VIDEO Released: March 16th, 2021 FBI Raid Of Free Talk Live, the Bitcoin Embassy, & Mighty Moose Mart

There’s not much good one can say about the FBI’s raid on the LRN.FM studio that occurred a week and a half ago now, but there is one great thing that has come from it all. Thanks to the FBI’s raid of 19 properties over the supposed use of cryptocurrency the story has garnered national and even international attention. It has brought together a community that some would even say was in disarray. We have seen a significant amount of support from both inside and outside of the libertarian community even. Not only has this attention helped to raise a significant amount of money to fight bogus charges, but it has brought attention to the larger freedom migration movement. This spike in interest can be directly tied to these raids and many people who had not previously known about the Free State Project or the larger liberty migration movement are now looking into moving. In the first week of the raid I talked to a handful of people who expressed a desire to move to New Hampshire and some of which have already begun putting bids on houses, initiated rental contracts, and one has even already made the move as of today. Even should everyone be convicted I can’t conceive of any way in which these raids will end up being a detriment to what we’re trying to achieve in New Hampshire. For every arrest we see dozens of new movers. To those who were arrested I want to say thank you for being the leaders we should all strive to be.

Free Talk Live & Studio Raids:

Backup video link (particularly in case of further YouTube censorship) on IPFS:

Mighty Moose Mart & Bitcoin Embassy Raids:

Backup video link (particularly in case of further YouTube censorship) on IPFS:

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  1. Finally! Now these people will not be harassing grocery store employees or protesting out the governor’s home.

  2. Jumping Jacks: You make me laugh. Nothing has changed. The crypto meetups continued, new protests occurred, and there are still plans to continue the ‘harassment’ of the governor since he’s not free’d us from the oppressive state he leads.

  3. This site is still being updated too b So you mean to tell me every problem in Keene and the state of NH hasn’t gone away now that Ian has been locked in the cage? *Shock and awe*. Is freedom activism decentralized or something?!

    Oops! Looks like the haters need to go back to the drawing board!

  4. One good way for grocery employees not to be harassed is for them not to intiate the harassment themselves. That is usually good practice: leave people be and they will oay you in kind.
    Protests will not only continue but they will intensify. The normies are waking up.

  5. If you didn’t think that we were all living in a hell that’s worse than Nazi Germany ever was… well wake the f up! Time to shoot back is now. The feds are the standing army that the founders warned us against.

  6. Yes, the FBI is watching you. 🙁

  7. Good. Fuck the FBI and all of the other alphabet agencies.

  8. Finally, Keene NH is going to get rid of the trash of the crypto 6. The FBI did their jobs perfectly. I think Keene is going to have a city BBQ for this.

    The first video is hilarious. Some idiot freekeener with a camera trying to push the PD around. It looks like the freekeener was the one pushed out. The second video of some idiot trying to get badge numbers and names doesn’t seem to be working for him. freekeeners who stand around yelling about nazi Germany and all this other BS is the icing on the cake. You people were put in your place.

    Lawrence – What do you know about things being “worse” then nazi Germany? Were you there? I seriously doubt it. So basically you are a liar. “Time to shoot back”? That sounds more like a threat then anything else.

    One would tend to think since Ian had all that stolen money, why didn’t he fix these places up? All freekeener places look like dilapidated buildings right on the verge of collapsing in on itself.

    I’ll bet the neighbors around Ian’s house are beyond tickled pink to see Ian and the rest of his gang heading out in handcuffs.

  9. Persona Equis: The situation was such that the grocery store in Keene anyway, the co-op was utilizing violence on those who came in either not wearing a mast, or more often than not wearing a mask, but for good reason temporarily pulled a mask down, such as in the incident where a women was trying to tend to her baby while shopping. It’s one thing to ask somebody to leave and it’s another to call the police on them. I’ve respected business owners who requested I put a mask on or leave. It’s their property and I respect their rules. What I think is reasonable to disregard are signs that are being thrown up on the threat of violence by the state against business owners. I’ve kept in touch with business owners and they have repeatedly said the city is using draconian tactics against them. They will selectively target businesses they don’t like too.There have been a number of businesses that have closed in Keene not because of COVID, but because of the draconian action of government and NOT treating everybody equally. A single person in a small shop is no different than hundreds of people in a big one yet the city has effectively closed small businesses under the guise of safety. I’m not anti-mask, but I am anti-bull shit. Even Ian thought that going into the co-op was a step too far and stayed on the outside protesting and filming what went down rather than go inside. There are different perspectives on this issue and while I don’t agree with everybody I can at least respect those slight differences of opinion on tactics in regard to fighting back. I personally would like to stay principled and not utilize violence or disrespect the property rights of others in my response and this is one of the reasons I respect Ian. He isn’t perfect, but he does try to stick to principles even when it’s extremely difficult. Not everybody is that principled. Most people aren’t.

