insults but you have put yourself in self drive mode so you can constantly think up BS to cover your hurt feelings.

    You have no direction or self esteem that is why you follow Ian straight down the toilet. I’m sure if Ian said drink the kool aid you would be right in there with a big gulp mug.

    What do you think is going to happen to Rich (nobody) Paul? How about that Aria DiMezzo. That will be passed around the prison for cigarettes. I wonder if Aria will even have a job to go to? No way would Domino’s Pizza want someone like that on their staff.

    Yeah, they all messed up their lives by following Ian. Ian going to be scooting on the floor like a dog with worms before long. He is facing 10 years minimum to life. behind bars.

  49. jack stfu

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