  10. Lawrence: Hey man- I feel ya, but while I don’t think using violence in defense is outside the realms of libertarian values the strategic value in that is zero or near zero. We have less violent paths we can follow and should be leading by example in our fight against tyranny. There may be a day when violence is necessary, but you should avoid using that option until there is nothing left other than a violent reaction, and on that day you want to be prepared. Arm yourself, but resist the temptation to utilize violence to achieve your objectives even if that violence would technically be self defense.

  11. One would tend to think since Ian had all that stolen money, why didn’t he fix these places up? All freekeener places look like dilapidated buildings right on the verge of collapsing in on itself.

    “It looks like the freekeener was the one pushed out.”

    Correct and there have been two successful lawsuits against Manchester PD in the last two years over this exact illegal behavior. You can’t interfere with media reporting on a situation. They can make you move back a reasonable distance, but pushing back the media another block beyond what would make the building visible, particular when the FBI admitted that these were not violent actors, and there was no danger to the public, is exactly the sort of situation that wins a lawsuit. Law enforcement and haters may think they have “won” on the mini battlefield, but not even that is really true given most of the interesting video was obtained prior the 2nd push back, and because there is still a lawsuit on the table if people decide to pursue it the city and haters will suffer.

    “The second video of some idiot trying to get badge numbers and names doesn’t seem to be working for him. ”

    This warrants a complaint being file against the officer(s) who refused as this is against policy and the complaint will be founded which means that the officer will have a strike against them that can negatively impact things like promotions and wages.

    “reekeeners who stand around yelling about nazi Germany and all this other BS is the icing on the cake. You people were put in your place.”

    You assume this isn’t just an agent of the state or other agitator of which the government is known to insert to make groups look bad. When a peaceful group has someone screaming violent rhetoric you can assume that person is an agent of the state.

    “One would tend to think since Ian had all that stolen money,”

    Ian never stole anything and they’re not even accusing him of stealing anything.

    “why didn’t he fix these places up? ”

    Ever think that maybe the church had better things to do with monies raised other than throwing it at fixing up buildings? Ian was unbelievably frugal and the church’s money was spent on charitable causes. Like 100 nights, the Muslim mosque another was trying to introduce to Keene, and similar efforts.

    “I’ll bet the neighbors around Ian’s house are beyond tickled pink to see Ian and the rest of his gang heading out in handcuffs.”

    The biggest haters actually lose their house to the bank and were forced to go back to Massachusetts if my memory serves me correctly.

  12. “One would tend to think since Ian had all that stolen money, why didn’t he fix these places up? All freekeener places look like dilapidated buildings right on the verge of collapsing in on itself.”

    Ian didn’t have any stolen money. He wasn’t accused of stealing money. He at most was accused of allowing others to defraud people, but that wasn’t true. That is a bogus and completely false allegation. It’s slander, or libel. The guy wouldn’t sell to people he thought were either committing crimes or being deceived. If a little old lady came up to him trying to buy crypto for a prince she met online he wouldn’t sell to her. The evidence is overwhelmingly in Ian’s favor here.

  13. Pick your team kk… maybe you already have, and you’re out of your league commenting here. Waste of good light. I’m not afraid to make things dark fit anyone who challenges freedom. You, well keyboard warrior, your puny self won’t stand in my way in the slightest. Threat or not stay out of my way for living peacefully and you won’t get the war you are begging for.

  14. Lawrence: I guess all know who the agent is here.

  15. Hey Jacks. While you and the rest of the libtard weirdos were dominating and owning the conversation, I took your suggestion to heart this afternoon and accessed the online registrar at River Valley Community College. I couldn’t find any of those “human classes” you were jibber-jabbering about but I did note they offered an AS degree program in “Human Studies.” You think that’s close enough, munchkin?

    Oh, and by the way, big guy, I’m still awaiting that apology. I know. I know. You’re not accustomed to saying you’re sorry or anything seeing as you once did your clinicals in a prison and all. I get that. You screws have to learn to play it tough as nails or else the inmates’ll just walk all over you, am I right?

  16. You have no degree. Why would I ever take academic advice from an idiot like you? Why would anybody?

  17. kk – Sorry KK. I have to believe what the news media has been saying. Ian had a lot of money. He could have fixed these places up. instead he tried to hide his money illegally. That is what got him caught. I’ll bet he thought spending money on the properties he owns would draw attention to his bankroll.

    Yes, Ian stole money. He defrauded those who bought into his cryptocurrency scheme. He also laundered money. He is looking at a minimum of 10 years to life. His track record is not good with multiple misdemeanors and I believe one or two felonies mixed into that criminal mess.

    Here is the indictment .

    All of the information I just gave you is what the DA is accusing the crypto6 of doing. Ian is a money grabbing thug. He always says he won’t use banks because federal money is worthless to him. But he had these bank accounts that he miss led the financial institutions with them.

    Ian is a sick and delusional person. He was grooming the other crypto6 into his money laundering schemes. I’m sure if anything were to go wrong, Ian could blame the other 5 so they take the fall.and not him.

    The city of Keene is so glad these idiots are in jail except those the judge deemed not flight risks. I believe they threw a huge BBQ because this damages freekeene big time. Who wants to hang with someone like Ian and the freekeeners.

  18. ANother subject but I need to know the date of the arrests at Sununu’s house. Thanks

  19. The keene pd; Jason short, was there. They could gave the FBI a heads-up: “we know this guy; there Is no need for the military smashing the door in at 5AM”…
    Or they could have said we won’t be a party to this this is unnecessary just come in and we’ll do it in the middle of the day and we’ll get Ian and he’ll come out and that will be it.


  20. Ha ha ha. That was absolutely insane, Jacks. I mean you were all over the map with that last post, weren’tcha? Especially with all that hooey about “grooming.” I spit out my coffee when I read that part.

    Ah that brain thing of yours. A mixed bag of totally hilarious and totally sad, huh? Say, you ever consider taking amphetamines to help out with that? I hear Joe Biden’s been swallowing them by the handful these days. Of course he totally fucked up that press conference thingy last week, so I guess the jury’s out on those things.

    Anyway, about that indictment you linked for us. It really doesn’t say what you think it says, munchkin. Maybe you should reread it when you’re having one of your good days? I’m sure your reading comprehension will be much better once you’re feeling a little less confused and disorganized.

    By the way, big guy, I’m still waiting for that apology. Now I know it’s never too late to say you’re sorry and all, but do ya think you can get on that sooner rather than later? I don’t want the guys here to start thinking you’re a big jerkwad for disrespecting a lady and all. Thanks a bunch.

  21. I’ve read the indictment and it says everything I was saying. You can continue to float around in your Disney fantasy trying to hide from reality. freekeene was given a big black eye. No cryptocurrency venders will want anything to do with you. Yep, Ian took freekeene down a dark path.

    Yes, Ian did groom the others into following his criminal ways. I am more than sure they regret it now. I seriously doubt Ian even cares about the other 5 he tap dances around the cellblock. When he goes to federal prison, he will be the prime target for inmates to use and abuse. His next 10 years are going to be a life of living hell.

    I found it hilarious that someone set up some goofy account for a defense fund for these losers. How pathetic. They made all that money of of scamming idiots like you and they still need someone to set up a defense fund. I never see freekeeners donating money for these idiots behind bars. They seem to leave it up to everyone else to flip the bill.

    Yeah, you keep living that Disney fantasy and who knows, monkeys might fly out your butt.

  22. Bob & Tom, huh Jacks? Wow. That was pretty weak. Personally, I would have went with something from Opie & Anthony. Ever listen to their “Baby Bird” stunt? Fucking hi-lar-i-ous.

    Anyway, munchkin, I’m guessing you’re expecting us to be all butthurt and stuff, right? Hoping maybe we’ll even respond in kind with some sort of “Corky” compilation – you know, the retarded kid who starred in that ’90s show Life Goes On? Well nuh-uh, fuck nuts. Not on my watch. Ha ha. I’m just kidding, big guy. This means war! So here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

  23. my idea would be to ignore jack and don’t click his links… but that’s just me… i guess the site needs a opponent but only if it wasn’t such a horrible person.
    Having a differing view, I’m all for.
    But jack is just… Just a horrible person

  24. Jesus Christ, David. With that kind of attitude it’s easy to see why Jacks and the rest of the libtard weirdos are always trying to bend you queers over the laundry sink.

  25. Amazing video! Great job everyone. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to get to NH.

  26. David Crawford – Now upi are telling people what to do. Typical freekeener BS. It sounds like I struck a nerve with you. Are you truly this paranoid or do you just make it up as you go.

    I realize you are going to stand up for your idols especially Ian. Don’t you ever think he may have ripped you off a well? Do you honestly believe if the circumstances were reversed Ian would be doing anything to support you? I’m quite sure he would hang you out to fry. That is the kind of person he is.

    My God, he was dating a minor when he was 30. He believes children can make the decision to have sex with adults. He has been kicked out of everything that helps his cause because of his behaviors. Do you honestly think the FSP is going to want a person like Ian as a representation of what they stand for?

    David, You just need to chill the hell out. You have no control of this situation and neither does Ian and the rest of the cryto6. You have locked yourself into this state of mind thinking everything is going to be all right. Well it isn’t. At least not for the crypto6, and the freekeeners.

  27. Psst, Jumping Jacks telling others to chill while he rants and raves, makes stuff up and goes into a frenzy at the hint of blood… Perfect 😉

  28. Mr. Freeman has been denied bail and will sit in jail until his trial. The same happened to Mr. Cantwell. Then Cantwell was convicted and sent to Federal Prison. Federal prosecutions have over a 98 percent conviction rate. Having a non violent background, Mr. Freeman is more likely to go to a Low or Minimum Security Federal Prison where Mr. Cantwell is headed to a Medium or Maximum Security Federal Prison.

  29. Thanks. Best I could get before was the 29th.

  30. Live Free or Die your 98% conviction rate claim is false. Care to try again? I believe what you meant to say is that 98% of cases never make it to trial.

  31. OK-to be more exact: over 90 percent of federal defendants plead guilty. Of the 2 percent who go to trial, 83 percent are convicted and 17 percent are acquitted. So, the chance of being acquitted is .0034

  32. Intrigare obviously gets it, LFoD. What he’s try to get you to acknowledge is that when the Feds stack enough charges with long sentences on their prey, then even the innocent ones will bend the knee once a plea’s offered.

    Federal prosecutors have a long history of using this sort of leverage on defendants to falsely pad their conviction records and railroad the innocent. This doesn’t serve the interests of justice, LFoD. It only bloats the egos and salaries of what are otherwise useless federal employees.

  33. Live Free or Die: There is actually still a chance of Ian being released on appeal of the bail hearing. It may be 5-6 months, but for a case that will likely not see a conclusion for another 2 years it’s possible that he does get out. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, but it’s theoretically possible still.

  34. The judge citing, as a reason to deny bail, that Ian doesn’t have ties to the state or community, shows she is ignorant.
    So she can be down that in the appeal to the denial.
    It’s my opinion they the lawyer for Ian could have done better.
    Like, it was a mistake to bring up that Mark was in Mexico. There was absolutely zero reason to interject that into the court room, and lots of reasons not to, even though it was perfectly innocent.
    I’m just saying a better pleading to the court could yield good results.

  35. “So, the chance of being acquitted is .0034”

    That number alone would lead any reasonable person to conclude that the so-called justice system is a farce. Like Ian and other Freekeeners have been saying for years, there cannot be justice when the prosecutors and judge play for the same team

    #BitcoinIsNotACrime #FreeFreeman #FreeNobody

  36. Ian hasn’t been given bail because he is a flight risk. He has never registered NH as his residence. Ian has balked at getting a NH drivers license or even registering his vehicle.

    He more than likely has more money hidden somewhere. My guess is he will head to Belize where there the USA cannot touch him. He’s been there before.

    The judge and prosecutor are right not to let Ian out of jail. He can sit until his trial begins.

    I wonder how many freekeeners will be kicked out of that trial. I know I’m going to be there.

  37. Devil’s advocate: feds have their ducks in a row better. (?)
    I don’t think that’s the case.
    Black Panthers got killed by the feds.
    This case may require off the chain activism, if people have the fortitude or will or burning desire or organization

  38. Jack you fucking troll.
    I know your family isn’t proud of YOU.
    All you do is spew hate for years on end.
    Acting like you are better than others.
    You are worse than others.
    You *should* be ashamed.

  39. Ian Freeman, 40, of Keene, has pleaded not guilty to charges of participating in a conspiracy to operate the business; wire fraud; money laundering; operating a continuing financial crimes enterprise; and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.

    All those charges!

    Johnstone said Freeman “has substantial financial resources.” He told court officers he gets $23,000 a month in income, and has $60,000 in a checking account.

    WOW Clearly embezzled. Hilarious watching all the duped Free Keene racists learn of their victimhood.

    FBI agents seized $178,000 from a bedroom safe. Among other assets, they identified about 28 Bitcoin — equivalent to about $1.6 million — that Freeman can access. The government indicated “these funds are almost impossible to trace and can be accessed anywhere,” Johnstone wrote.

    WOW the irony of all this is mind blowing. A well organized criminal organization under Ian Freeman advocating for Freedom, peace, love, and victimless crime. This actually reminds me of one of those televangelists.

    Free Keene is just a criminal organization fighting for their rights to steal from the community.

  40. The amount of money we’re talking ain’t that much. You’d understand that if you had ever run a business. The fact the value was held in either crypto or cash makes sense because that is effectively the inventory. A half million dollars to a couple million in inventory for a handful of vending machines hardly amounts to a massive criminal enterprise and would at most constitute a very small business if it were a commercial rather than charitable church endeavor. In fact the church didn’t have that many vending machines in comparison to others operating vending machines for profit. A lot of the claims are also misleading in that I imagine that was church income. The way this would be setup legally (and it was) is Ian would have received some sort of salary from the church as a minster of the church. I have no idea what that was, but it’s the way this would have been setup. That # would have been extremely small relative to the “income” claimed above. The charges against Ian are bull shit and shouldn’t be crimes anyway even if he were guilty of them. But sprouting the governments propaganda just evidences our communities success. Haters will be haters and we’re going to laugh at you the entire way to success. 20 reps last election, 30 this. There were more people who moved last year as part of the Free State Project migration project than in any year prior. So yea- hahahaha. You guys are losers and upset cause we’re successful and Ian’s actions have led the way to many many new leaders who’ve emerged in recent years.

  41. just because “johnstone” says things don’t make it so.
    That why there is a court.
    Frank Rizzo
    You Have heard her court right frank?
    That’s where there’s 2 sides and a judge

  42. (Frank Rizzo don’t need no court, he has the news papers)
    Fortunately there are smarter people making the rules.

  43. the quote “Money laundering” .. charge.. seems like it was one borderline entrapment deal after five fucking years of surveillance… they spent 5 fucking years then had to entrap him…

  44. they were probably like “we been doing this for FIVE YEARS..we got to get SOMETHING!”… thus they entrapped him

  45. David Crawford – My family is very proud of me. You see, I have never been arrested or served time in jail. I have never ripped my friends off in money schemes.

    I seriously doubt Ian’s parents are proud of him. I bet they are so tired of his BS they have to put paper bags on their head to just go outside. That goes the same for your parents.

    You are a whiny little freekeener who bashes all government entities and even people who disagree with you. I’ve seen what you have written on this forum. So pull yourself off that cross and grow some skin.

    Your childish theatrics fall on deaf ears. The world is ashamed of you and your 6 idiot freekeeners.

    Prison is coming down the way for Ian and his minions.

    You won’t have a flop house to live in and throw your garbage around. You won’t have your little meeting places anymore. You actually have to pay cash for items you need. How else are you going to get it. Bitcoin? Ian is in jail. He can’t charge you high transaction fees anymore. It sounds like your little world is safer with him in jail.

    You can walk around in a daze wondering how all this happened, or move on with your life. The choice is yours.

    With Ian and a few others gone, The city of Keene is going to have a couple less criminals to deal with. I believe they are having block parties and BBQ. Go get some.

  46. kk – Are you delusional? I just have to ask, Who are ‘We” you are talking about?

    You list off a bunch of garbage. There was obviously enough criminal activity from Ian and the rest of the cryptocriminals,
    for the FBI to arrest all of them.You need to look at the news media. They have this stuff spelled out for you. You know what, they haven’t changed their stories. freekeeners have.

    Your “reps” are going to save you? Now that is too funny. They won’t be able to do anything. Ian broke federal laws. He and the rest of you freekeeners think you know the law so well. Guess what, you don’t.

    Frank Rizzo is right. He hasn’t changed his statements as many times as you freekeeners have. He educated himself about what’s going on.

    This BS church thing is ridiculous. It was just another front to hide money. Ian is a criminal who will be bowing down on his cellmates and not for religious reasons. . He will have the rest of his life to think about this. If you think he will only get probation, you’re off your rocker.

  47. I don’t know why anybody would read your post Jack! I’m certainly not going to. Maybe if they were one sentence theyd be unavoidable, but theyre very avoidable I don’t know why you think you have so much to say.

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